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Penetration Depth & Ligament Laxity

Hi @Bob Can I ask if the A9 can penetrate 5cm or so to get deeper at the cervical spine level? If yes, at what setting will it penetrate really deep? If not, would c5 provide enough depth that when I put it posteriorly on my neck, it can get to the anterior of the spinal cord from behind (or atleast closer to the bone/cord)? That’s where the ligaments are that I am hoping pemf can help tighten or heal? I know that there aren’t any studies on it yet, but have you heard stories of PEMF fixing ligament laxity from injury?

The A9 should work fine for that. To get the best effect at depth, I suggest you stack the coils, bumpy-side-to-bumpy-side, then place them directly over the point on your spine where you need it. Set the intensity to 11 or 12, and use it for at least 6 hours per day every day. Keep in mind ligaments heal very slowly even under the best circumstances.

Then please report back to let us know how it goes and what you learned and observed.

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Great, thanks. Which setting on the A9 correlates to an 11 or 12 intensity? When you mention a long time, are we talking months or years? I know that this is no set timeframe, but would love to get some sort of an anecdotal benchmark from your own experience or laxity healing stories from other people? Thanks!!

On the A9, use “H” to begin with, and adjust if necessary.

I used M1 at 2 behind my neck. I got a treatment effect under my tongue. The effect was stronger closer to the stacked coils, but it did reach that far.

In other words, straight through my spine or wrapping around it to reach under my tongue.

It took about an hour to become noticeable. I ended up switching placement to target that area from under my chin, and the effect starts much earlier at intensity 1.

OK, so we now know that you are very responsive to ICES-PEMF. That’s an excellent start. So now the issue of “penetration depth” is not really an issue. Now it is a matter of finding the optimal coil placement and time of use.

Place one coil on the posterior neck and one on the anterior facing it - that will definitely target the anterior spine. I had 2 herniated C/S discs causing severe pain in my shoulder and arm in Sept 2017. Using the A9 regularly, I probably could have used it more often, it was maybe 4-5 months before the pain subsided.

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yes, with bumpy-sides out for each coil, that should target the deep tissue very well. Try long periods of time every day, maybe all night, for example, to start with. This might get you the best results in the shortest time.

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