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Plantar Fasciitis recovery with ICES

I waited to report this until I was sure.

I’m a runner who got Plantar 12 months ago from walking around barefoot all the time. Pain varied from moderate to stabbing pain, making it difficult to walk. I tried all the standard treatments: 3 kinds of night braces, 3 kinds of stretching, etc., etc. with no improvement – in fact they may have made it worse at times. Ice packs helped with pain but relief lasted only a few hours.

4 months ago I started using both an A9 on max for 2-4 hours per day and also a 1 watt low level laser for 3 minutes each on 3 spots. I am now 90-95% pain free and have resumed my running regimen for the first time in a year: 4 x 50 yard, full speed uphill sprints (high intensity training).

To be fair, I don’t know if it was the A9 or the laser (or both) that fixed the Plantar, but I was too impatient to do only one or the other and not running was driving me nuts during this wonderful COVID fiasco.

haha that’s awesome! i know what you mean…i don’t have the patience to see what treatment is most effective when it comes to my own health and convenience. it’s more important to be functional than finding out which is more effective!

glad you’re back to running :+1:t4:

Yup! Though I think I noticed as I slowly increased the duration of treatment and intensity of the A9 from low to max that I saw more changes. The laser I kept fairly constant cause you def don’t want to over treat with a laser even if it’s just one watt (infra-red, btw).

That is great! Thanks for sharing. Would you mind posting a link to the laser you purchased? I am making steady progress on mine with ICES PEMF as well.

This is excellent feedback. The most important things are:

1- You found good relief


2- You were clear about what you tried, so others could replicate it.

This is exactly the kind of real-world strategy people use, that are not captured well at all by over-simplified and reductionist academic science. I would say you (and others) should try different combinations and deletions, and eventually converge in on what works. But I would say here is a very good chance it is a synergy, with the best effects achieved when using both LLL and ICES-PEMF. But at least you have found something that works for you.


Don’t overlook calcium and magnesium. They both have different sources, so you may have to experiment. I found (when I could lift), that plain old calcium carbonate worked and also plain magnesium citrate worked well for me. (If you OD on the magnesium, you’ll need to be very close to the commode.)

I’ve taken magnesium and calcium for years, among other things. Did nothing for the Plantar. I only started improving after I decided to do the ICES and laser daily and the ICES for many hours at a time.

I am making strong headway on my plantar’s fascitis. Pain is 80% reduced now after using it each evening while sleeping using M1 on power 9 alpha protocol for the last 5 weeks. Based on my experience healing other ailments, I think if I keep doing this another 2-3 months It will be gone for good.

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That’s great!
I am also treating my wife’s tendinosis (different from tendonitis) in her feet/ankles. She’s disabled (wheelchair/walker) and has had this for 30 years. Also using laser, DMSO and physical therapy. Unfortunately, extremely slow progress and if anyone else has treated a similar condition with success please let me know. Thanks.

How many hours per day is your wife using ICES PEMF to treat the tendonitis? I also started taking Berkeley Life Beet Root capsules, and also testing NO levels with their test strips. I found that maintaining optimum levels of NO seemed to accelerate the gains I am getting from ICES PEMF on my plantar fasciitis.


Approx 2 hours/day. Considering getting a C5 w/ large array to increase time and convenience.
She’s got tendinosis tho, not tendonitis. Very different.
Beet root…interesting. At one point she was taking actual NO prescription capsules but that didn’t do anything. She does eat a lot of beets tho. Laser is also supposed to raise NO.

Thanks - meant to type tendinosis. I need to use ICES PEMF M1 8+ hours a day every day to get an effect on the tendons in my foot. In addition to the Berkeley Life Beet Root Capsules, I am taking Flexcin Load Up Formula 4 pills/day. Ideally I would use the M1 24x7 but can only realistically use it on my foot when I sleep currently. Really hope she can get some help. The C5 is great - our pet is currently using it.

Yeah, I’m very physically active so it’s hard to use the A9 on my plantar longer than an hour or 2 at a time. Can’t really walk with them on…

My wife can’t sleep with the A9s but maybe with the C5 plus she sits a lot being disabled. She takes most of the ingredients in Flexcin separately plus also uses straight pharmaceutical grade DMSO. The DMSO arrested the progression of her RSD 35 years ago when it was at its worst.

Also just read that Berkeley Life Beet Root Capsules treats hi blood pressure – my wife has low blood pressure so that might be harmful.

i can’t recommend enough the benefit of doing daily beets smoothies… very hydrating and detoxifying if enough… i have to get back to me meal replacement of 2med sized beets with leaves at 48oz of smoothie…i add frozen pineapple and strawberry to help offset the beets… good stuff

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please elaborate more on how the beets helps with the healing of the plantar fascia !!
every time I start training competition mode, I eat beats before run, I associated running with fascia healing, and maybe was the combination with the beets
i stop eating the beets once the “running season” ended, then my fascia pain arrive…
so, it was the beets helping me all this time?

Beets boost nitric oxide which helps with wound healing. It’s a crucial molecule for the health of our blood vessels and it plays a key role in vasodilation.


this was such an enlightening interview w/how/why using an ice pack for an injury is not a good idea:

i’m so glad to have the advantage of ices pemf tech to heal such injuries. I recently twisted my ankle… applying stacked coils helped the pain go away. I applied it for about 2hours… it’s 90% better… i’ll apply today for another 2hrs just to hopefully heal the rest. ordinarily it would take a week to recover this kind of sprain I got from running.