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Protocol for Bone fracture

I have fractured 5th metatarsal bone.

From a study, too much PEMF dosage inhibit bone healing.

what is the protocol of wearing the A9 model

Should I wear it several hours per day or just limited time

thank you

There is no specific protocol, every person responds somewhat differently. But, based on a lot of feedback over the past few years, this seems to be the best approach:

Using the model A9:
Start with the intensity set to “H” (not necessarily the highest, “X”)
Make sure to have a freshly-charged battery
Make sure the coils are firmly plugged in all the way
Test the coils at first and occasionally using the hexagonal coil tester

Try two different coil configurations, each for a day or so:
1- coils touching each other side-by-side, bumpy sides of both coils facing away from the skin. Place the point where the coils touch directly over the point of greatest pain.
2- Stack the coils, bumpy sides of each coil together, and place them directly over the area of greatest pain
3- Sandwich the foot between the coils, each coil bumpy side away from the skin, with the coils on opposite sides of the painful area.

Hold the coils in place with whatever works for you: ace bandage, sock, foot-stabilizing wrap…

Use the A9 every day or at night for at least 6 to 8 hours. Longer is better if you can.

Replace the battery with a fully-charged one every 3 to 4 hours for best results.


I’m sorry to hear of your fracture. I also suffered a couple of fractures (hip and clavicle) in early Nov 2020, so I’m closely monitoring any bone related discussions :slight_smile:

So, you made the comment that “From a study, too much PEMF dosage inhibit bone healing”, what study is that, could you point me to it, please? I’d like to read up on it and adjust my treatment if need be. I’ve been using PEMF 16-20 hours a day on my hip since a few days after the surgery and at the 8 week mark the surgeon gave me the all clear for 100% weight bearing and progress to walking free of aids at my earliest convenience. So, I’m under the impression that I’m healing at a very good rate :slight_smile:

Please refer to my post regarding the hip/clavicle post I did here to learn what PEMF treatment I’ve been using.

Best of luck on your recovery!

Denis (aka DIG)

I have never changed my batteries at 3-4 hours in the A9. I’ve always just worn it for the day. On H the batteries last 10-12 hours. Is there really a significant change in output or field strength when the battery is less than 1/2 full?

It is mostly a function of the battery. Batteries are crude chemical reactors that, when you test them, can vary by a huge amount, sometimes by as much as 50 to 100% in their performance.

But typically there is some performance reduction, maybe 10-20% after 3 or 4 hours. but batteries that last very long can indicate that the electrical load is low. This may indicate that your coils are broken, so I suggest you test them using the hexagonal tester.

If your coils are working well, then you just probably have a very good battery.