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Pancreas and PEMF

Hi All,
I have been experiencing pancreatic pain for sometime. I have just purchased the M1 and am awaiting its arrival. Wanted advice on how to use it for pancreatitis, in my case the doctors think that it may be autoimmune. Just getting rid of the pain would be a great start. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The pancreas is pretty deep, so I suggest:
1- Stack the coils bumpy-side-to-bumpy side
2- Tape them together that way
3- set the device to highest intensity
4- Place directly over your pancreas as well as you can (may need to look up the anatomy)
5- Set the pulse pattern for Omni-8 (default)
6- use for at least 6 - 8 hours every day, longer is better, all night also if possible.
7- do this every day for 2-3 weeks
8- circle back and tell us how well it is working (or not)
9- We may be able to suggest adjustments once you have tried this.

Great, thanks for the info., will try this and let you know.

Question: I have the unit and am setting it up. When you say “tape them together that way”, do you mean use a separate piece of gauze tape and tape them together and then use the wrap to hold in place or do you mean use the wrap to tape them together?

Here is Bob’s video on taping coils.

wrap them together, to hold them together, like a sandwich.

I use a thick elastic band to hold the coils together so when I need them separated I can do that easily. Just another option. I have used my A9 and M1 for gall bladder pain (and recently am doing gall bladder flushes) and it works well. I’ve also used them for spleen pain, but Matrix Repatterning really fixed the spleen issue. Are you sure it’s pancreatic pain? I had a patient that had right side back pain and it turned out it was his gall bladder. My gall bladder pain was right front/side under the ribs. There is a lot that can be done for auto immune diseases naturally.

Thanks for sharing this. It is pancreatic pain, it is on the left side of the lower ribs.

I would be very interested to know if you find a strategy that works for you.

I have been using it for 6-12 hrs a day for ~3 weeks and so far the pain has not diminished. Will keep you abreast.

What intensity are you using, and what pulse pattern?

I am using the settings you recommended…see the start of the thread.

Hey @shred, just curious about your symptom pattern. You state that you have pancreatic pain - but do you know for sure that it is your pancreas that is causing the pain? I looked up the referred pain pattern for the pancreas - and it typically refers pain first and foremost to the upper abdomen, under the ribs, especially following meals, and is usually accompanied by digestive distress. Does this match your symptom pattern? Because if not, there more likely explanations for pain located around the lower left ribs and you might need to get more creative with where you place the coils.

Hi Hope, thanks for this. It does match the symptom pattern. I have had this issue for awhile and have had all the tests and scans which shows the pancreas is the offending organ. I have tried many things to be rid of the autoimmune response but have yet to succeed. I have found ways to cope and methods to help reduce the pain.

Totally random question, but based on our experiences I wanted to throw this out there: could reduced pancreatic function and pain be driven by high mycotoxin exposure?

I’ll add another random question but something that affects different parts of the body based on condition of the organ/area: how much water do you drink a day?

i have a friend who recently told me of her discovery of how being chronically dehydrated created joint pain, daily headaches and occasional migraines, brain fog, growing fatigue, and sciatica that was progressively getting worse to name a few. she started with 1/2 her weight in oz’s, daily… water and Himalayan salt pinch per 32oz… within a week her headaches stopped completely. she eventually worked her way up to drinking her weight in oz’s, daily

within a month her brain fog cleared within 3 mos her sciatica reduced greatly where she should work her farm a full day again it’s been a year and she continue to be symptoms free and happy.

the idea that we are made up of 70+% water should remind us of his important water is to our bodies. the proper balance of electrolytes with proper hydration would help our bodies systemically. how much water do you drink? what other symptoms do you have? pemf and hydration would be a great combo for the body in general. maybe after a few months of following that regimen with pemf, it may help with relief.

how much water do you drink?

TajD - This was brought up awhile back and was tested. It seems that is not the source.
The general thought is that there is something in the pancreas that the body cannot
shake off; therefore, the autoimmune reaction.

Optimal - Thanks for this. I believe that dehydration played a part in the cause. But, for the past 2 years I drink lots of water each day. I am 120lbs and drink ~10-12 cups per day.

Ahh sorry to hear. So markers like urine methylmalonic acid, serum ADH and Osmolality were checked? Has pernicious anemia (B12 anemia) been crossed out as well? (mycotoxins can displace b12 in blood as one possible cause of pernicious anemia). Wishing you success…

TajD - Not sure, but I will look into this and let you know.