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Protocols for nervous system?

Are there particular M1 protocols that might well suited for the nervous system improvement?

I have recently discovered that while I have the M1 on my right foot (Omni 8 - level 8) that overall body strength is increased for all strength exercises. I estimate a strength increase of 5-8% while wearing the M1 versus not. In addition, if I have someone gently pull on my right leg back and forth the it becomes more normal like my left leg. This immediately changes if I turn the M1 off.

35 years ago I had a bone fusion surgery in my foot. There is almost no supination or pronation ability. The foot is very stiff and has pain that comes and goes. For a couple years I have been using a grounding pad when I sleep. This has helped the general foot pain and function since doing that. Over the last several months I have found wearing the M1 on my foot for an hour or two a day has further increased my right foot’s function and pain issues. I suspect I build a lot of inflammation daily from the foot and the grounding and M1 helps remove that.

It was only in the last couple weeks that I noticed a direct strength increase during strength training while having the M1 on. I’ve tested it multiple times now where I warmup an take a hard first set with it off. Then do a second set a few minutes later with the M1 on and strength is up every time on every exercise whether it be a leg, chest, back of arm exercise.

Now I’m interested in testing various intensities and protocols. I’m curious if there are certain protocols that have been more helpful for the nervous system?

Since there are 30 protocols I’d like to pair down some of the testing options.

Perhaps I should not consider this a nervous system issue?

this is extremely interesting, thanks. It may be less a nerve tissue issue than a neuro-inflammation issue or general inflammation. Studies from the early 1970’s show clearly that about 35% 40 40% of initial strength increases are due simply to improvements in motor control, so it is probable that some aspects of your strength increases are neuro-motor in nature.

I do not know that any specific protocol would work best, but I would cycle through a few as you experiment:
Schumann 4 or 5
Alpha Wave

Keep in mind that many people respond better at medium intensities rather than high intensities. Generally 8 - 10 seems to work best for most people. Some people get measurably less benefit when they use higher intensity.

Thanks Bob. Neuro inflammation makes a lot of sense.

I go to an alternative medicine practitioner and he thinks there is a direct connection between my right foot and my right cerebellum. If using the PEMF on right right foot really helps overall body strength then there could be something too that.

I’ll try those protocols. I may also try some fixed protocols too. In my testing I’m currently using weights that cause me to fail in 8 to 15 reps. This means my sets only last 20-60 seconds. I’m not sure how long some of the protocol take to cycle through but I wonder if certain frequencies may be better during my 20-60 second time period.

Regarding the intensity I also want to test those too. Mostly I have used level 8. Last night I did a brief test with level 15 and level 5. It’s early on but I’m thinking level 5 was better.

I’ll be testing for a few months and report back here what I find along the way. I encourage anyone else that want to try something similar to give it a shot. Places where a major surgery was done seems like a good option to test as the invasiveness of a surgery could lead to ongoing inflammation from that area.

Bob, I had a few questions for you duration of specific frequencies of certain protocols. Because my testing is only a short period I’m prioritizing protocols the have 1 frequency or a tight range of frequencies. My testing usually occurs in the first 5 minutes that I have turned on the M1. From what I heard you mention about the Schumann protocols it sounds like they all use Schurmann 1 for the first 5 minutes.

Initial testing so far shows Alpha working a little better than Schumann1 which worked a fair bit better than Omni 8 and Omni 8 was quite a bit better than nothing for max strength.

I’ve only done just a little intensity testing and for Alpha level 9 was slightly better for me than 8 and 10 and a fair bit better than level 5.

For the protocols like alpha, beta 1, 2, 3, delta, theta, mu and SMA I see the complete cycle time on the card but I’m curious how long they stay on one frequency before changing? For example, does alpha stay on 10 Hz for a fixed time and then progress to 11 hz followed by 12 and finally 13 or some other complete different progression?

Thanks again.

For the protocols like alpha, beta 1, 2, 3, delta, theta, mu and SMA, the frequencies change according to a small-step digital ramp in both directions: the smallest step possible up or down for the duration required to rise and fall over the frequency range specified for the cycle time specified. There are not major step changes in any of the frequencies for these protocols, which further proves, as has been convincingly demonstrated many times, that precise, specific frequencies, such as those that would be involved in things such as “resonance”, are entirely unimportant for PEMF.

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