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RLS and Reflux

Totally gets rid of my restless leg syndrome and acid reflux. I use my M1 every night.


How are you using it (coil placement, setting) for acid reflux?

works for me too, especially when combined with magnesium.

I use Omni 8 power of 10. I place them side by side at the highest point of my abdomen. You can use a tight fitting t-shirt or vet wrap to hold them in place.

@Rose @Bob Does your RLS return if you don’t use Micro Pulse at night? Aside from diet I’ve been using mine to gradually get rid of my RLS permanently while I’m awake and I rarely sleep with mine for any reason anymore.

It does come back. It is so much better than it used to be. I still have to use 2 to 3 times per week. I usually wait until it wakes me up. It stops the RLS within 10 minutes after I apply the M1.

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In my case, magnesium (threonate and citrate) alone were somewhat helpful. They would reduce the RLS, but only when I took them daily. When I added PEMF, the problem seemed to be entirely reduced and after a few days it has never returned. Now, I take magnesium daily but do not need PEMF to keep the RLS at bay. It is hard to say for certain, but for me I think it was the combination.