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Parkinson's tremors stopped on their tracks using an M1 clone

I just posted a video on YouTube with a detailed discussion of the use of an ICES model M1 for Parkinson’s Disease:


Bob, thank you for speaking with me yesterday. If anyone has any questions about using the M1 with Parkinson’s, feel free to ask. I will visit the forum regularly to answer any questions.


Hi Bob,
I know this is an older post. I’m familiar with Spooky2 and don’t quite understand all the animosity between David Bourke and all the other players. Regardless, are you saying they copied your technology? I see the coils are similar to your products. Is the current Spooky technology a clone of your product? I’m curious. I’ve read so many shady comments about Spooky2 and I’m always confused who’s legitimate and who’s a scammer in that group.
Edited: I’m not family :flushed:, I’m familiar

All available evidence, including a detailed analysis of the design of their product, indicates that it is an exact clone (but using lower-quality electronic components) of our generation 4.0 ICES circuit architecture; one generation older than the model A9, and two generations older than the M1/B5/C5. Our older ICES technology was still pretty effective, even in that 10-year-old version, so if they use adequate electronic components and reasonably good manufacturing, it should still be biologically active.

The way I see it, if their bad corporate behavior is raising awareness of the potential effectiveness of PEMF, and if the pirated copy is good enough to be helping some people then that is also a good outcome I think.


just to clarify… are we talking about this old looking 1960s looking device is a poor copy of your older ices 4th gen tech?

they talk about some option to be able to do remote therapy based on the remote target person’s finger nails… is that spooky2 machine based on your old tech?

for certain, i can see the miramate here looks like a clone of your older tech:

the miramate doesn’t have the option to control the frequency, but the spooky 2 seems to be able to use specific frequencies. they also refer to this spooky2 as a rife machine.

i tried looking up the difference between a rife and pemf machine and it seems that rife produces higher frequencies (upwards in the MHz range) while pemf is lower (under MHz range).

another claim is rife kills pathogens while pemf helps the body with pain and inflammation.

jumping on Google there’s a wide range of information that tends to be mostly marketing claims and vague definitions of what each product can do for you.

getting back to my question, is it the spooky2 that’s supposed to be the mostly copied design of your older tech? i ask bc i know some who have shown interest or has talked about it and have noted it as rife, not pemf… :thinking::man_shrugging:

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Its the M-Mate that is the clone of our older ICES tech. Sp2 clones a lot of other technologies from other companies too, mostly old stuff, and also some stuff that it is old enough to have just fallen into the public domain. The main thing they do beside cloning stuff is:

  • Make it using the lowest-price components: questionable quality

  • They spend ZERO dollars on scientific research or development, so they can cut that cost right out of their products (that’s how pirates work)

  • They abuse real scientific words to bolster non-scientific claims, such as quantum coupling (thus: spooky action at a distance), “scanning your genetic code” from your fingernails or at a distance, scalar waves, and a lot of similar totally unfounded pseudo-scientific claims. These words all refer to real scientific research, but absolutely are not something they can build and sell commercially. This stuff is like warp drive or star trek transporters: theoretically possible, maybe, but definitely not a product for sale yet.

  • they hire a lot of people from China to talk up their products by sock-puppeting in blogs and forums.

  • They hide their business off-shore so they can make any medical claim they want to on the Internet without risking regulatory constraints in the USA.

I am not saying that their stuff does not work. I am saying that if you buy it, you are supporting a lot of really low-integrity people making fraudulent claims selling property that is not theirs. I’m not sure that is the kind of people you want to deal with just to save a few bucks.

Rife is an entirely different technology from PEMF, and I don’t think you can easily compare them. I have a lot of scientific questions about the claims of Rife, and some of the things they claim about how their technology works are just plain false. Other things can be demonstrated to not be possible. For example, if you tried every combination of every frequency they claim to use for every disease state (they cycle through 10 different frequencies for each of several hundred different diseases as I understand it), based on direct physical observation of living cells/viruses when exposed to their precise frequencies. Well, you can calculate this. Basically, if you took every possible combination of possible frequencies for each disease they claim, and observed its effect on samples of each kind of cell/virus they claim to have observed, and you could tell the results of each test within one minute… then the total time you would actually need to develop their catalog of treatment frequencies would be longer than the age of the known universe.

Go ahead, you can multiply and add this up for yourself. What they claim to have done is simply not possible within the known age of the universe. That is simply a fact.

But for some people, facts do not seem to account for much, so people can go ahead and believe whatever they want to believe. My focus is to help people who are intelligent enough to check basic facts and do some basic obvious math before they make an informed decision.


Sorry, I just saw this so I will respond now. Somehow I missed it.
Their "Miracle’ product was a direct copy of the A9. In the link one of them describes how the other copied every component and every trace from a model A9 by studying it through a microscope. They did this because they both felt that the results they had seen from using the A9 for themselves before pirating it were astonishingly good. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, evidently.

But then he goes on to say that he “optimised” the design by changing some of the components. This is kind of amusing and sad, because I had done a comprehensive design optimization for each component before I started selling the Model A9. He chose different components than I had because they were cheaper and he thought they were the same, but they are not. I had tested those inferior components (and many others), and I had decided to go with the premium components because the actual electrical performance was much better, though they were more expensive.

The funny thing is that they even knew they were doing the wrong thing legally, so they started a new company and web site to sell their pirated stuff just in case I decided to sue them - I still may :slight_smile: -

I got one of their systems and to be honest it works, sort of, but way better than most of the junk out there. The other funny thing is that our sales went up sharply soon after they started pirating our A9: they have inadvertently done pretty good advertising for us, and we get their smartest and best customers as soon as they realize what has been happening, while they get to keep the other customers who just want the cheapest stuff out there.

That’s OK, I hope they just keep helping people somewhat, there is plenty of suffering that needs to be alleviated.

They should have just asked me for a legit license, and I could have helped them make a much better product. But bad people do what bad people do, even when it is not in their best interests.

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@Martin Are you still seeing the gains for your Mom or did the gains slow down / decrease?

She gets almost daily sessions with the M1, and she’s been doing so well that last month she left the care facility she was living at, and is now back home! I have been thinking about doing another call with Dr. Dennis, as I have been doing a lot more “experimenting” and it’s truly mind blowing what the M1 can do. Based on what I have experienced with my mom, I very strongly believe that the M1 should be used on anyone with any kind of serious brain related illness. My mom was at the point where she had developed Parkinsons Dementia, which happens in late stage Parkinsons. Essentially, the brain is officially fried and beyond repair. I have witnessed, first hand, my mom coming from a very dark place, being more or less “gone” cognitively, living in her own crazy town world with very strong hallucinations … to being her old self, like nothing had happened. The experts say that once Parkinsons Dementia kicks in, the patient has 12-18 months left, because the brain is in total disarray, which shows. She started deteriorating about 18 months ago, so technically, according to the experts, she should be dead, or very close to it by now. Instead, she is back to her old self, cognitively unaffected by Parkinsons, all thanks to the amazing work of Dr. Dennis, making this incredible technology available. I am forever grateful to him.

She still needs her dopamine medication, though less of it, and she has a lot less “off” time than before. Overall she functions a lot better. I am extremely curious to see, over the coming months/years if the M1 can restore her brain’s dopamine production.


Wow! That is so incredibly awesome, it warms my heart. I am very happy for you and your Mom. I am relaying this to multiple friends. Did you use the coils in a different or additional location/config than the video? How long are the sessions? I too, have incredible gratitude for Dr. Bob Dennis, as the ICES PEMF has helped us so incredibly much already with so many different items.

The ultimate configuration I have found so far is:

  • Stacked coils
  • Back of head
  • Level 5 power
  • 30 min. sessions per day
  • Alternating between 2 weeks of A9, then 2 weeks of B5.

If laying down, simply place the stacked coils at the top of the back of the head.

When starting out, it’s very important to remember that the biggest effects come 1-2 days after a session.

The effect lasts a coupe of days, which is why I recommend daily, or close to daily sessions. If you cannot do daily, simply do a double session (2 x 30 min) every other day. When doing longer sessions (> 30 min), it’s important to take a 5 min. break between each 30 min. treatment. I have seen much better results this way.

Don’t worry about skipping a session here and there. That happens, and does not affect the treatment. Just stay consistent with fairly regular sessions.

I would LOVE to see someone try this exact treatment on anyone with parkinsons/dementia/alzheimers/etc. or really any kind of neurological issue.


What setting do you use for your mother on the M1 device? I am curious because I have an M1 that I use on my 46 year old daughter who had a stroke. We have been placing the coils on the left side and the back of the head, using the PP5 setting at 50% power. The stroke caused the side of the brain that was not damaged to become overactive and the M1 is helping her to focus better. I would like to see if we can heal the brain damage in addition to helping her focus. I am going to try it stacked on the back of the head like you do for your mother. I plan to watch the video of you and Bob in the next few days as time allows. Thanks for your help.

I use the exact “protocol” I outlined above:

I watched the video last night and learned a lot. I will do some experimenting to see what works best for my daughters condition. Someday I hope there will be more research about brain injury and treatment with PEMF. In addition to the M1, I also have a C5 and use it every day for several hours with two of the 2X2 coil arrays at the base of my neck & shoulder area and 2 more on my lower back, using the side by side configuration on the Omni 8 setting and full power for my neck, shoulder and lower back arthritis. When my husband had a partial knee replacement he the C5 on his knee to heal faster and for the pain. He was released early from his PT. Thank you for helping me all of the forum users by sharing you mothers story.

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Hello Martin, Thank you for sharing this valuable information, I would like to try this for my dad who has dementia. When you say place double stacked coils on back of head or top or top of back of head what area do you mean specifically or does it matter? I was not certain from the description. Thanks Crans

Any of these locations (in my experience) work the best:

coil placement

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Thank you so much for doing that video with Bob!!

Can you please share how you held the coils in place at the different positions?


I use my hands to hold it when she is sitting, and place it at the back of her head when she is laying down (coils sandwiched between her head and the pillow).


Ah, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:. So yours is a truly “hands-on” approach. I imagine that, now, that she’s back to being herself, it gives you time to talk.

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FYI, we use an elastic headband to hold the coils on the forehead, temples, and back of head.