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Is Miramate MiniMagic a Chinese Knock-off?

MiniMagic is composed of 2 - 8 coils wit a portable power uit which runs on a battery or AC-DC converter. See
I found this unit before I read about ICES Micro-pulse.
The history of this device is murky. I thought that the story behind the “Spooky 2” machine was the story of Miramate, because I didn’t know the difference between a Rife machine (Spooky2) and a PEMF unit, which MiniMagic claims to be . See https://www.spooky2videos.com/video/sama-episode-69-the-story-behind-spooky2/

I ended up buying a MiraMate MiniMagic and a Magic Mat, because the advertising sounded reasonable and the price was so much more affordable than the other PEMF devices.
My interest in PEMF was first aroused by our son who recommended the technology after his dad broke his hip. Our son has one of the original Rhumart units made in Quebec, as well as a Bemer mat. He recommended something like the Rhumart because it was effective for him and his goats - and the goats know nothing about the placebo effect. :laughing:
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As you have already seen, but for the benefit of others, I have written on his extensively elsewhere: