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Vitamin C Defiency

I’ve been experiencing symptoms of vitamin c deficiency since I started using my ices device. Initially it just started with bleeding more than usual and bleeding gums. After a few days of no longer using the ices device the bleeding would stop. Eventually my symptoms got worse though so had to stop using the ICES all together.

I was told it could be because pemf makes your body use more vitamin c to heal other things in your body. And if not enough vitamin c is available you become deficient in other parts. Anyone know anything about this? I would like to learn more about it.

Am not a doctor but I have used ICES nearly daily for three years. Sometimes for as little as a few minutes and sometimes longer than four hours. Power level as low as five on sensitive areas and all the way on denser areas. I’ve used an A9, M1 and C5.

My various theories I’ve adopted or personally have include that it rapidly accelerates detoxification and removal of free radicals from the body. It’s also in essence a massively anti-inflammatory influence.

I believe the NRF2 pathway in the body is what is most responsible for free radical waste disposal and after about age twenty one that body process goes dormant. Vitamin C gives a boost but is inferior to this body process and a few natural supplements claim to be able to restore that function. Protandim, invented by a Mormon company, claims to be one of them. It’s an MLM but a DO friend was a distributor so we tried it and definitely felt better. In conjunction with ICES (And without it) we did not experience what you have described.

Pulsing water on low power / 4pps for 5 minutes might give you a boost too but it will almost certainly cause a detox for the first 2-3 days. Dr. Pollack might be able to speak to it more.

I’ve been pulsing water and just about any beverage in the fridge i can to consume daily… it’s definitely been doing something to detox my body. i experience evidence in the area of my gut different than not drinking pemf water (and more)!

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i have been using the a9 from M to X and from 2 coils to 4 and from head to toe for minutes to hours in all kinds of combinations of the above mentioned. the only thing i have noticed is detox effects at worst… Google herxheimer effect for more info… other than that, i haven’t had any averse effects. gums bleeding… maybe bacteria? what other symptoms?

Pain in lower legs and inability to walk anymore, weakness, bleeding easily, haematomas in my legs, a scurvy rash on my legs, lesions on my gums. I ended up in hospital and was diagnosed with scurvy. Most of the symptoms disappeared after a few weeks of treatment but I still have some way to go with being able to walk again and I’m getting rehab for that.

I never herxed from using the device. It was really good at helping with my back pain.

If this is a concern, why not try taking Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is the treatment I’ve been getting. It’s improved a lot already and all the bleeding has stopped, my gums are back to normal and the rash has gone. I’m out of hospital and getting rehab to get back to being able to walk again but it’s slow going. I

I would like to start using the ICES device again but need to know what the consequences might be with regards to vitamin c.

I can only tolerate very small doses of vitamin c but it’s enough to keep the scurvy at bay. But if the ices device makes the body use up more as I’ve been told then I’d be concerned that I’d end up with the symptoms coming back.

Hence why I asked about it on this forum to try and learn more about this.

I’ve never heard of pemf affecting vitamin c levels… pathogens i have heard affect nutrient levels (vitamins etc) that often doctors do not recognize.

maybe @Bob might have some insight on pemf and vitamin c.

this is the first I’ve ever heard tho…

That’s interesting. Are you receiving only straight ascorbic acid, then? I’ve experimented with Vitamin C some over the years, and while you know more about your situation than I, my chief question might be whether taking simple rose hips, etc. wouldn’t work out better. Do you react poorly to rose hips, or have you maybe considered trying that instead?

I have tried all various forms of vitamin c over the past few years since getting sick. Ascorbic acid via IV is the one that causes the least problems and what I got in hospital. But I’ve been home from hospital for several weeks now and have had to switch to other types but it’s causing too much pain. My mum and sister also get a lot of pain from taking vitamin c because of our oxalate issues.

That’s a stumper to me, Linda. I’m sorry that I don’t have anything useful to add, at least right now. :slight_smile:

No worries. Thank you for your time anyway :blush:

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin and antioxidant necessary in aiding with the development and growth of our body tissue, specifically by the production of collagen in the body. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue and a vital component in what is referred to as fibrous tissue such as:

  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Skin
  • Cornea
  • Cartilage
  • Bones
  • The gut
  • Blood vessels

Yes I’m aware but how does ICES affect vitamin c levels? That’s what I’m trying to find out

I do not know anything specific to vitamin C and PEMF, but it seems pretty clear to me that nutritional demand could change with the use of PEMF. For example, if healing rate increases for a massive tissue injury, then you could need a whole range of additional nutrients to support that more rapid tissue recovery rate. On the other hand, other changes could occur, and some people report a Herxheimer like effect, where toxic release may be enhanced, or there may be enhancements in circulation that lead to excess metabolic demands or excess clearance of waste products. So, in general, I suggest that people pay attention for changes in metabolism, and be sure to be nutritionally replete when using PEMF.


@LindaBee have you tried Liposomal Vitamin C?


I guess the fact is that about 95% of specific vitamin C research does not even specifically report actual vitamin C levels. I do not know of anything, not a single datum, that reports the effects of PEMF on vitamin C level. So, I think it is accurate to say that the direct answer to your question is: it is unknown. And I have never heard anyone report that they had a similar concern regarding PEMF, so I would guess that it is either atypical, or entirely unrelated.

But individual cases would vary anyway. I would say that if you are concerned about vitamin C level, it is easy to fix by supplementation, and as suggested by TajD, liposomal Vitamin C is an excellent and easily tolerated alternative, recently available in capsule form.


have you tried high dose liposomal c? that form of c is more bioavailable and allows you to consume more without causing stomach upset as it is absorbed in the liver… this is assuming you have no problem taking high dose c… even taking liposomal form at a dose that is safe for you would be better than any tablet.

this form is the next step up from taking iv c

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Yes I have tried liposomal too. I have tried them all. I have oxalate issues so when I take vitamin it causes tremendous pain everywhere in my body. My sister and mum have the same issues with vitamin as me. I’ve also tried different ways of taking them like transdermal, IV, injections and oral.

I am very chronically ill and have MCAS which causes reactions to most things and as a result my diet is very limited and I struggle taking supplements or medication. Hence why I look to alternative ways to treat symptoms like PEMF.

Apparently you only need 10mg vitamin c to avoid getting scurvy which I do get even with my limited diet. I suspect my body uses up more vitamin c because I’m chronically ill as I’ve heard of a couple other cases that got scurvy who were chronically ill too.

do the doctors have any diagnosis for you? one thing I’ve been very disappointed with conventional medicine is their lack of acknowledgment or recognition of the real health risks of pathogens… by ignoring this real third party factor, many misdiagnoses or health “mysteries” can be had…