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Hi, I’m 78, and I became interested in PEMF after my 82 yo husband broke his hip in January 2022 and one of our sons recommended PEMF treatment based on his experience.
He owns two Bemer mats and a set of Rhumart devices made in Quebec, Canada, long before most current devices were on the market. He said that the Rhumart device was effective for mending bones, reducing back pain, that sort of thing - not just on him, but also on his goats.

My husband is recovering, and I think he works much too hard with a hip that is still painful. We found the MiraMate Mini-Magic before finding the ICES M1, and he has been using that. But I found much more information here that should help maximize the benefit from the Mini-Magic. (I did order the M1 and am still awaiting its arrival.)

We are both in good health, keep active and consume a plant-based diet. But we are beginning to feel some effects of growing older. Staying forever young doesn’t appear to be an option. :disappointed:

I am really pleased to have found this forum with so many like-minded people.