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Ongoing log of wife's treatment of tendinosis

–Diagnosed in 1989 with RSD/CRPS in feet/ankles.
–Put in remission by cold laser (model unknown)+PEMF (model unknown) mid '90s.
–Relapse 2015; A9 and home laser (Avant LZ-30X) ineffective; put back in remission with Low Dose Naltrexone.
–Bouts with RSD left her with severe tendinosis (not tendinitis) in feet/ankles.
–July 1st 2021, Started A9, 2 hours/day on both feet on low power; medium power causes pain during use (wife is very EMF sensitive); daily laser treatments; daily topical DMSO/CBD oil.
–Mid August: very slight improvement. Theorizing laser having bigger effect than A9 because days laser is skipped she gets somewhat worse; when resuming laser slight improvements resume.
–Sept. 1, started treating with C5 power level 7/Omni 8, for 3 hours/day plus A9 additional 2 hours/day.
–Sept. 15: No improvement, feet more sore.
–Sept. 25, too busy, had skipped laser for 4 days, feet more sore.
–Sept. 26-27, resumed laser, feet improved.
Comment: wondering what I should do about changing C5 treatment…

There is a man named Anthony William that has had a lot of success helping people with these incurable chronic inflammation symptoms. I believe one of his books is called “ Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal (Revised and Expanded Edition). Hope this helps:-)

Also would recommend earthing as much as possible:-) https://youtu.be/44ddtR0XDVU

what pemf device did you use in the 90s with the cold laser and how long were sessions and for how many sessions over what period of time did you notice improvement begin?

CRPS has to be the most difficult one to deal with, unfortunately.
Normally I would suggest higher intensity, which seems to be necessary for some people with CRPS using ICES-PEMF, but apparently your wife will not tolerate it well.

Does she have a different location of an older (original) injury? In some people, the regional inflammation seems to stem from an older injury, and it sometimes works to focus on that injury location with PEMF, not the current area of pain itself.

Thanks very much for the info, will check it out. However, tendinosis (as opposed to tendonitis) does not involve inflammation; it is a condition where all new tendon cells are defective.

Laser and PEMF models and power unknown. Dr. Tomas Szulc was first doctor in U.S. to use cold laser. PEMF sessions if I remember (was a long time ago) were maybe 10-15 minutes. Treatment was once or twice a week for a year. Improvement began after approx. 6 months. Wife was totally wheelchair bound from pain; after approx 1 year was walking, after 5 years was hiking.

Thanks very much for your input. However, she has been using a grounding mat 3 hours/day for 2 months and seen no discernible improvement. So far the laser seems most effective.

Btw, as detailed elsewhere, I personally 100% cured my plantar fasciitis with an A9 when nothing else (and I mean nothing) helped at all.

Hi Bob! Yeah, CRPS is def the “Catch-22” illness. Note however that she currently has no CRPS symptoms (they are VERY nasty and distinctive) altho some doctors have speculated – and my wife has shown – that CRPS severely impairs healing time. She simply doesn’t heal or heals very slowly. We would consider Platelet Rich Plasma/Stem cell injections but an injection at the site would definitely trigger an RSD flareup. We are waiting for the arrival of needle-less injection devices which are currently in the works.

Yes, she does have a much older foot injury from her teens (she is 63 now) but it is located within the same area of her right foot as the current pain/tendinosis where she is already getting the PEMF/laser. MRI shows no stress fractures (altho they may have healed at some point) but there are signs of bone bruising and her Physical therapist says her metatarsals are “sprained” tho the MRI doesn’t support that. Btw, the tendinosis (and formerly RSD) are in both feet and ankles.

being older is another factor that can affect results when considering the age difference from 90s to now. i wonder if things may be slower to improve due to nutrition (raw materials - nutrients, minerals, enzymes, etc etc) that the body is lacking… also other processes not as efficient and production of hormones, collagen, etc is less with age. since pemf seems to help the body heal and perhaps enhance cell/body functions, what “raw materials” (above mentioned supplements and or diet) has been included to ensure the body has what it needs to heal? of course the question of how much and of what are the natural next questions.

my general go to (and what continues to be supported/confirmed), the more i read is the importance of gut health. while I’m not a fan of the man made multivitamin and multiminerals for supplementing, we can’t ignore the fact that our foods are sorely lacking in the nutrition that our bodies (esp aging) need! unless we connect with a conscientious, organic farm, the gap in nutrition from our foods becomes wider. i have been lucky to recently discover a (what i call multinutritional) natural supplement that helps our immune system and may fill in more of those gaps in our diets esp as we age - fulvic and humic acids. Google it for more info… in a nutshell it’s like compost for humans… basically what our foods lack we can get back some from this.

at any rate, I’m not here to promote anything, but I do wonder if diet and supplements (raw materials) can use a boost to fill in any gaps that may have grown in age since the 90s🤔

Thanks for your input. She has a great diet, 100% organic and vegan except for occasional wild Alaskan salmon and wild bison. She has green drinks, probiotics and fermented foods and has addressed all her food intolerances. Will look into fulvic and humic acids.

Did a quick search on Shilajic/fulvic on my 2 subscription sites, Examine.com and Consumerlab.com. Both show few if any reputable human studies (animal only) and many suppliers have near unhealthy lead, cadmium (and other) levels as well as some toxic bacteria.

yes source is important and unfortunately with all the other snake oil cos out there along with the honest, decent ones, it does take some time to find the right co.

while only one pubmed article won’t explain the wonders like a marketing page from a company would, this one gives you an idea as well as how important source is. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6151376/#!po=4.16667

I’ve been reading up on fulvic and searching for decent cos that sell a quality product.

being unregulated, it is hard to have a reliable standard of process or quality control… over the last few months i came across this being used on a few forums with counties people sharing their results with pics of before and after. the anecdotes shared were compelling. the idea of taking a nutrient dense supplement did also pique my interest.

the one i decided to try it is the fulvic 350x by optimally organic… they do not have the tar/lignite that is found in shilajit and usually associated with the heavy metals.

their coa (certificate of analysis) breaks down the components of their product they source for whatever that is worth.

I’ve only been on for about 3 weeks and i can’t tell anything special yet…i also started low and slow 1 drop x3 a day to eventually 7 3x

only thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve been gassy the times I’ve taken shortly after. oddly, the time I’d go :poop: in the a.m. has changed to p.m. (9-10p vs 10-11a window).

weird… quality of :poop:… whatever it’s doing the gases were different in a potent, pungent way :thinking::astonished::upside_down_face:

i plan to do a hair test to to determine heavy metals levels… not quite planned properly as i didn’t get a baseline before beginning. nonetheless, I’ll measure now and 4 mos from now to see how things look.

the wild wild west of natural health is a mixed bag. i guess will see how things go, but from the testimonies I’ve seen from people i know in other forums and reviews about fulvic, it seemed like it was worth a shot for what it does for health.

Thanks, sounds interesting but I can’t risk it as wife already has digestive issues that are being managed by probiotics, fermented foods, fiber, SBI and Endefen products.

10/6/21 Pain in wife’s feet less since switching back to A9 program on the C5 from Omni8. However, not sure if this is due to program switch or more aggressive lasering and topical DMSO.

Will also begin using A9 with quad coil on wife’s chronic back pain. She is mostly wheelchair bound so sitting all day aggravates back. The little that she can use a walker does relieve the back pain to some extent so the Catch-22 for her is to get her feet better so she can stand/walk more and help with back pain.

It might be more effective to use a different coil configuration:
1- coils side-by-side across the spine
2- Coils stacked bumpy side-to-bumpy side (taped together) directly over the point of greatest pain

If the quad coil array does not provide significant relief, you should consider trying these.

Thanks Bob. It appears it may be helping. The advantage of the quad is of course it covers a bigger area and she’s wearing it 8 hours a day. Moving a stacked or side by side double around over the wide areas of pain would become too tedious for her. We’ll see…

Using the C5’s A9 setting has eliminated the additional pain she was experiencing with her feet using the Omni8 setting. I can’t be sure however as we have also increased the amount of laser she is getting.

If it works that’s great and stick with the quad coils. Sometimes though PEMF seems act a bit like acupuncture placement is more important than area, and larger needles are not necessary. Just placing a deeper field on the right point can relieve an entire area.

Note: the trade-off with coils is this: more area = less depth of penetration. For the greatest depth of penetration use stacked coils, which give you only a single coil of area but 4 times the depth of penetration of the quad coil.

Different people and different injuries respond differently though, so you will find that one coil configuration will work noticeably better then the others.

Thanks Bob. If she gets a sharp pain in one area (it’s usually diffuse) I will change tactics.

With quad we went from A9 low to medium and her back pain seemed to get worse. Has this ever happened before?