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TMS settings on the M1

There 2 TMS settings on the M1, are they inhibitory or stimulating? Or one is one thing and the other another thing?

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They are identical, except one has a 30-minute timer, the other a 60-minute timer. Their effects are unknown, they are entirely experimental, but they use the same patterns as clinical TMS, with much lower energy levels.


Hi @Bob,
the C5 manual shows the scTMS programs running on 10pps.
What is the difference of the scTMS compared to the 10pps-fixed-constant frequency protocol?

There is no difference other than the fact that the scTMS protocols have a time limit (30 or 60 minutes), based on the 30 or 60 minute limits on the clinical TMS systems.

Hi I was wondering if the scTMS protocol or any other protocol on a c5 or b5 will effect someone who has a vns ( vagus nerve stimulator) even if I use the highest intensity thank you

Well, it would be impossible to give a definitive “no” in answer to that question. But my opinion, based on thousands of reports and observations and my theoretical understanding of PEMF and tissue stimulators in general, based on my doctoral work in a physiology laboratory, and this being only my opinion, and not a statement of safety, nor efficacy, nor clinical advice:

I do not think the two devices would cause a negative interaction if both are used properly and are separated by adequate distance, which I would estimate to be about 6 inches.