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Thoughts on Brain Injury and Neurodegenerative Diseases

[From Bob Dennis, owner of Micro-Pulse and co-owner of Cortical Metrics; I have a financial interest in the sale of PEMF devices and the Brain Gauge, so please take that potential bias into account when considering my statements]

Many people have talked to me about using PEMF for brain and CNS injury. We (Mark Tommerdahl, PhD, Bill Pawluk MD, and I) have conducted an IRB-approved study, and evaluated the results using a Brain Gauge to test changes in cortical function.

You can read about the study on TBI and PEMF here:

The protocol that was used in the study WAS NOT the optimal protocol… that is not how science works. It was a simplified protocol to allow statistical evaluation with a minimum number of variables. Please DO NOT fixate on repeating the protocol exactly. The study should NOT be viewed as exact, optimized, or approved medical advice. It was merely a pilot study to show if there are any benefits for the use of PEMF with TBI.

In my scientific opinion, the study shows that PEMF can have dramatic benefits for TBI, which was clinically significant, was not improving, and was not responsive to other forms of treatment.

But this does suggest that it might be worth considering the use of PEMF if all other options have been exhausted and there is no medical contraindication for the use of PEMF. I am not a clinician, so I cannot give advice for your specific needs.

I have been working with an excellent clinician who can give specific clinical advice on the use of PEMF as a part of a much more comprehensive plan for people with neurological conditions. If you need clinical advice, this is the person to talk to.

Dr. Michael Johnson is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist who has been in private practice since 1983. Dr. Johnson is available for clinical consultations to ensure the most effective use of ICES-PEMF for specific conditions. This is professional clinical consulting, so there is a fee associated with his services. To obtain his fee schedule, you can email Dr. Johnson at drj@ohstemcell.info

Dr. Johnson generally recommends that EVERYONE also does Brain Gauge testing for at least 3-6 months to get a picture of what needs to be addressed, how things are progressing, and quantifying the clinical outcome. This may require you to purchase a Brain Gauge, which is offered at a very reasonable price on our web store. I really do not want to turn this into an advertisement, but this is the resource we have developed for people to help them take control of their brain health:


Dr. Johnson also offers consulting support for clinicians who wish to learn about his clinical approaches. He has a message board at www.txfibro.com. He offers a free month on the message board, so any interested clinician should contact his staff person, Emily, at johnsonsupergroup@gmail.com

NOTE: If any other clinician wishes to offer advice or consulting or other services in this forum, and it is relevant to the use of PEMF, they can state their offer in a comment anywhere in this forum. I would generally only recommend them myself if I have been working with them and I am convinced they are helping people. In the case of Dr. Johnson, I am familiar with the spectacular results of his work. My advice is that you check out his videos on YouTube and see for yourself.

My closing thoughts on PEMF for brain injury: First, I believe the scientific data is clear and PEMF may be very helpful where other things fail. I also mentioned several products and services in this post, but I did so because I believe these can be very helpful to people who need it, and because the technologies I have been involved with are affordable and are intended to be used in the home. These technologies (Brain Gauge and Micro-pulse ICES-PEMF) allow out-patient, at-home monitoring and daily use. This would allow most people to interact with a knowledgeable clinician while taking control of their daily health from almost anywhere, without being physically tied to one location. If someone has a better solution, I am all for it.

What we are looking for is as much information as you can share about your condition, how you used PEMF, and the results you observed. You can upload photos and documents as well as your text. The more detail you include, the better. You can come back later, edit your text to add more details, upload images, documents and test results, add helpful links, etc. Also, don’t forget to ask questions, because this will help people to share their observations and experiences that they may have forgotten to mention.

Share what worked and how you did it, but negative results are just as important as positive results!!! If you tried something that did not work well, this experience would help other people too. People respond very differently and have different levels of sensitivity, so something may work well for others, but not for you. What we need is a lot of different observations from many different people so that we can begin to see larger patterns and formulate general guidelines about what is likely to be helpful, what is likely to be wrong, which options should be explored, and which options can be avoided.

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I have been using the MicroPulse ICES after serious brain issues. Are we supposed to just comment right here, clicking the reply button? Laughing. Some of us who are recovering from brain issues and who are older generation don’t understand websites like this yet. I don’t know whether to type things here or wait for someone else to show me where to do it.


Yup, you can comment and reply right here. This is what people will see. I have asked the administrator to keep all comments open for editing, so you can come back later change or delete anything you need to. Only you can edit your comments, no one else can. Just click on the little pencil icon below your comment to open it for editing.


Based on these findings, couldn’t 24/7 low-intensity PEMF be used to help those that have been on a coma for years?

Well, honestly I do not know. I have never heard of anyone trying this. Coma could be due to numerous causes, and PEMF many not be helpful for some of them, or any of them.

I am searching for LOCATION of DYSFUNCTION via the BRAIN GAUGE… has anyone put this chart together ???


They are studying Deep Brain Stimulation for people who are in a comatose state.

Here is a study on coma and TMS.

Here is another one.

Does Brain Gage provide these brain maps with testing ?