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Using whole mat regularly for general health?

I purchased and use consistently (3-4) times weekly, the M1 on different aches (bad knees, strained hip muscle)
The more I continue to read/listen to various sources on PEMF, there seems to be a general consensus about using a full body mat regularly to stimulate cells throughout the body to maintain general health.
The size of the coils used with the M1 as I understand it limit the area the magnetic pulse focuses on in the body.
I know there are many other factors that have to be considered with the various mats out there, waveform, protocol, number of coils, to name just a few.
As I progress through my seventies, I am searching for routines to add/enhance
my general well-being.
I would appreciate any scientific feedback on whether treating the whole body
With PEMF makes sense for general health?

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I don’t know of any scientific “proof” that PEMF mats improve general health, but I have heard, seen, and experienced enough myself to come to the belief that PEMF is generally very good for your health. But I can’t prove it. No one can.

My reasons are many and varied, spread across a dozen scientific studies and papers of my own, more than 1,000 scientific papers by others since about 1957, a few hundred YouTube videos I have posted, direct conversations with a few hundred clinicians, discussions with PEMF experts such as Bill Pawluk, and anecdotal data from about 5-6 thousand people who use our technology.

I am not saying you should believe any of this, but I can say that most of what is practiced by any medical system falls under the category “seems to work but we can not prove it”

That being said, I think it is hard to find a good PEMF mat. This gets very technical very quickly, but briefly, they tend to be made and marketed based on pirated technology by marketers, not scientists or engineers. I can’t be the PEMF police because it is more than a full time job to press forward with PEMF to do the right thing for people with my own technology. I simply do not have the time to spend my time evaluating and debunking the many PEMF devices on the market.

My best advice is for you to talk to as many people as you can, and try to find a PEMF mat system that they use and would recommend.

A good place to start shopping is www.drpawluk.com

I think the products he sells are reasonably good compared to most.

Thank you for your timely remarks!

I have the A9 as well as the M1 and C5. I use and experiment with them for a variety of issues. I like the flexibility over a matt for specific areas but I also have multiple different matts. I have one of the most expensive mats the curatron 3d as well as inexpensive ones such as the OMI. I have tried the beamer and also own a purewave. and vasidux and sedona pro +. Each has been interesting different interesting attributes, The curatron is the strongest field with 500 gauss and the sedona is next strongest. I have lent equipment out to local chiropractors for their feedback in my pursuit of information on how others perceive the results. `I used the Curatron for my elderly mother who I was trying to help with dementia in her 90’s. I had my girlfriend and sister and a chiropractor appreciate the results of the OMI . My girlfriend used to lay on it when she was having back issues. I like the Vasidux for its features of having a greater range of frequencies and wave forms some going into the rife frequencies in what it refers to chakra and bioresenance treatments. It is also one of the less expensive full mats. I like the Sedona for its signal strength and variety of settings. Dr Pawluk of course recommends products on his web site and discounts others I have purchased some items from him such as the somapulse which was my first pemf device because of it’s strength and price. Also the earthpulse, but I did not find very impressive results from those last two items. So if you are looking for an inexpensive mat, my opinion suggestion would be the Vasidux pro. I do seem to veer away from the multilevel marketing mats of the bemer and the mrs. I have not tried the mrs but have noticed the signal strength and technical specs seem to be very low. ALl just my opinion. I got into this trying to find a solution that would help my elderly parent but when she past away, last year I have continued to research and try different things to learn how and why these have such a good impact on me and those I care about. As a side note I also got into the cold laser and light frequency items and rife equipment and high powered PEMF. Hope this is helpful.

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Most commercially-available PEMF products do seem to be helpful for some people/animals for many conditions. It really is hard to find one that is “best”. I try to give the best reliability and value for portable systems you could use every day, but some companies sell larger systems that some people find more helpful. The most helpful thing I think is when someone like @Rick gives an honest opinion about their experiences with a PEMF product.

One thing to keep in mind is that the portable PEMF systems like the ones I make are intended mainly for daily use for longer periods, about 4 to 6 hours or more every day, so the peak dosage is lower but the total amount is the same or more, and the effects are much more gentle. If you try to use the smaller portable systems for only very short periods, and only once in a while (not daily) your results may not be as good.


I know this post is more than a year old, but I’d appreciate feedback on the OMI mat, because I just purchased one and am thinking of returning it.

  1. It says to lay it on a hard surface, not a bed, and that is not realistic for my husband who has a hard time getting off the floor.
  2. I saw a video of the construction of the small OMI mat, and it concerns me that such thin wires are used, and it does not bode well for its longevity.

Related question: Does anyone here know Bryant Meyers of https://pemfbook.com/?

I am half convinced to get a QRS mat at a steep discount, because you can sleep on it.

I have both the OMI and the QRS matts as well as a Curatron, Vasidux and others. I have had good luck with the OMI for myself and friends and family. I originally purchased it when reviewing its specs compared with the BEMER and the imrs. It had specs that were stronger and showed using a square wave as opposed to the sine. I ended up buying several of them and gave one to my girlfriend and my sister. They both were pleased with the results they were getting from back issues. It is very inexpensive but had comparable stats. Even let a local chiropractor try it and compare it with a bemer his father in law was using for stroke. He ended up buying a couple for his practice. By the way the small OMI “pet” matt is much more flexible and I got several for friends and family to use for local issues. It can be used in a chair or to put on a leg rest for foot or local issues. I do use the long omi on a massage table that is padded or on the floor but I also read that putting it on a bed could bend the coils. The QRS is different and I primarily use it for relaxation, its drawback is that it has shorter treatment cycles before having to be restarted. It’s specs are not showing as strong a signal, but I had seen it being used in a Natural Pathic Dr’s office that I know and a biohacking gym locally. So I bought it to experiment with it. I like it for relaxation but have not noticed as strong a signal as some of my other units. My Vasidux Pro I like since it goes into higher frequencies that are in line with Rife and Chakra. My nephew and girlfriend both got covid at different times. So I had them at my place trying to get them back to health. They both noticed a difference in breathing when I set it for a frequency that was for the lungs. It seemed to make them feel more comfortable. Of course i had them on some medication that I won’t go into but they did notice a difference on that matt. I had them on another matt as well but the other matt was stronger in signal but did not have the frequencies that seemed to have the effect that this one provided. I also have the Sedona pro which has some unique features as well. As a side note, to get around the OMI concerns on the white long matt. I had bought a couple of the horse blankets which are designed the same with the same coils and controller but in a more flexible blanket application and used it on my elderly Mother’s bed (under the mattress pad) and would run it reqularly to help her with the issues she was dealing with. Of course these are all my opinions and observations.

Hope this helps.


I just watched the video on youtube you referred to. The unit they show is a small battery operated device that is a simple on off device that I do not even consider a viable device, it is not anything like the full body matt or even the pet matt that I mentioned earlier. The full mat and pet mat that plug in provide different frequency and time options. I agree with the you tube video only as it relates to that battery operated device but comparing it to the larger devices is disingenuous, the battery operated device that they were showing and has no correlation to the larger plug in matts by OMI. Hope this helps.

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Thanks much, Rick! You certainly have an array of PEMF devices!

I’m curious as to what chart you are using for appropriate frequencies for various ailments. I found one chart that has been copied a lot, and then I found several others that show some overlap but also show different frequencies for the same ailments. According to what you shared, apparently the frequencies do make a difference.

I find your suggestion of a horse blanket interesting. So I found that OMI makes a whole realm of devices for horses. I’m guessing some of the other horse devices could be helpful in certain human situations.

I have wondered if the OMI could be used on a zero gravity collapsible chair. The cheap ones. Depends if the bends are in the right place for the mat. I’ve seen photos of chairs meant for mats, and they are basically zero gravity chairs, just not with the knees higher than the heart.

Alternatively, a collapsible chair where the legs are straight out? Then it’s just one bend to contend with. You might need to do some work on the chair to get it just right.

The pendant seems pretty useless to me. It’s just one coil, like the ones in the mat, I assume, but it’s bulky, compare to the M1, and it’s also no stronger.

Upon advice from customer support, I did put the mat on my bed, under a padded mattress cover. (A 1" foam cover would probably be better.) I do seem to sense some positive effect. What annoys me is that no program is longer than 30 min., and there’s no reason for that limit, since the coils are not particularly strong. (Claim is 2.2 Gauss.)

If I were you, I’d put it on my bed, under a pad. The advice not to do that is for the safety of the mat, not the patient. It’ won’t hurt you.

I’d use the P3 program at 18 Hz or so (generally recommended for fibromyalgia) and alternate it with P1. (I think P2 is useless because it randomly alternates Hz from 1 Hz to 99 Hz.) If you sleep on it, you’d have to restart the program every time you wake up, which is a real bummer, but, since you own the mat, it’s worth a try to see if it reduces your symptoms at all.

@Bob Dennis doesn’t seem to think there’s much to the idea of a specific frequency for a specific condition, if I read him right. So to hedge your bets, I’d use the P3 at 18-20 Hz, as recommended, and alternate with the P1 program which goes from 1 Hz to 30 Hz, I believe.

I think a lot of folks would be interested to read if you feel any different.

I have had people who like the OMI for back pain etc. I have had others who did not see the same results and prefer some of my other units. I got into these because I was trying to help an elderly mother that had dementia and kept trying different devices and protocols including rife and cold laser as well as working with various alternate health care providers such as acupuncture. So hope that explains my interest. I first bought the most powerful unit I could find being used in Germany and Israel clinics. It was $13,000 which was a 500 gauss matt, and seemed to help but then I was looking at specs for other units such as the imrs and beamer but could not understand how they would have much impact with such low power. So I found the specs of the OMI as being in the same microtesla range and had the recommended square wave due to the slew (drop off) and thought I would give it a go since it was the least expensive and was not a multi layer marketing product made in Europe. I bought it and took it to a chiropractor I know that had a family member who owned the beemer and we put them on different tables to compare and he used the OMI with success on some of his patients. So I ended up buying several for family and friends. I got good feedback but noticed some were not using as often because of the concern for not putting it on the bed due to lack of coil flexibility. So then bought a Sedona Pro+ after looking at its specs compared to a MAS unit, since it was stronger them OMI and had many more features. I like it and really like the flexibility of the options and features including being able to use two mats or accessories at the same time. I then found the Vasidux Pro, I had not used it a lot till recently when I was using it for the BR (standing for bioresanance) which are frequencies outside the range of my very expensive unit and the OMI. I used that setting for lungs and found it helped family and friends who had covid. I also allowed a friend of mine who is into chakra’s and apparently is very sensitive to frequency treatments and he was pleased with the results in the chakra mode treating his “root” chakra. I don’t understand that but was interested in his feedback. Another friend who has the OMI is now dissapointed after using my high powered unit since he notices the difference but I don’t think he is interested in spending $13000 for that unit. Last I bought the QRS as I knew of a naturalpathic MD that was using it in his practice as well as a Biohacker type gym so rather than scheduling and paying for appointments on their schedule I bought one. I had to get a special meter to see the wave forces coming from the QRS since it shows such a light microtesla and my strong magnets were not picking up the vibration as on my other mats. It does not allow me to change frequencies, it only allows me to set three programs Relax, basic and Vital. It also only gives three signal strengths so I can’t focus on a particular issue but I do enjoy using it for relaxation. The OMI only provides between 0 and 30 hertz although some mfgr dates allow for 0 to 99. 60 htz is not considered vary helpful for the human body from what I have surmised. So have to be aware that normally 0 to 30 is what most PEMF uses despite some higher frequencies are beneficial. I know it is confusing and that is why I am still in learning mode. So to summarize, I like the OMI for a low cost matt realizing the human white full body unit is not very flexible. In the OMI products I like the small “pet” mat due to the greater flexibilty but definitely not the small battery operated one they have. For true portability and flexibilty of options. Of course I like the M1 device.
If you have a little more money for a mat , I like the vasidux pro as it gives a great range of frequency and has a stronger signal then many of the other mats on the market. If you want portability and looking for a full body mat more for general health then I like the QRS.

As far as frequency charts, I use a variety of sources including books that came with my two rife machines. You can google Frequency charts for human body and check on images it will show you all sorts of different pages.
I hope I have not bored you and offered some help.


Thanks much, Rick. I do have several frequency charts, but they don’t necessarily agree with each other. That’s why I wondered where you got your info.
The current OMI that I have has three programs:
P1 - starts from 1 Hz and goes up to 30 Hz
P2 - randomly switches Hz rate between 1 - 99 Hz (useless, IMO)
P3 - allows users to choose Hz rate

This mat does not allow session settings beyond 30 min. which really annoys me. A customer support person said it’s okay to put the mat on the bed, except for very overweight people.

wow… looks like you’ve had first hand experience with a wide array of products. that’s great!

curious, how did the ices tech compare for treating ailments? did you try ices pemf at all first before using a different product or did you go straight to the pemf product that you had experience with in the past without seeing how ices would fair as a treatment?

I use ices for longer treatments and in conjunction with other devices. I play with it for brain entrainment. Will place coils under my pillow while sleeping. Also love it for sinuses. I have had several people who were on the mats who’s sinus problems were evident and I would double coil the a9 on each side of the nose on the cheeks and would immediately see relief. The number of devices are crazy there is even a device sold at cvs called actipatch that uses a coil and a watch battery that I can not find much use for but may help some with localized issues. Orthocore is another device that is battery operated and is part of arm and leg braces approved for workman’s comp. And then you have another PEMF device “approved by neurologist for Parkinson’s and depression called a Neurostar. You can find yet another that is “approved” for diabetic ulcers used by the few MDs that are aware. So PEMF is definitely a valid tool, but digging through all the facts are tough. Feel like I am writing a small book. I have no financial interest in any of these devices and as such just offering my opinions and what research I have been able to do.

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hmmm I’ve been tempted to try other pemf devices, but with limited funds, i don’t currently have the luxury to try them in hopes they’re useful for something.

interesting… sounds like the omi product is the way to go for general health benefit as a mat while sleeping? however, are you saying the that it’s not a continuous use device? i wonder if just waiting for the ices mat is the way to go…

This would be so much easier to discuss then to write. If the ICES mat is coming out soon, I would wait to see how and what it provides. If you are looking for an inexpensive unit for the time being. I sort of like the OMI but not to put on a bed while sleeping. The coils are not very flexible and not sure how it would stand up of your bed is not very firm. I got around it by purchasing the horse blanket units. To see how they would hold on a bed for my parent and mine as well. The blanket is not as long as the human device but does cover the torso . None of the OMI devices run the whole night thru. It only runs for 30 minute increments. Most of the units are meant for 30 minute or less increments. There are three main settings. P1 P2 and P3 . P3 allows you to set the frequency and time to a set frequency. P1 runs thru a higher fequency range and is more stimulating. P2 runs thru lower frequency ranges and the feedback from others I have let use them makes them sleepy. The very expensive Curatron with computer control does allow for longer configurations to be programed in and has a variety of mats each mat can be of different gauss the 3 d mat is what I use and it is the one that is padded (not easily or recomended for folding) but runs the 500 gaus strength there is a small “butterfly applicator” which is like a heavy pillow (due to the coils) that if memory serves me goes to 1600 guass It’s use is recommended for issues such as depression and other such issues. But that is one of the more expensive and yet higher gauss units. I don’t want to get too far a field since I think this forum is meant for ICES and comparisons. Each company has their strengths. If Dr Dennis is coming out with a new Mat I am interested in it as well since I have a comfort level and trust in his research. I am just a shotgun researcher looking at a variety of approaches and products that can make a difference. As mentioned earlier there are many medically approved (insurance covered devices) that even many MD’s are not aware of so I am very aware of the good affects that these devices can provide. . And want to keep learning from this forum about others use and how it affects their lives.


Just to add more confusion. There is a mat by Healthyline that has pemf that cycles on and off during the night. It seems to be a more asian history as it includes gemstones and heat to generate alternate treatments as well as PEMF> I have an older unit that fit on a queen size bed, that I tried on my mom’s bed for awhile. It would allow me to warm the bed as it had a non emf heater as well as red lights. My unit would only provide 7.8 htz but would cycle thru the night on the pemf and the lights coming on. It is very stiff due to the stones in the mat and so was not very comfortable if you are looking for a bed mat. The newer units have a larger range of frequencies, wave forms and strengths, so for a first Mat buyer it might be something to look at. I have many other different mfgrs units to experiment with since I was having a difficult time trying to get the information or even test devices elsewhere. I hope my long statements are in some way helpful

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Rick, I wonder whether you could answer a couple questions for me:
Can you sleep on a Vasindux Pro mat? How does it compare to the OMI mat, which you’re not supposed to sleep on, according to instructions?
I am still thinking of returning the OMI mat because I’m afraid that sleeping on it may invalidate the warranty. And I want a mat that I can sleep on all night. (Lying on a mat with a “sleep cycle” and then getting up to put the mat away doesn’t seem practical to me!)
(I also have an offer for a steeply discounted QRS mat, which is supposed to be good for sleeping on.)