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Use of PEMF during cyber use

Possibly an unusual question, my inquiry is to whether there are any potentially negative effects of having my ICES unit on while using my computer. Reason is that I had a very bad effect on my foot while standing on a grounding mat (am into earthing) while using my pc. Granted the devices/applications are different, but am apprehensive given this experience. The healing has taken months, part of which included use of the Ices. Appreciate any input regarding this.

I can tell you that no one has ever told me that they ever experienced any problems like that. I wear my ICES (now an M1 unit) every day and have done so for about a decade, while working on all sorts of computers and other equipment (I was in a CNC machine shop all day today, for example), and I have never experienced a problem, and I have never heard of anyone experiencing a problem with it.


Thank you Bob for your prompt and thoroughly convincing reply. I’ve been following the emf & 5G info as having some detrimental health effects for some. Being a novice with all this I have to question, but I do value your extensive experience and feel assured to proceed with my use of ICES while online.

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From my understanding your problem is likely from grounding/earthing while using your computer. Check out what Dave Stetzer has to say about doing this (i.e. it is very bad). Stetzer sells the Stetzer “dirty electricity” filters. He’s done work with “body voltage” that is induced into the body when using a keyboard/computer. If the computer and keyboard are grounded it is better, but in any case this voltage is difficult to measure and remains in the body until you do a proper grounding (not earthing). If you are grounded or connected to earth while using the computer than your body becomes a conduit and that current flows through you, which only makes the problem worse. Stetzer says that while the earths field should be beneficial, it is so polluted now with stray current it is more harmful than helpful. I’ve kept this short and it probably is not correctly stated in any case. Do a search on ‘Dave Stetzer’ and ‘Dirty Electricity’ and you’ll get better information.


I do IT work for a living and am constantly exposed to a variety of electronic devices and I am also mildly dirty EMF sensitive. However, I have never experienced any adverse reactions with a Micro Pulse and have worn it under my clothing eight hours a day for a year. In fact, the opposite may be true as I usually felt better when exposed to EMf fields that would typically drain me without me “forcefield.”

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I keep the A9 or M1 on me almost every day, especially when using technology (computer, phone, wifi) and it makes me healthier, combating the EMFs and decreasing/eliminating my EHS (Electrical Hypersensitivity) symptoms - which affect everyone even if you are not sensitive, the negative effects are cumulative and slower for the average person but still affect 100% of people leading to disease of all kinds.

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Jon, Thank you for this helpful info, which affirms instinct that this was the cause of my problem. I’ve not heard of Stetzer Electric, a company in my home state! Glad to know about the filters. Upon watching a webinar on emfs and 5G I purchased the Qi Shield by Synergy Science. It is temporarily in storage while a house member wears a heart monitor, I not knowing if the Qi would interfere. Regarding another health issue, rotator cuff tear, my Functional Medicine doctor recommended the ICES as opposed to surgery…no regrets. Marros

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Thank you regarding your experience Aaron, really reassuring to me about no concerns for using Micro Pulse while online. Marros

QuaiZen, Thanks for your response. The EMF/5G info, given potential detrimental health effects, is concerning and apparently NOT common knowledge to many. We need to personally protect. Marros

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Marros, I was into grounding in a big way, including sleeping with a grounding mat under my sheet. I stopped because I developed muscle aches which I attribute to the grounding mat. They went away as soon as I stopped grounding. Jeromy Johnson as a good discussion of grounding and EMFs. Is Grounding Good for You? (emfanalysis.com)

I now use a Blushield Premium Cube for EMF protection. I agree with Blushield that we can’t effectively shield ourselves from EMFs. There needs to be a different approach. Their website is here

So far, I am happy with my PEMF and Blushield devices. They are not cheap, but they are worth the money.

You’re welcome! I have been an active daily user for four years now and love it. I could have never predicted the ways in which it would help me. I hope it helps you too!

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interesting… this approach is different from what I’ve heard about cancelling out signals…

@Bob does this compute https://www.blushield-us.com/ or does this sound like more hocus pocus? :thinking:

bfuruta thanks for the helpful info. This confirms my resolve to limit any further grounding to being out in clean nature…no pesticide contaminated areas! A recent one day home grounding exposure for rotator cuff tear resulted in debilitating pain compared to previously a mildly annoying condition. Next day w/o grounding it was noticeably improved. Without all this feedback I would have lacked insight. Gratitude!

I’m glad you asked, because I was going to chime in on this conversation if I had anything helpful to add. I have been mulling it over in my head.

BRIEFLY: yes, I do think the correct approach to this kind of thing is to add stimulus noise rather than to try to shield it. I think that basic technical approach probably makes sense if it is done correctly. However I am unable to say whether or not that specific product does what I think would be most useful, and whether or not it does that correctly.



Most people, even professional toxicologists, don’t really understand the concept of biological dose-response curves. This is because they are complicated, and you actually have to look at them without political, financial, or emotional bias.



1 - Most people have a vastly oversimplified view of the world. They view biological dose-response as a straight line through zero (called the linear no-threshold hypothesis)
If a little bit is good then more is better - FALSE -
If a lot is bad, then a little bit is still bad, but maybe a bit less - FALSE -

2- Most toxicologists do a bit better, at least in their documents meant for public or regulatory consumption. Their description of biological dose-response is sigmoidal (“S” shaped), showing a lower threshold indicating the start of toxicity and an upper threshold indicating the range of maximum toxicity. This representation of biological dose-response is better, but it misses some of the most important real facts that we see all across biology.


In my scientific opinion, a much more accurate view of most biological dose-response characteristics are described by either basic hormesis, or by a tri-phasic “inverse hormesis” curve. I’ve discussed this at length in a recent scientific publication, using real data that I collected and real world examples:


Briefly, hormesis describes the fact that something that can be harmful in large doses can actually be beneficial in small doses. The famous example here is what’s called “radiation hormesis”. Many types of radiation, recently feared by everyone, turns out to be an essential part of the universe, it is essential for life, and in small doses can actually be quite beneficial. You can read plenty about this on the Internet so I won’t repeat that type of basic information here. But if you do decide to go reading about it you need to pull your head out of the echo chamber where people just scream about the dangers of radiation (or the blithe acceptance of the safety of radiation) and you need to read outside of that fear-based mindset (or the acquiescent mindset).


Tri-phasic inverse hormesis is a bit more interesting. Many things in the biological world seem to work this way. The way to think about it is sort of like the “Goldilocks effect”:
Too little heat = Porridge is too COLD
Too much heat = Porridge is too HOT
Just the right amount of heat = JUST RIGHT

Many things in biology work this way. Consider planting seeds:

Every child knows that seeds need warmth, moisture, and sunlight to germinate.
Too little of any one or more of those three = no germination
Too much of any one or more of those three = death of the seedling
Just the right amount of all three over time = healthy plants

It is currently my technical opinion that we are all bathed in relatively small doses of radio frequency energy that are large enough to elicit a biological effect but too small to be anything more than just confusing noise. This may result in harmful biological responses. I think the product that you have made reference to in the post I am responding to uses the basic same logic and concludes that if you add a large beneficial signal it will basically over-ride the smaller noisy signal from EMI. I basically agree that this approach could work if it is applied intelligently. I am not able to determine if the actual product is implemented correctly, but I do not fundamentally disagree with their technical approach.

Another way to look at this is another child’s story: The Princess and the Pea.
A single pea in an otherwise smooth bed is a noticeable irritation. One approach is to try to locate and remove the pea itself. A different approach would be to pour a whole bunch of peas under the mattress. Then you would no longer have a single point of irritation, and most people would find that actually somewhat comfortable. Analogously, if you add more beneficial radio frequency signals on top of very low level irritating signals, the average person might find that the irritation disappears.


Great question and I’ve wanted to ask similar on this board for a while. If I’m wearing the coils on my lower back while laying on the grounding pad is there any magnification or canceling out? Instead of responding to each reply in the thread, I’ll provide my feedback here.

  • I slept on a grounding sheet and use a desk pad at work for the past several years.
  • I have a BluShield cube and keep a portable in my pocket when out of the house.
  • I have a Somavedic Medic in the house and also carry the small portable in my pocket.

I have also changed a lot about my health, diet, more sunlight / less blue light exposures, and supplementation during the same period so it’s impossible to say what aspect more than any other has provided the most benefit, but I’ve experienced the following:

  • Best sleep I’ve had my entire adult / working life. I’ve never achieved regular 6-8 hours, ever, but now I do.
  • Rarely get up to go to the bathroom during the night. Maybe once or twice a week at most, and usually closer to wake up time. Rarely 1 or 2 and then 3-4 in the morning like used to do daily.
  • Much more “comfortable” getting out of bed with less joint aches. Very recently I’ve had a bout of cervical / lumbar flare ups, but overall the frequency has been much less the past 2 years.
  • Energy like I’ve never had since teen ager (maybe more energy).
  • Overall well being and mood improvement.

My laymen understanding is that life runs on electrons and grounding provides a free and limitless supply to reduce inflammation and a host of other benefits. I’ve seen the Stetzer argument and others that support it, but Clint Ober proclaims and has data to state the opposite. I don’t know who’s correct. I have done skin-voltage tests on myself and when grounded the voltage goes to zero so I question how i’m passing anything through me that’s not measurable. I’ve had my home wiring tested by a building biology specialist and my wiring noise & harmonic levels were pretty clean by comparison to most of the homes he studies.

I really wish grounding would be studied more, but realistically nobody is taking up the initiative, as there’s no money in it. I live in the City and do wonder what errant charges / fields may be picked up by the ground and wiring, but I don’t feel I’ve had any ill effects at all.

That’s my story…


I appreciate your input and glad the indoor grounding has helped you. My belief everyone’s experience is individual. Mine was that the negative was too coincidental to be ignored and overtime I’m convinced the indoor grounding while online caused my significant problem. Granted I did have other preexisting foot conditions, and possibly the negative seeks out the weakened area. I’ve read, and believe, removal from the earth’s energies is detrimental to our health, including shoes preventing anatomical foot health…muscular etc. I will definitely access the earth’s natural grounding energies, daily, here on out.

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congrats on the improved quality of life thru lifestyle changes.

i really wonder how much your regular diet and supplements changed and the impact it has had on your body.

depending how big a change and how long it’s been, i wonder how much your diet and supps helped you. often we underestimate the changes from the routine diet and exercise that can really make massive, positive impact

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Lifestyle medicine, that of diet, exercise/activity, stress reduction and adequate sleep empower us with our health, and lack of in the general public, result in the the prevalence of obesity, diabetes and chronic ills. Enter the benefits of pemf, ICES backed research.

I have been using my device off and on during the day for 4 months or so. I have noticed some positive changes and plan to increase my usage.
One day while wearing my device at work I had my iPhone in a pocket, and the device in a pocket next to it, coils in the hip area, I noticed my iPhone getting very warm to the touch. I removed the iPhone and turned it off and later powered it back on with no problems, Could the device I have cause the phone to heat up and if so, should I keep the two at a certain distance while they are both on?

that is very unlikely. Just be sure to try to keep it ventilated (not flat against an object like a phone) and the coil plug fully inserted to avoid short circuits.

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