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Vertigo and Tinnitus

I woke up 2 Tuesdays ago about 3:00 AM and had to go to the outhouse. I was very dizzy and and almost fell. I went back to bed, was laying on my right side, switched to my left side and all hell broke loose. I looked at a digital clock about 15 feet away and it was moving from left to right. I thought my body was going to float above the bed. I had never experienced vertigo like this. I woke my wife up and told her what was going on. She told me to sit up which helped. I actually fell back to sleep and was still dizzy when I woke up, but not as bad. I let my employer know I would not be working remotely. Then I came across a product called Sea Band which I think I bought before taking a plane flight last fall. They are 2 stretchable bands with plastic bumps that one puts on acupressure points on one’s inner wrists. That helped and then the idea came to me to power up my M1 and put the coils on those points. I used an unscientific method to pick which mode to use and 5pps fixed constant frequency was chosen. This helped way better than the Sea Band and I was able to let my employer know I could start working remotely. The only thing I could think of that triggered the vertigo was me using the M1 the night before, Omni 8, on one of my molars that was causing me pain. My dentist is closed. I have been doing this for awhile, since staying at home and working remotely for 2 months and never had vertigo as a result. I had a lot of ear problems as a child - many infections and a punctured ear drum. My dad used to blow cigarette smoke in my ear to ease the pain. It worked. I had motion sickness a lot also with my dad having to pull over the car so I could upchuck. I got the tinnitus thing also, perhaps from being way too close to the speakers at a Johnny Winter concert back in the 70’s. I remember I was just about over a cold and my ears were bothering me. They both rang after the concert and I ended up having constant ringing in my left ear since then. Maybe that was the one that had the punctured ear drum.

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Thanks for posting. My wife recently developed vertigo after COVID. A bit of research points to infllammation of the nerve that attaches to the inner ear (vestibular nerualgia). We are going to try the coils over the ears to see if it helps, but might also try the wrists like you mention. These are sporadic, so looking to help repair the nerves themselves, rather than just mitigate symptoms.

She also developed occipital neuralgia during the illness (electric shock-like headache pain in the head). We were able to stop that with B12 and the M1.

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