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Have a suggestion for a category not featured here?

You could start by posting a question or an observation in an existing category, such as “pain and inflammation” or “other interesting applications.” This is all self-experimental, so you could go ahead and just try it and post your observations. That is what we are all doing.

HI Bob, I submitted a post upon creating this account with observations of using the M1 on the gut (and had negative reaction at first, then positive reaction), but the forum software said the post had to be reviewed first. Since then I have seen your reply to two latter posts. Perhaps my first post is still in a moderator queue?

@TajD I’m totally interested in the “negative, then positive” reactions you had. Standing by to see that post! :slight_smile:

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Bob, would you consider selling two deep field coils side by side for folks treating deep glute pain. Essentially one large square deep field coil.

We could but that has less flexibility of use. We can’t paint ourselves into the corner of specially making every variation that everyone asks for (sorry) because it is easy enough for each person to do that for themselves, but the work and inventory of large numbers of special variations of each product would be very destructive for our business operations.


@DrKaren the moderator just approved the post:


How about a “Personal Stories/Introductions” forum?

My reasoning is it might help attract people to actually using the forum, too, if they’re first invited to simply post where they’re coming from and what their situation is, etc. I imagine it would tend to further general discussion as well.

In fact, I think Bob basically asked this, and, I’m sorry Bob, I can’t seem to find the exact post with any particulars you’d like to see in terms of an introduction/personal background, etc.

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Will, this is one thing I hoped we could add. @Eric, do you think we could add a Personal Stories section? Most importantly, we do not just want positive testimonials. We need to hear the whole truth, success stories and failures as well. We need to form a good picture of what works, what does not, and how to improve it as people have increasingly better Ideas and strategies for use.

My personal story was one of the first posts added to this forum. I think people should just feel free to write their stories free-form, saying whatever they think would be most helpful. I included a background of how my back was injured, various things I had tried, the limited effectiveness and other problems of standard care (opioids), and my eventual use and positive results with ICES-PEMF.

Originally, almost a decade ago, I did this for my lower back. Now I am going through more of less the same process for my left hip.

Also, on this same topic, we just finished a formal observational survey study on the use of ICES-PEMF for pain. It was a formal, IRB-approved nursing study administered by a nurse from FAU. She wrote her doctoral dissertation based on this study, and she graduated last week… so our plan is to post her dissertation, full-length and unaltered, on this site, hopefully before Sept 1st, 2019. Basically, she interviewed people who had already used ICES-PEMF, some just recently, others for several years, and asked them to talk in detail about their experience with pain and ICES-PEMF. She interviewed people who volunteered, from the email list of people who have contacted me or who bought one of my ICES devices over the past 7 years or so. I emailed every person on the list, asked them to contact the nurse if they had a story they wanted to share and encouraged them to tell the whole story, good or bad, and then I withdrew to let the study happen without my further involvement.

The reason I mention this is that she did comprehensive interviews with about 50 people who had used ICES-PEMF for their pain. Her dissertation includes many personal stories (with names/identities removed, snippets of the full interviews which were often 90 minutes or longer). The stories are really amazing, and I honestly was humbled by the major positive effect this technology has had on so many lives.

While she was doing the survey (January-June, 2019), I remained totally isolated from the study, so that I could not possibly apply a bias to anything anyone said, or how the resulting data were analyzed. The IRB and her doctoral committee at FAU also applied very strict standards to how the surveys were conducted and how the data were analyzed.

As a result, I did not even see any of the responses until just a few weeks ago. I was very surprised to see that almost everyone had a very positive outcome. This document is a formal doctoral dissertation, so it is a somewhat cumbersome document, but the nurse who wrote the dissertation (Stacey Ravid, RN, PhD) is adding a 1-page introduction with hyper-links to the most useful and interesting sections.

The dissertation will be posted as a PDF for free download on this site.

Also, we are planning more studies for the future, and I will announce those as soon as we start getting them ready so that anyone can participate if they want to, or just follow along to see the results.


Looking forward to the dissertation! That is very exciting to hear that almost all of the results were positive!

OK, I just posted the Nursing study on ICES-PEMF and Pain:


ices users over 65 represented up to 14 more willing participants but were rejected from the study by design?

Honestly, I was so well isolated from the study to prevent any possible bias that I do not know the exact numbers or institutional restrictions yet. I will ask Dr. Ravid to elaborate when I interview her (very soon).

For future survey you might send out email query to the 5000 ices purchasers requesting simple email responses to a few simple questions to be used only for anonymous statistical compilations . You may get 1000 or more responses to that which represent a more complete picture of results?

well, it is kind of more complex than that, and some people just do not like to get emails, and this attitude changes from time to time, and in some cases we need to apply more sophisticated tools for surveying to maintain statistical accuracy, so we need a different mechanism. That turns out to be a fairly major project.

I see.
It might be interesting to set up a category here with a few voluntary, ongoing Polls with simple yes/no or multiple-option answer?

One poll question of interest to me:

Do you or not feel some kind of “energetic charge or well being” from using ices that is not necessarily related to specific physical improvements, and may not be felt after every session but has accumulated over time?

That is basically the plan. For the fluxhealth web page, we will develop studies and surveys that people can participate in, and everyone can view the results. I have a lot of detailed plans for this basic strategy, and several other serious researchers/scholars are on-board. So, we will see where it goes.


Stacy Ravid and I just posted our first interview on her dissertation:


enjoyed it…
you really hit the nail on the head about how chronic pain, day in day out, without relief can be so isolating and often callously dismissed by others .

I loved the sentence, “If placebo effect was going to work for us, it would have worked a long time ago.”

Bob & others: Diabetic nerve damage in feet or how people who have diabetes use / benefit from PEMF, if at all.