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M1 on Gut - adverse reaction then great calm/clarity??

I am hoping this forum can help me find a possible explanation to the experiences below.

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.

Used the M1 Omni 8 Rest 5 protocol, power 9 for 1.5 hours on the gut (stacked coils right below naval) per day for 3 days (inspired by Joe Cohen Selfhacked’s example, though he didn’t specify the parameters he used) to improve mental clarity, however had an interesting sequential effect:

Effect #1) starting day 2 of doing PEMF, it caused severe diarrhea and moodiness. Discontinued use after 3 days of PEMF. Then, It took 2 more days for stool to return to state prior to experiment.

Effect #2) On the 3rd day after stopping the PEMF, stool returned to pre PEMF status and there was extreme calmness and mental acuity that has not been experienced before - ever. No other change in any variables such as supplements.

Then 5 days later, added Xymogen Monopure 1300 1 capsule and it caused reactivity and body is now back to pattern of GI distress/ brain fog.

Prior to testing. History of compromised intestinal health and brain fog. Latest stool test show moderate inflammation of gut, but parasites and candida showed on test to have been removed.

Questions for the forum:
Was the diarrhea caused by hypermotility from M1 ICES or could it have been from dieoff (would PEMF have this effect?) or is there another cause I haven’t considered? Any thoughts on what caused such great clarity for 5 days? Trying to make that a new normal.

I recognize now I should have started with perhaps 5 or 10 minutes max every other day. Given the severe adverse reaction for two days after usage, I am hesitant to reintroduce without having possible plausible explanations.

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Two possibilities that you may have already considered:

  1. Gut microbes may have been impacted causing a difference in populations and thus a difference in metabolites or endotoxins that they produce. Alternatively the PEMF may have impacted their output. Some microbes make huge shifts in output based on electrical fields.
  2. Vagus nerve was effected.

Interesting, could you link the Selfhacked page that talks about the experiment?

Item #2 at this link: https://selfhacked.com/blog/ices-the-closest-thing-to-a-fatigue-and-inflammation-cure-upgraded-pemf/#How_Irsquove_Been_Using_It

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glad to see someone here who actually acknowledges/recognizes the reality of parasites!

I’m curious to see how pemf affects liver health and metabolism of anti-parasitic meds etc.

looking forward to reading about your progress and related experiments

My 8yo used the a9 yesterday at M setting (a9 unit) and has had nothing but great feedback after every use (has used it maybe a total of 5 times so far… Yesterday, he used as usual and felt the initial wave of calm and comfort, but maybe after 15mins, he began to feel queasy/nauseous. After going #2, he still felt uneasy. This is a first… there’s definitely some kind of die-off going… my older son used a different PEMF device on his stomach and felt similar discomfort.

I ended up taking them both off the devices to give their system some time to recover. my older son felt dizzy like he had gotten off a roller coaster ride he said.

in my own usage, I haven’t felt anything negative… at most, I have had grumbling and gas that led to going to the bathroom, so it’s a great sign of helping the body purge toxins :slight_smile:

I look forward to continue usage across different parts of my body, and for helping family and friends w/this tech!

I have learned to have on hand activated charcoal, medical consummable bentonite clay, or other binding agent if using the M1 on the gut and the die off reaction gets too strong.


yes, thanks for the reminder… I have been meaning to get bentonite and/or charcoal… will do so now!

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consider ubiome.com to get actual test results of your gut health …

uBiome filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. https://www.businessinsider.com/ubiome-what-we-know-microbiome-startup-fbi-raid-ceos-resigned-2019-7

What I have used is the following:

Another update to my original post, I have also found Liposomal Glutathione to be incredibly helpful with die off from shifting my gut microbiome, however, have also learned for a friend that if there is an impaired phase 2 liver detox ability, bentonite clay helps them the most as it has been challenging to upregulate phase 2 to align with their phase 1. The M1 on the gut causes too much dieoff for them, but so do other agents such as Researched Nutritionals BLT, even at a fractional dose spaced many days apart.

Any advice from the forum on upregulating phase 2? They are using ARG NRF2 Renew, Researched Nutritionals ATP360 and PHP Peroxynitrite Scavenger, 1.5G Vitamin C, PHP SOD Catalase.

Thinking they might try Resveratrol next. Would appreciate any experiences on this topic.

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Hi TajD, hope everything is getting better. Through this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJc4eJIFPJ4, I found that hydrolized collagen, L-Glutamine, Zinc Carnosine have potential therapeutic effects with improving leaky gut symptoms. Through this https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/podcast/biohacking-podcasts/joel-greene-2/, I found apple peel have specific characteristics that have potential benefits with increasing commensal bacteria. Hesperetin in oranges also have benefits for the gut (https://selfhacked.com/blog/hesperidin/). I’m also making an effort in eating fruits or veggies that I don’t like so I can improve the diversity and composition of my gut biome (https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/transcripts/transcript-probiotic-prebiotic/).

For the curious, it looks like the uBiome founders are charged with fraud:

FWIW, I am finding great help from the GI MAP test from Diagnostic Solutions.

@patient9 Thanks so much for the pointers. We are making good progress with L-Glutamine and Zinc Carnosine. Sounds like the polyphenols are helping increase akkermansia muciniphila? Thanks for sharing all that is working for you!

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That sounds great. I also haven’t had any gut issues since. My stool has been normal since. I still occasionally apply PEMF around my belly area. I had what I think is too much hydrolyzed collagen in one week and I got lightheaded at the end of it. I take it every other day at the most or whenever I’m working out a lot for the additional protein until I run out. “No maw blahdy poo”

hey @TajD, i have been using ices stacked and contiguous configuration (basically like the deep field coils - 2 pairs stacked side by side) running for 18 hours today… have never done that and didn’t feel anything odd until…

after removing them and drinking pemf water (32 oz) from my ro tank,which had been pulsing for 8h …i did feel a lil queasy… but nothing extreme… felt off for maybe 2 hours with it gradually getting better…

anyway, have never done anything that long for my gut and the times i have used were just over night (6h) with one stacked coils without incident. when you get a reaction using over your gut (my big belly area across, above belly button actually), what symptoms do you experience?