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Thumb Pain

Hello! I’m thinking of getting an A 9 for my chronic thumb pain. I was wondering where the ideal placement might be/how to hold the coils around the thumb? I’m not sure if it’s referred pain of its actual pain there and I’ll experiment for sure but I’m definitely going to try to be more direct at first.

The pain might also be from two herniated disc in the C-4 through C6 region but I’m not sure.

Also does anybody have any recommendations on duration and intensity?

The main thing is that for fingers and toes, it generally does not work well to use the coils like a ring around a finger or toe. It’s better to sandwich fingers and toes (and hands and feet) between coils on opposite sides of the painful area, with the bumpy sides of both coils facing away from the skin.

I would start with our default settings:
Omni-8 (standard on the A9)
Intensity 9 or 10 (“H” setting on the A9)
Try each coil position strategy for at least 4 to 6 hours
Wear it daily for 6 to 8 hours, longer is possible.
Continue to wear it for a week or two after pain subsides to allow full tissue recovery and prevent recurrence (about 80% of the time)

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Thank you! I’m pretty sensitive to PEMF so I might start slower but I appreciate it! Unfortunately I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the injury back to 100% it’s a very old injury but even being able to function again would be amazing

I’ll probably post updates!

FWIW, all of the 20+ year old injuries I had that wouldn’t heal on their own (likely because of my collagen genes SNPs) have been fully repaired by my ICES PEMF M1 over these past several years. It’s been an incredible blessing.

If you are sensitive to PEMF, then you might want to start with low levels on our devices:
“L” on the A9
5 or 6 or 7 on the M1 and C5

Wow congratulations! Gosh I really hope I get so lucky! I’m hopeful but restrained? Hoping for the best but trying not to get my hopes up too much

Thank you! Thankfully turns out I’m not as sensitive as I have been to other PEMF devices, for some reason. How long would you say treatment takes before there is significant improvement/no pain? I know it varies from person to person but I just want an idea of what to shoot for before I start trying to do different coil locations?

I can tell it works in that the pain goes away after I use it but the pain also comes back quickly. Which is the problem I’ve had with other devices

Interesting: you might be less sensitive to our device because I have removed all of the extra useless potentially-harmful electromagnetic energy (99.8% reduction of total energy compared to typical PEMF devices). So, you might have been sensitive to the extra PEMF energy in typical crude devices.

For your pain, if you already have some reduction (temporary) that is a pretty good indication. Use it for as long as possible every day, at least 4 to 6 hours per day. It will become permanent faster the longer you use it every day.

I would expect longer and longer durations of pain relief for the next week or so, followed by a day within the next ~ 2 weeks where there is no return of pain. Continue to use the device for at least a week or two after the pain seems to have gone away entirely to allow the tissue to fully recover, and then you have about an 80% chance that the recovery is permanent.

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This is the same person I just couldn’t get into my old account.

Anyway I’ve unfortunately seem to have plateaued? The device helps get rid of the pain but as long as I don’t use my hand very much so it is progress but not as much as I need. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to upgrade to one of the other devices? I was thinking of the C5 because I think the problem might be multiple spots on my arm it just hurts most at my thumb.

The C5 would be a good choice if you want to use it for several (up to 4) different areas at the same time.

Is there also I need like different coil placements you would recommend?

Stacked coils, bumpy-side to bumpy side, placed directly over the point of greatest pain, is a good place to start.

Thank you! I’ll do that while I save up for the c5

Also if it helps this is where the pain is:

Also, in general, for fingers and toes, our ICES coils seem to be a logical fit by putting them on like a big rubber ring. But wearing them like that does not usually seem to work well. It’s better if you apply the coils over and under fingers and toes, sort of like a sandwich (bumpy sides out). That coil configuration generally has much better effects.

That’s what I’ve been doing, but, unfortunately, while it has helped it doesn’t seem to be enough? Do you think getting a C-5 would be the solution? Not terribly many coil configurations that can be done on the spot unfortunately

A C5 will definitely be helpful if you think it involves more different locations on your hand and arm. But more power at a single point (on your thumb) may not be as useful. We discussed the time required in the thread above, but in your case you might just need longer duration each day (or night) with daily use for a month or more. Sometimes I find that necessary for myself for hands and feet. Not usually, but from time-to-time.

Another thing to consider is that some people respond better to less power, so you might adopt the strategy of turning the intensity down a notch and extending your exposure time.

Some injuries and some people just take longer.

It’s frankly hard to tell if I would benefit more from focusing more on multiple locations or just my thumb? I know the problem extends from my neck to my arms to my hands but I also notice a difference when I treat the thumb itself.

I will definitely start wearing it when I sleep.

Do you guys have any payment plans for the devices?

All injuries seem to be different, and many seem to involve multiple underlying issues, so it is sometimes difficult to sort out what is best to do. The strategy that seems to work well is to try different coil placement strategies, keep a record of what you did and the response, then experiment a bit every few days to see what works well. When it does start to help noticeably better, the feeling is usually quite obvious, and then you might want to continue on with the strategy that seemed to give the most noticeable help.

This data logging app strategy might help:

Payment plans: I do not get involved in sales, payment or shipping, so you would have to contact FluxHealth sales b y the “contact us” email they give on the webstore page.

I’ll do that thank you again for answering all my questions!

I went ahead and bought the M1! It’s only been a few days so can’t say anything yet but I’ll keep you updated. Unfortunately, it does seem to give me a mild headache when I use it so I’m hoping that fades with me becoming accustomed to it. Is there any particular setting you would recommend for such a small and specific pain?