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Overheating A9 unit

When the red light flashes on the micropulse unit that means it is too hot correct? Any suggestions as to how to avoid this from happening at night when I sleep with the A9 unit inside a waist belt? Is the only way to use the C5 with it plugged into a power source? Is there any possibility it will be able to be powered by a battery? Thanks, Bryan

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A9 - the flashing red light on the A9 generally means “circuit overload” (too much current). The beat way to prevent this is to prevent a partial pull-out of the coil plug. Even a very small pull-out can cause a short circuit. If that does not work, the second thing to test is the coils themselves: are they working (use the hex test chip), or are they shorted out internally?

C5 - the best way is a plug-in USB charger port. You can also power the\m from a battery power bank with a USB (5 volt) output. Some battery power banks work, but unfortunately others do not because the power draw of the C5 is so efficient and low that the power bank thinks there is no electrical load, so it shut off. Which ones work, and which do not, is hard to say because they change their specs frequently. Maybe someone on this forum has tested a battery power bank recently with the C5?

Thanks Bob. Would something like this work meet this requirements to run the C5? I am willing to take a chance on something to see if it will power the unit properly. I would really like to make the C5 as mobile as I can.

yes, they might work, but they might not sense the load, then they would shut off after about 5-10 minutes. I have tried for years, but they change frequently, so I can not say which ones will work, and which ones will not, unfortunately. Those have lower capacity, so in my experience they are actually more likely to work than the large capacity ones without auto-shutting off.

I have found a battery that works with our B5. I use the B5 default protocol. The battery doesn’t stay on when using Intensities 1 & 2, but stays on above these levels.

Model ES982S
20,000 mAmp hours