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Success! Intense Gallbladder Pain Relief

so my mother has been suffering from chronic gallbladder pain and inflammation for over 10 years. Unfortunately in the last year it became much worse. From time to time the pain is torturing her so relentlessly that we have to take her to the hospital. In fact, the doctors wanted to surgically remove her gallblader but the pandemic made it impossible.

Thankfully I discovered the world of PEMF. I got my M1 delivered about three weeks ago. And today I had an opportunity to experience its power.

Just a couple hours ago my mom got an intense gallbladder attack and was in tremendous pain. I immediately used Schumann 4 and intensity 9.

Within 10 minutes THE PAIN WAS GONE !!!

The immediate relief in her face made me very happy and I thank God for ICES! So yeah, ladies and gentlemen, this device truly works. I’ll make sure to tell everyone about this amazing technology. Highly recommended.


Excellent! Thanks for passing that along to all of us.

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It looks like I am having gallbladder pain. How is your mother doing? Thanks in advance!

glad to hear there was initial success in using to help with the pain. as miraculous and surprising the results are upon initial use, like any good habit the consistent benefits and gains come from regular and consistent use. hopefully things are going well for you mom. as we age, we will always have to deal with some degree of pain and inflammation… hopefully the continued use of pemf is helping out for such incidences!