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Thoughts on PEMF Manufacturers

From Bob Dennis, owner of Micro-Pulse; I have a financial interest in the sale of PEMF devices, so please take that potential bias into account when considering my statements

Everyone wants to know: Which PEMF system is best? Which ones really work? These are reasonable questions, but there are not any clear answers as far as I know. Here is what I think:

Most modern PEMF manufacturers derive from only a few original research devices, but only one or two products are really based directly on real scientific research. The rest are just copies, pirated technology, put together by a group of business people who see a huge cash opportunity in the PEMF market. I can say this with certainty because I get royalty checks from NASA for my PEMF work in 1996-1999, and not one commercial therapeutic PEMF company pays for a license or technology transfer from NASA. If they did, I would know about it. They do not. Yet, all of these companies used to show images of launching space shuttles and the NASA logo, prominently displayed on their web sites, to add credibility to their PEMF products, claiming their PEMF was “proven NASA technology”… until NASA sent out a cease-and-desist letter to each of them demanding that all references to “NASA technology” be immediately removed from their websites in about 2014. As I have rights to the NASA technology (I invented it for them as a consultant and have rights and collect royalties), I believe I am the only person who could make such statements on their website, using NASA images. However, you will notice that I do not do this.

We could argue about this all day, but I have firm documentation, and those are the facts.

Other PEMF systems derive from research done in Russia, behind the Iron Curtain, beginning in the 1960’s and 1970’s. These were developed more or less in isolation from PEMF systems in the West. But basically, they work the same way, and they have been copied in the same way.

Even though these pirate companies generally did not develop PEMF with NASA, or any real scientific input, it appears that the biological effects of PEMF are reliable and universal enough that PEMF systems are actually pretty easy to make if you follow a few general guidelines. This is what has happened, and so, in my opinion, most of these pirated PEMF systems actually seem to work pretty well and they seem to have good biological effects. The quality of manufacture of some of them is excellent. After all, you don’t have to have invented the wheel to make a pretty good copy. So in a nutshell, in my opinion, that pretty well describes the spectrum of PEMF products on the market today: Mostly copies, mostly pretty good.

But asking the question “which one is best?” is like asking the question “which car is best?” Well, it depends on a number of factors and personal preference. I would say shopping for PEMF is a lot like shopping for a car. And, just for the record, I do not see it as my job to police the PEMF market and judge quality. My job is to raise the integrity of the entire PEMF field, and to push PEMF technology and products forward. Their job is to keep up, copy, compete, or fail in the marketplace. Eventually, this will result in competitive, low-cost, high-quality PEMF. That is my goal: to bring healthy competition into the market, and eventually to step aside when someone makes superior products at lower cost.

OK, great, so what PEMF product do you buy now? Well, you have to do your research, just like buying a car. Try (test drive) different PEMF systems if they are available in a clinic. Talk to people (such as on this forum). Look closely at the company itself. Do they use the tactics of high-pressure sales? Do they make irresponsible claims? Do they have good after-sale customer support? Do people (real customers, people you trust) really think their products have good value?

Since I cannot give the answers you need on this topic, we need honest input from many individuals on their experiences with many different types of PEMF. In the end, only individual consumers can decide: is the cost worth the benefit? Does the product have value? We will undoubtedly get a lot of trolling on this forum from some of the lower-integrity companies, pretending to be “very satisfied customers!” Some is entertainingly obvious. We are all adult enough to see right through the charlatans, privateers, and shills.

What we are looking for is as much information as you can share about your experiences with different PEMF systems. You can upload photos and documents as well as your text. The more detail you include, the better. You can come back later, edit your text to add more details, upload images, documents and test results, add helpful links, etc. Also, don’t forget to ask questions, because this will help people to share their observations and experiences that they may have forgotten to mention.

Share what worked well and had good value, but negative results are just as important as positive results!!! If you tried a PEMF system that did not work well, this experience would help other people too. People respond very differently and have different levels of sensitivity, so one product may work well for others, but not for you. What we need is a lot of different observations from many different people so that we can begin to see larger patterns and formulate general guidelines about which PEMF systems give the best value.


I own the PEMF 120 by Michael Davis. I have used it on horses and humans for the last 6 years. I have seen brilliant results over and over. I also own and use the MicroPulse and have recommended it to dozens of clients. I use the FlexPulse as well.

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Very tough question and as you say, not really an answer to it. The ICES devices i think are amazing for the power they can output with just a battery, and the size makes them great for wearing. The sota pulsar is a very reasonably priced paddle device that can produce 6000 Guass (centre of the coil) when it pulses 1 time every 5 seconds, half that when you pulse once per second. This device is said to create an electrical charge across cell membranes but also was designed to disable pathogens in deep tissues and there are a LOT of testimonials about this.

My large spark gap system is amazing and I have personally seen RSI injuries go in one session, and improvements of immobile shoulder joints in just 10 minutes that are astounding. You can almost use it diagnostically because you 'feel " an area light up (only way i can describe it) where there in injury or inflammation. The Russians like to use travelling fields and i have a very basic, very cheap but effective device called the Almag-01 that I believe is a better buy than most very expensive low power mats and it costs around $200.

In summary, I would say the large spark gap unit is worth its weight in gold because it can be so effective but is out of the price range of many which is why i use it with clients at a reasonable cost. Also, due to the high amount of money involved there is a history scam artists in the high power machine world BE CAREFUL.

ICES devices is a great and affordable devices, wearable and asking at one point if I he was offering wholesale prices so I could purchase and sell here in the UK, he told me he was looking into the situation but really wanted to make these devices affordable for the public and didnt want people having to pay more than they should. So I know he is genuine.
Sota is another stand up company, I have spoken to the owner Russ a lot, he has been very generous with his time. I would say he is 100% a genuine man and company. I have stayed away from the mats, they are so expensive.
Magnawave - these are distributors of various machines re branded mostly high powered. I am flying over to meet them this month and hope to work with them. They seem very genuine, and well set up to support customers (massively important for these machines) and they have newer digital high power machines that are coming down in price from $20,000 to $6-$7000 still high but moving the right way. You just need to use them a little longer. e.g. 20 to 30 minutes where the higher power machines might need 10 to 15 minutes.

I do wonder if we loose some biological effect when they power come down.

All, please do let me know if i go on too much. I have a tenancy NOT to be very concise. If you moan at me ill make more of an effort :wink:


Actually I think that answer has about the right amount of detail to be helpful, thanks.

I have been focusing on very light, portable, affordable, low-energy PEMF because there was a need in the market, and as far as I can tell it appears that is the correct form of PEMF for people 93.5% of the time. About 6 or 7% of the time, they need something more, but based on my experience, most people do not and would not benefit from the extra energy saturation (or expense).


Would you comment on the Tennant biomodulator, a low power, pemf device?
How would you compare it to ICES?
Do you or anyone here have experience with it or know someone who did?

They claim to remove emotional blockages as well.
“To erase the aberrant magnetic fields caused by negative emotions, Tennant applies a stronger magnetic field using his Biomodulator, which not only can transfer electrons but also put out a variety of waveforms, including scalar energy.”

Thank you


I generally don’t comment on most of these other PEMF devices, but just this once…
Ask yourself, do you really think negative emotions generate negative magnetic fields?
If that makes sense to you, maybe his device will help you. But so far as I know, and I have been wrong in the past so maybe I am wrong this time, magnetism does not work that way at all.


The digital ones for the Magnawave sound interesting.

I remember researching the ringer types and that sounded interesting, too.

Okay, I have been using the ICES for a while now and have healed from so many things.

I got the Sota and have used it multiple times daily for a few weeks. What I will say is that I like the sensation of the Sota. It gets warm and that feels nice. I am comparing it to a M-1. and the Sota is more generalized in sensation compared to the M-1.

The Sota has a different 'beginning" for me. With the ICES, by the time a few weeks had past, I had already gotten rid of pain from my foot, ankle, knee, back and shoulder. With the Sota, I don’t have a testimonial yet at all after a few weeks, but it feels nice. The Sota isn’t good for sleep and isn’t good for brains, so it isn’t as versatile, but it genuinely feels good all over. It makes me want a C-5 to see what it would feel like to have my whole body receive PEMF at the same time. The Sota doesn’t do that either, but it really does half of my body and it is a handle, so instead of wearing it, you move it around and that wouldn’t be convenient at work, but it is pretty nice in my recliner. When the top of my body is pulsating nicely, I move it to my knees.

It doesn’t make as many clicking sounds, and that is nice, too. It shuts off after each cycle and that means you have to press a button to do the next cycle, which is nice as a way of knowing time has passed because it has so much magnetism that I don’t dare have my cell phone or my credit cards around versus the M-1, which I can basically function normally. The Sota needs designated time and requires me to be mentally with it enough to make sure my wallet and cell phone and computers are far enough away.

The Sota warms up, which is nice, but it warms up to being too warm to touch by the end of the second cycle, so it isn’t something you can use for long time periods at a time. By the Summer, I won’t even be able to use 2 cycles because it would be too much to have it directly on my skin. I am still in long sleeve shirts and pants and it gets warm enough through those that when I tried to do a 3rd cycle, I had to use it through a blanket.

I still don’t know if it will have biological effects, but it is genuinely comforting. That is an odd spot to be. I guess that it makes this post premature, but I feel like I want to post it because of how quickly the M-1 worked for me, including for things like sleep. Sota does NOT help with sleep AT ALL. The Sota is less sexually arousing, which was nice when I wanted to use it on the bottom half of my body. With the M-1, I have to turn it way down and still can get aroused. That tells me that waveform might be involved in that. Just a thought because comfort and heat don’t do it.

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Sorry for adding in the sexual arousal comment, if anyone feels offended. I am saying it because it came up during the Ampcoil discussion because their device shows it being used in lovemaking and that came up when I was trying to figure out how to not get aroused at work all day long with the M-1.

I have continued using the Sota and it does become too hot in the hotter weather and I am thinking that it is going to raise my electric bill.

I still don’t have a testimonial, but it does feel good - the same way putting a heating pad or going to a spa feels.

I wish I knew whether it did something at a biological level.

I like it, but I don’t mentally have a concept of what it might do.

Curatron has one maybe similar which they say is good for pain and they have another with the waveforms which is good for healing.

I am wondering if that is true for the Sota.

Has anyone ever used it and had it heal something?

I feel like the ICES has healed thing after thing, but I do feel like the Sota is more comforting and comforting over a larger part of the body and at the same time less overstimulating in ways that you could use it for things like hemorrhoids or something and not have it be intrusive. And less clicking is nice.

I am wondering if the burst would wreck the waveform if the Sota and ICES were used together? I feel like my friend would feel more comforted faster if she used the Sota, but would get more healing faster if she used the ICES.

I don’t know if both together would add or whether it would just cause their nonwaveform to interfere with the ICES waveform.

From what I have seen, based on my testing: S*** is just 1970’s PEMF technology, low slope (so it will not “click”) and long pulse (highly inefficient, which is why it gets warm), so, basically, in my opinion, it is more or less like an AC heating pad. Several other PEMF authorities agree with me, and point out that most people do not really see a benefit from it.

I am not suggesting it does nothing. Maybe some people do see a meaningful benefit. But I would like to point out that the level of technology in that product should be priced at the cost of a good-quality heating pad: $29 - $39, approximately, IMHO. Unfortunately, when some products get erroneously re-labeled as “PEMF”, even though they are not, the price goes up by a factor of 10 or more, usually. Caveat Emptor.


I have owned the Sota mag pulser for 13 years along with the all 4 bob beck protocol tools. I never got any feeling it was helping me so I quit using it many years ago. Coincidentally when I started an intensive study of pemf about 3 months ago, I started up with my sota mag pulser again and thought I may have been feeling some benefit but I did not feel charged as I do with ices. Prior to getting the M1, I tried a session on the HUGO pemf , a high power pemf device endorsed by Tony Robbins. I felt a massive charge from that in a 12 min session which contracted my diaphragm muscle area with each pulse from the full body unit in which you are sandwiched between 6 foot coils that surround your entire body. The effect from that lasted days and I felt overwhelmed by it. Then I received the M1 and haven’t tried either of them again .

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This is generally how people report their experience with S***. My technical opinion: the waveform is incorrect, based on 1970’s technology and 1960’s science.

I know less about H*** PEMF, but my understanding is that it may be way over-powered. I would be very cautious with that kind of PEMF. If you have any deleterious effects from ultra-low powered PEMF, then that would be about 1000 X worse.


Hi, I have not long been back from seeing Doctor Tennant over in Texas for the second time and I own the bio modulator and transducer. I can tell you that i had some infected teeth removed 5 years ago after his advice was that these were the cause of my particular eye issue 95% of the time. I had 2.5 years free of the Uveitis, but unfortunately it come back. Since i last saw him, Dr Tennant has improved his methods and now believes that emotions are stored in the body as magnetic fields as you say. If its not an infection in the tooth, he believes its an emotion. He is getting some amazing results with his methods too.

There are lots of therapies out there that believe this and I wouldn’t have given any of them a second thought to be honest if i had not heard it from Dr Tennant. he used a newer version of the transducer to remove what he said was a blocked emotion . The amazing thing is that i assumed I had a hidden infection again as when i use my high power PEMF device over a certain area on my face it always ‘lights up’ but cone beam scans have shown no sign of infection.
From looking at some test results i had done for the meridian system in my pre assessment at his office, he walked up to me before saying anything, put his fingers on the exact spot and said… “this will be easy” i couldn’t believe it. Only time will tell if what he done worked.

Some of what he does now would be VERY hard for most people to believe, he has connected the dots from the work of many people before him, and come up with his theory on how the body works, first and foremost, via voltage.

He is 79 next month and still improving his knowledge and practices on almost a daily basis. Remember he was a very mainstream Ophthalmologist and done 90% of the research to get Lasix? eye laser surgery FDA approved. He is highly decorated for his mainstream work as an ophthalmologist too which gives me confidence in what he does, even if some of it seems ‘out there’
I recommend his latest book and his many YouTube videos, the one called The Physics of emotions might be fitting to have a watch of.


Thank you for your honest response.

Yes, so far, it feels good, but I don’t sense benefit. I would put it more beneficial than a heating pad though. Meaning it is like a heating pad which warms your whole body. People who feel cold all of the time would love it. It genuinely feels nice, but I have been using it every day and can’t see what is happening and that is the opposite of using the ICES. WIth the ICES, all the way up through my recent use on the brain, I could give testimonials. This one, I can just say “It feels good.”


Thank you for sharing about your Sota experience and about your HUGO experience. Yes, I already got pretty overwhelmed with the ICES when I had the power full-blast.

I want whole body and I want depth, but I don’t need more power. I would just be turning it down anyway.

Interestingly though, the Sota is much higher gauss, but it feels gentle. It just isn’t worth the price if it isn’t going to do anything.


I can hear what you are saying. He was a very mainstream Opthamologist is accurate and that means that he was highly intelligent and capable of going through all of that education.

My concern is that he went through a brain problem and I say that as someone who also went through a brain problem and who watched a stroke researcher who went through a brain problem and all 3 of us suddenly had these “profound connective insights” the stroke researcher entered Nirvana and even after finding out that it was a stroke and being treated for a stroke in the part of the brain which being damaged caused the “nirvana” symptoms, her “conclusions” are that people need to experience it for themselves and she still hasn’t realized that it is that she damaged her brain. I do realize it about myself. The profound insights that I had blow me away still and yet it is some super spiritual connection not based on anything. I solved Vincent van Gogh’s ear without any resources at all and it still makes me laugh how much more sense my brain damaged theory makes than all of the other theories I have heard. I had to back up from a sense of “feeling like I made a profound discovery” and recognize that there are experiences like that.

I watched his videos. 2 of them and he started off telling a seriously fascinating story of something jumping out of the eye of someone and up his nostril and damaging his brain and if I were talking face to face with him, I would want to start with how he figured out which patient had something jump out of their eye and up his nostril? How does he know it didn’t come from touching something with his hand, for instance?

The thing is, he didn’t give the scientists and he didn’t give the studies, which proved the whole thing about emotions. Which study proved that emotions are magnetic fields. The thing is I can point to people like the guy who wrote Dianetics and he just wrote all of these complicated theories, but he took a bet in the natural that he could form a religion.

Again, I don’t want to put the man down, but he jumped from something flying up his nose to teeth are circuit breakers and he didn’t say, “The Buddhists believe” or “This study showed” or any kind of legitimate process.

There might be studies in his book, but he skipped his own recovery and he skipped the science and studies which taught him things and just started saying it.

He looked at pH and got a revelation. He didn’t say and then I did experiments and they proved something.

Again, that is his communication style, but it also is what makes it hard to know if his revelation is real or not.

Bob had a revelation and if you look at his videos, you see petri dishes and bones missing pieces, etc. If you listen to Bob’s stroke recovery story, it is way more oriented in the process of recovery.

I want to hear that the man studied electromagnetism after he left his practice and took classes about circuit breakers and whatever.

Plus, I ended up watching another woman from another country and she is doing almost the same teaching and neither of them mention each other and neither mention where their thoughts about emotions being magnetic fields comes from.

She has a back story of how she discovered it though and he never shared that.

Here’s the thing though

Emotions are related to hormones, for instance, ask any woman. They are finding in studies that depression is related to inflammation. So mood is related to biological processes and I don’t want to say that they can’t be both related to neurotransmitters and electromagnetism.

How does he differentiate between decreasing emotions related to decrease stress causing a decrease in cortisol, for instance versus having the emotions be in the electromagnetism?

I am saying that he is using cause and effect and form without proof.

He made a sentence which was something like when you do one root canal, there is a 63% drop in your immune system. That is a very big sentence, but he didn’t say, “As evidenced by a drop in ………………” (insert T-Cells or whatever dropped by 63%) He also didn’t say what happens when you have 3 or 4 root canals. Or when people lose most of their teeth or all of them.

He didn’t quote PubMed even once.

I want him to use at least SOME science. For instance, if emotions are what is being held, then what is it about inflammation, which causes depression and what is it about lowering inflammation, which cures depression?

That is where you can use the PEMF to lower the inflammation and that effects emotions and inflammation is scientifically relevant to uveitis, but it may well be the inflammation causing BOTH the emotions and the uveitis and he isn’t doing a thorough enough process to add that in.

While he was in the middle of severe brain problems, he was getting revelation and it was outside of his expertise in the field of Ophthalmology and I don’t know his expertise and understanding of things like circuit breakers and that becomes harder to judge him as capable of knowing the science well enough to be right.

Plus, he is getting to an age where people can be “off” even when they are brilliantly intelligent.

I want to hear scientists backing up the teeth as a circuit breaker and I want to know who taught him that. He is skipping over that part.


There are a few things here. I can see you have taken a peek into his world but if you really want to know how he has come to his conclusions you really need to read his books. In previous videos he has given much more detail but he has been doing this for around 20 years now, he is 78 and when he does these presentations he has limited time. His presentations were much slower and quite monotone previously, so he has sped them up a bit and leaves out details that people can ask in breakout sessions or after his presentation.

with regards to a few of your points…

the virus that entered his mask was released while he was teaching 3000 other ophthalmologists how to do the laser surgery. I believe standards on masks that are worn were changed after his incident… (if i remember correctly)

I understand the concerns with brain injury and with regards to his age but no one could fix him. He fixed his self after a friend recommended he go see a doctor in mexico. From there he has continually improved his theories right or wrong… and he does admit where he has it wrong, and he is seen as a brilliant many mainstream and so called alternative professionals. He has won multiple awards since doing this work so if is bonkers… he has a lot of people fooled. don’t forget he is not only putting these pieces together, he is still running a very busy integrative practice and getting stunning results. I have personally spoken to over 30 of his patients and they all had amazing stories having used his methods.

You wont hear him quote pubmed much as he tries to get people to “think like an electrician” which is very very hard for most people, especially for doctors to do. He is trying to make his teachings easy so people can use his principles themselves and practitioners can begin using his methods. for this reason you will hear some broad statements some times. But talk to him personally and he will give you all the detail you need.

he trains people in a basic course and a master class a few times per year, I dont the basic course 5 years ago, i might go again in December if I can, with a view to do the master class next year. There is where you hear the nitty gritty.

If Doctor Tennants brain is what an aging, damaged brain looks like, then ill take one now never mind at 79 lol

If his work resonates with you look further into him. If you can’t get your head around the lack of pubmed quotes and details then forget him and move on :slight_smile: