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Regarding chronic headache/Migraine and ICES pemf

Did any one use ICES pemf for chronic headache/migraine? Did you use it to abort the headache episode or to use it on daily basis to prevent the headaches? Which ICES model did you use, A9 or M1? Where did you place the coils? I will really appreciated to share your experiences, thanks

I have since learned that M1 Alpha Power 15 with stacked coils on exactly where I feel the headache (typically a temple) will stop it within 15 minutes.


my wife gets migraines… have never tried above 10 stacked for her… will try next time thx!

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I have found it pretty good for headaches/migraines. I used the slash because it has just come to my attention that my headaches (that make me :face_vomiting:) are actually migraines brought on by weather changes.
I wear a toque on my head and tuck the coils up under it. Then as the areas of pain change I move it around. I suspect that the areas of pain change because I get rid of the worst area and then the next area becomes more noticeable.:blush:

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Do you use it at the time of headache episode to abort the headache or you use it on daily basis to prevent the headache? Which area of the head you put the coils? Thanks

I use it as soon as I notice the headache. Sometimes I get the headache when I am asleep and when I get up that is when I notice it and it makes me nauseous.

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I actually use the A9 (I also have an M1) and use it on low power.

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I am taking a lot of inspiration from this thread. One of my main problems in my life is severe headaches that occur at least two or three times per month and can last two or three days.

Please let us know how the ICES PEMF A9 or M1 works for you. I sincerely hope you can have relief from the headaches.

so this is my first week that I’ve had, about 6 days so far. And I’m seeing progress. I had a bad headache developing last night. Slept with coils on R and L temple. It was improved. This morning I’ve been using the deep coil on my temple for an hour or so, then my forehead. So far, slowly, I’m seeing improvment.

Last week required ibuprofen several times. But so far, not this week.

That sounds promising. Anecdotally, in my experience if I crank up to 15, it helps me stop headaches quicker than using power 9. I usually never use power 15 otherwise - typically 9 or 8 or 7 on my body. I hope you, too, can avoid ibuprofen for headaches. In my experience, it really impacted negatively my gut microbiome. Please keep us posted.

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thank you – 15 it is. I’m using OMNI 8 – is that your suggestion?

I found Alpha 15 to be the fastest at wiping out my headaches. Takes about an hour for me.

got it, thank you. I’ll try Alpha at 15. I’m wearing it all day, the deep coil on the C5. I am moving it around. It is making the headache tolerable.

Edited to add:

Spent all night Omni 8 one coil on each temple. Spent most of the day (10 or more hours) with deep coil (the double stacked coil) on the C5, at Omni 8 or Alpha 15.

The headache is majorly better. I took a few aspirin and it is okay. That wasn’t happening before. The headaches are much better, already, or I would need to have taken ibuprofen and even then it would be bad.

So this is a great improvement already.

My question to you is: do you continue prophylactically to do this headache stuff even if you don’t get headaches anymore? Thanks

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Getting good results @TajD

Not gone completely but much better. I can see how this will lead to a complete cure. It is amazing.

I slept with the A9 on medium with a fresh battery, one coil on each temple. Woke up with a small headache and not a really bad one. The deep field coil with the C5 helped to make it retreat.

I’m going to continue with this until it is completely gone. I took 2 aspirin yesterday and that was all I needed, which is unusual as even ibuprofen wasn’t working that well.

Completely gone.

I am so pleased. The question will be, how to maintain this headache free condition. If I can, I can resume activities that were limiting me for many years.

@RealThing That’s terrific - so glad you have found relief using ICES PEMF. What amazes me is I have spent too much money trying supplements; ICES PEMF on a value and results basis has shifted my body to better outcomes and therefore is hundreds if not thousands times more affordable from an ROI perspective in my experience ;). Grateful for @Bob and iCES PEMF.

While your reasons for headaches are completely different, these are the reasons I got headaches (either individually or together):

  1. eating anything with gluten in the USA (whereas no issue with eating gluten containing products while in Europe)
  2. my body had significant toxic load from endotoxemia (gut dysbiosis with high levels of LPS), copper poisoning and aspergillus mold poisoning,
  3. I didn’t drink anything until the afternoon and was dehydrated
  4. didn’t get enough sleep more than a couple nights in a row

I have addressed each of the 4 main causes at a pretty high degree of detail and now don’t have headaches any more. I did accidentally eat gluten a month ago (why would a company put gluten in green salsa other than to be cheap and thicken it?) and got a headache and @Bob 's ICES PEMF got rid of it thankfully.

That’s very interesting. I think there are triggers for me, but I have been getting headaches without triggers, or very minor triggers, for many years. I had headaches even as a small child.

The headaches were getting worse and worse over the past year.

So this is really good for me so far. I’ve had many other promising modalities though, and the jury is still out on this one but I”ll continue to update on my progress.

This is so great that you all can make intelligent progress on this problem of headache.

You have no idea how incredible this is for me, so far!