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ICES M1 - Depth of penetration

Any idea on the depth of penetration into the body (torso) when coils are stacked?I’m guess you’d have to bump up the power to increase the penetration? Question is how deep does it go?

Here are posts from @Bob, the inventor, on this topic. IIRC, he recommends power 15 on ICES M1 for hips, replacing batteries every couple of hours.

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Here are the most specific numbers I’ve seen posted by Bob in this regard. I’ve pulled it from the post “Minimum threshold for effectiveness”:

-“A single coil or array of coils can generally only penetrate 3-4 inches.”

-“If you stack the coils you get more penetration, about 4-5 inches, but this varies.”

-“Coils placed on opposite sides of the point of interest give the best effective depth, but usually these are least convenient for the user. But we have seen effective penetration through 10-11” of tissue when coils are used on opposite sides, such as in the case with hips."

Hope this helps!


Thanks TajD. This will help