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Parkinson's tremors stopped on their tracks using an M1 clone

I found this video:

What do you think?

Parkinsons tremors seem to be helped a lot by PEMF in general, based on what people report to me. It also helps with other PD issues, such as spontaneous initiation of movement. Overall, though I had been initially skeptical, I think PEMF has great promise for PD.

The device used in this video was definitely a clone, but not of the M1. It was a direct clone of the older technology. One of the company founders, now disgruntled with their business behavior, explains this:

They got a few things wrong when they copied my older design, but it is close enough to work for some applications.

There have been 6 clones of my technology in the past 7 years. 5 of those companies have gone out of business (fly-by-night) after they ripped a lot of people off with their products that didn’t work.

The clones that sort of work are better than the clones that do not, because I would rather they not take advantage of suffering people with useless garbage. It’s better if it works, even partially.


6 clones in the past 7 years and 5 of the companies have gone out of business.

That would almost be entertaining if it weren’t real people buying the products.

I know a doc in Texas who had had PD for 20 years who thinks the earth pulse pemf device is helping to regenerate parts of his brain not supposed to be able to regenerate. That unit is one you put under your pillow and sleep with it.

I have one, used it for a while and liked it but then staryed to not enjoy sleeping with it. I do like the idea of getting PEMF passively as i sleep.

I saw this and am thinking that Vagal Nerve Stimulation might be something to try if someone is early in the condition.

Hi John,
Curious what you meant when you said you started to not enjoy sleeping with it?


Rather than being rested I started being agitated by it. I spoke to the developer (not specifically about that) and he was saying later models were back to being as effective as his original analog device , and he had also reduced negative EMF out put.

i might try it again actually, see how it feels. I know when i had it under my mattress for my lower back i would always wake up with stonking morning wood. It defiantly gets the blood going and the device has lots of good feedback.

There is a UK based company selling another device but there was a weird situation were i met the owner, or who i was told was the owner, we discussed me retailing his devices. Then one day he said there had been a hostile take over of the company. When i spoke to the new person in charge they would not discuss anything. Very weird.

It is a shame that this technology is potentially cost saving, life saving and has huge potential… and there are SO many bad companies.

Interesting! Might look into that one, I like the idea of something I could use while sleeping. Probably pushing my price comfort range though.

Actually they aren’t that bad price wise. I was imagining a mat, it looks like they are actually a fairly thick disc shaped device. I can’t imagine sleeping with that under my back. I could keep it by my side I suppose although I do move around alot. With a 90 day trial I might give it a shot. Is there an audible clicking with the unit? Thanks for the info!

yes they are heavy disks but they are strong enough to go under the mattress rather than under you directly. Originally you got just one disk and it was meant for enhancing sleep. There are various modes on my device and boy do they work. If you have difficulty sleeping there is a mode that will pull you into sleep, a mode to gently help etc and they run through the various brain frequencies to get you into various cycles of sleep throughout the night, Alpha, beta, delta etc and as you set how many hours you want, it will start coming up in frequency and wake you up in the morning.

I started to wake up before my alarm. The magic is supposed to happen in the mode called Recovery (i forget the frequency) but this is the mode you would use if you put the disk over an injured or painful area etc. Not everyone could sleep in this mode but if you could build to it, this is said to be idea and great for enhancing repair and recovery.

I started to dislike the idea of having my brain waves dictated by a machine made but a guy who knew a bit but was basically experimenting. I don’t mean that to have a go, I spoke to Paul (the owner) quite a lot and i know he got to speak with Dr Robert O Becker of Body Electric fame a few times before he passed and he studied Bob Becks work too. BUT, as i mentioned, over time i stopped sleeping so well with it and thought the best thing to do was to be able to sleep fantastically on my own and not reliant on a device.

But, good company, good device, and he has been around a long time and have continued to improve it, so give it a go for 90 days