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Have a suggestion for a category not featured here?

If you think we’ve missed a category and would like to get it added to the forum, just post your idea below and we’ll get it added if there’s demand and it seems appropriate.

I think Cancer would be a good subject.

Thanks for creating this forum Bob!

Another potential category could be Enhanced Motor Learning (or something like that). People that are trying to learning new physical skills like playing an instrument or sports performance would be some target applications. There’s a product available called Halo (https://www.haloneuro.com/) that uses transcranial direct current stimulation. I’ve heard some mixed results from folks that have tried it. I would think PEMF is a potential enhancer of neuro learning. I’ve tried the M1 for improving my skilling in Throwing Hammer (Track and Field) and think it has helped at times however there are a lot of variable to adjust. It would be great to hear what others have tried in this area of neuro learning.


I agree. Cancer would be a very good topic. I think it is a topic best initiated by users, so we can ask our forum admin to create it.

I also suspect that PEMF could have many of the advantages of tDCS. In fact, I think, theoretically, it could work even better than tDCS because of the way PEMF works (much more efficient and well distributed through tissue than any form of microcurrent stimulation). I don’t know anything about the use of PEMF for cognitive enhancement, but I would like to hear what people have tried.

I would like to see a forum more directly related to muscle hypertrophy/ body composition, maybe with a sub focus of strength/ endurance.

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I think we are planning on sports med as a category.

  • Diabetes (Blood Glucose, Diabetic Wounds, Retinopathy)
  • Infections
  • Product Feedback / Feature Requests

Now that I’m thinking about it, Product Feedback / Feature Requests probably should be a sub-category under PEMF Manufacturers (not sure if your forum software can do that). Having too many main categories is probably worse than having too few.

I am in favor of all three categories. I will see if our admin can add them, and I will comment in each as appropriate.

I would like to see a topic on migraine. Since I got my ICES A9a, I’ve been able to abort every migraine that has started.
Example: If the lights and aura (the beginning of a migraine for me) are affecting my right eye, I put the stacked coils under my left ear on my neck until symptoms go away. This has worked for a number of my relatives also.


Glad to see this forum!
My adult son is diagnosed with autism, and has difficulty with motor planning, initiation of movement, and also fine motor and speech production difficulties. I wonder whether PEMF on the motor regions would be advisable? Any safety issues with this? Also, Vagus nerve stimulation?? Thanks

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I have to admit, that is something I know absolutely nothing about in terms of the effects of PEMF. I developed my PEMF technology for severe chronic pain, still surprised it works for so many other things. Lets see what other people can say…

That is very interesting to me. I hear that often, but admit I know nothing about it. PEMF near ears can cause dizziness, so caution is advisable. Lower intensity may avoid this, don’t know for sure.

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I would like to see if anyone has used it for whiplash. I tried but found it difficult to use around my neck

I’ve never had dizziness from it but don’t use the high intensity. My theory was that if the migraine is caused by vascular constriction, PEMF may open up the circulation. It’s possible that it also stimulates the Vegas nerve. Who knows!

Regeneration of peripheral nerve damage in general or specifically in the elbow (cubical tunnel). Had surgery for cubical tunnel and still have nerve damage symptoms years afterwards such as numbness in half of my 4th finger and numbness in all of my 5th finger. Currently using a9 model for another issue but interested in what others have experienced in this regard.

I use my M1 to reduce severe neck pain. Basically I just tape the coils side-by-side, and sleep with them under my neck where it hurts. The coils sometimes do shift, but it seems to work well for me.

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Checkout the 810 nm Vielight headset. I have a couple of their nasal irradiation devices, but I do believe that your c5 with 4 coils on the head with simular placement might be able to do the same thing.

I think PEMF works very effectively along with infra-red light, based on what I have tried myself and what people have told me. I think there are synergistic effects, more than either one alone.


I was taping it around my neck and found it bothered me if on very long. Did you put it under your pillow? Btw, I noticed the wires have pulled out a little bit from 1 coil. Is it safe to use, now?