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PEMF/ICES and Parkinson's Disease

Has anyone used PEMF with Parkinson’s disease or any other related diseases? I am interested in your results and where is optimal placement of the coils?

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I bought the M1 for a close friend of mine who has PD. Used the coils on the back of his head, side by side, intensity 4 and within a few days of use, his tremors stopped as long as he uses it once to twice a day. After another few days, the stiffness in his neck disappeared and he no longer experienced insomnia which was due to his insufficient dopamine.

He’s not consistent with following directions and I’ve asked him to track his progress in a journal, but writing is not his forte and so I think he doesn’t make optimal progress as I would think he should. But if you stay on course, you should see results within a few days. There’s also a video interview that Bob did with someone who used PEMF to treat his mother’s PD. That’s what inspired me to buy the M1 for my friend.