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Mystery Head Injury

My question is for @Mark. First, thanks for your life investment into Brain Gauge and all things pertaining to helping people get better. If it weren’t for you, @Bob, and a few other kind and honest people in my past, I know I wouldn’t be enjoying the level of health and health freedom I am today.

I need to admit up front that I understand much more about how to use my Micro Pulse than my Brain Gauge.

However, when I took / take the full battery of tests with Brain Gauge I get very poor scores in the area of discerning the passage of time. This seems very accurate to me as I did a little research on that and from experience I’ve always struggled to be on time and guess how long it takes to get up, get moving, get ready in the morning and get to my destination. I’m 34 now and I’ve had this problem as long as I can remember (to the chagrin of family and friends).

Background: When I started experimenting with the pressure technique months ago I eventually put it on my head and noticed I have some sort of noise heard in my left ear because after an hour or two of use it temporarily went away and returned a few hours later after a moment of stress/frustration. I should also mention that every time I apply the pressure technique I literally have to wait until all the pain is gone before the area is completely fixed/healed/restored.

I did not do that at all with my head. Instead, I experimented with different spots on my head to see how extensive the pain spots were. I would say 50-70% of my head has them. I define them by applying a small level of pressure with the massaging wand while the device is in proximity and then the pain manifests itself and the body seems to focus on it (directed healing maybe?) until it’s gone. This has worked quite well for me in every other area of my body so far but it causes the noise to get slightly louder or more prominent temporarily. So, I only do it in the evenings because I’ve tuned out the noise 95% of the day. I only hear it if it’s absolutely quiet in the room. I might describe it like the sound you have after shooting a gun. Not a true ring but more of an after-blast like effect.

Note I distinctly remember falling backwards in a chair as a small child but my parents said the injury required stitches but were told by the doctor it was otherwise superficial. That said, I have what I would call a “dent” shaped like a crescent in the back left parietal area of my head. It’s about as long as my pinky finger and half as deep. It was deeper but after sleeping on my A9 for several months early on it partially healed (it would probably keep healing but I moved on to other experiments for now).

Based on this image (if accurate) I’m actually the strongest in the left back region and right front. I’m decent in the left front and very poor in the back right. The brain is an enigma to me.

Question: My question is given the fact that I seem to be able to draw the body’s attention to the pressure until the body manages to heal the area (whether it takes a few hours one day or several days) where do I need to put it to try to fix the time discernment issue?

Final: I oftentimes feel as if I’m stuck “in a box” or the like but the difference is I come out of it every twenty minutes or so. I can tell what 0-2 minutes is like and after 20 minutes but the 2-20 minute time frame is very hard for me to determine (hence lengthy posts, potentially awkward social conversation with friends, family, and work environments, and difficulty improving this problem with social techniques).

I’d appreciate any insight you may have on this when you have the time! Thanks again!

Mark explained it under the Brain Gauge topic.

Pretty sure that he said the cerebellum is heavily involved.

Some of us also have mystery head injury with serious deficits in a few areas and time perception is one.

I will be interested in anything you learn.

@bettereveryday Thank you. Yes, I saw that exchange too but @Bob suggested I throw this in for more discussion so I’m anxious to hear if there are any differences from what he discussed there. I’m also curious about what effects would be normal/expected from someone in the left parietal region of the brain (that might explain other issues I’ve had). Thanks again for the mention!

Yes, mystery head injuries take a long time to figure out.

It will be interesting to get feedback from the community. Bouncing off your comment, I ended up reading about strokes in the Left Parietal region of the brain and what they could expect from recovery.

I don’t identify with damage at that region.

I experienced serious damage to executive function and to social areas. Becoming socially inappropriate was the most challenging. It really damaged my relationships.

I totally identify with this sentence of yours:

“(hence lengthy posts, potentially awkward social conversation with friends, family, and work environments, and difficulty improving this problem with social techniques).”

Interacting with women used to be so easy for me, and I have never had even one period of time without best friendships, but I lost some of the closest friends I have ever had and they won’t interact with me anymore and I didn’t really do anything other than freak them out by long out of touch with reality emails and texts.

I can’t even imagine if I had stole something from them or flirted with their husbands or said something cruel to them.

I made them feel uncomfortable and they ran away. It is hard because my brain is improving, but I don’t know when it will be well enough to try to regain important relationships.

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@bettereveryday I fully understand where you’re coming from. Mine comes and goes which is why I was/am hopeful that using Micro Pulse and Brain Gauge together will eventually allow me to solve this problem. Don’t give up hope! I’ve had some pretty low points in the past and right around the corner was something amazing that I had yet to discover.

I also have to remember that true friends are honest about their faults and failures and because of that are accepting towards other people because they know they’re not perfect. True forgiveness involves recognizing our unilaterally imperfect human selves and extending to others what we ourselves are in need of (grace).

If these people left you (even because of legitimate reasons) and you’ve sought to reconcile with them but it wasn’t reciprocal, it might be time for some new friends. You certainly seem to have a lot of knowledge about a lot of different topics! Do your interests coincide with your profession? Definitely makes it easier to make friends if you’re surrounded by people who think like you do or enjoy the same type of things.

Thank you, cupofcoffey!

That is advice which I recognize as wisdom!

No, my friends did not share my interests, partly because these interests came as a result of the brain injury.

It has been following the yellow brick road of figuring out how to fix the brain. I don’t know if either Mark or Bob are the man behind the curtain, where I can finally sing, “If I only had a brain” and have them give some metaphorical insight.

And they can say, “Why, anybody can have a brain. That’s a very mediocre commodity…”


I used the coils on the sides of my head in the prefrontal cortex and I have had such a breakthrough.

I went to an event today and had zero social anxiety or self-consciousness. I was mindfully present, enjoying the event the whole time. I sat with a group of 6 professionals and the conversation flowed beautifully. I really enjoyed the whole time.

The mechanism that I believe just happened would be similar to why broccoli and broccoli sprouts can improve aberrant behaviors in Autism patients.

That is my theory.

Things like having inflammation decrease has been known to radically improve things like depression and they can induce depression by causing inflammation. Dr. Ornish has been wildly successful getting rid of depression through diet.

The mechanisms I have been looking at involve PEMF’s effect on heat shock proteins and nrf2 and on mitochondrial function and inflammation.

I can’t even tell you how big a difference there is. I mentally was so bad 6 or 7 years ago that I had totally lost touch with reality. The part of my brain, which knew that didn’t kick back in until 2 years ago. That part is fascinating. There is a part of my brain, which can show me how bad my brain was. I have another part of my brain, which knows when I blow the Brain Gauge tests. That part seems to have been shut down at the same time the social anxiety part shut down, but another part of my brain has stepped up because it knows that I am happier, but thought I nailed the Brain Gauge test, when I hadn’t changed score at all.

That is fascinating to me. I was miserable, with serious performance anxiety, but knew accurately how I did on the test. Now, I have zero performance anxiety, even though I blew the test.

My mind has a less authoritative section, which is monitoring now and that makes me so happy.

The concept that we can turn things on and off with the ICES is pretty fascinating now.