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Novel home remedies and other uses for minor injuries

I’m happy to report that I’ve been getting many little benefits from using my a9.

to date, I’ve been able to help with:

  • bruised knee from clumsy fall
  • sore throat
  • sore neck from sleeping funny
  • sensitive tooth and slight pain from suspected infection of root canal
  • making “structured water” for gut health

update edit:

  • waking up with blurry vision and hard to open/swollen eyes in the morning…

i was happy to help an oncoming bigger sore throat; didn’t go away in the morning as expected, so i pulsed in the evening. i was pleasantly surprised, but maybe i shouldn’t be when pemf is known to be good for helping with pain and inflammation right?!

has anyone had similar experiences?

please share the many uses you’ve had with your device!

I also have used for tooth pain prior to seeing dentist, knee pain, cat kidney health.
Planning on trying a9 for gut health via direct application and “structured water”.
Can you elaborate more on how you prepared water ie qty water, time and intensity?
I tried briefly but think I may have over treated with my a9 because I had a slightly unpleasant experience.

For everyone I know who has tried ICES PEMF structured water, there is always a “cleansing effect” with diarrhea and associated die off symptoms as well as feeling of increased energy. Then after several days if same amount of structured water is consumed, then the negative effects go away and the positive effects remain.

My family uses the M1 on Alpha 15 for 5 minutes with a glass of water on top of stacked coils.

for a 14oz glass of water i have noticed change in taste of water after running it for 2 mins on stacked coils set to M… since i don’t have a way to measure degree of structured water (if there’s such a thing), i just pulse for 5 mins. for more details on pulsed water, check out this thread:

definitely participate in that thread to see if you can get more feedback from others in their use and experience

just updated original post with this unexpected use:

waking up with blurry vision and hard to open/swollen eyes in the morning… this one was a nice bonus; when waking up earlier than your eyes are ready to and your eyes feel stuck shut, apply coils. within less than a minute, they’re easy to open as of you’ve already been awake. may help for morning voice :smiley:, but don’t think it will do much for making you feel wide awake tho! haha

I have had the same experience. It really reduces swelling around the eyes (and as a bonus for me anyway, really reduces stuffy sinuses).

What program and duration?

this is just using the a9 device on the M setting

What is the equivalent on c5?

8… Omni… run it til you feel improvement… my kids heal faster than i do. i put it on a bruised knee and he’s fine literally in less than 15 mins everytime… crazy like that…

experiment to see what works, but Omni has helped

Thx. I will give this a shot!

i either have allergies or caught my son’s cold… too early to say. i just know my nose was starting to get stuffy on top of itchy throat and sneezing… kinda feels like allergy. all i know was that i hate dealing with a stuffy nose and it was one of those left nostril getting clogged.

I’m so happy to know that after stacking coils on my left nostril, my nasal passage eventually and absolutely cleared!. it did take awhile longer than i expected , but it was also getting annoyingly plugged up. it was one of those stubborn no snot plugged up nostril that vapor rub would not unclog!

love love love my a9 set on M…15 mins and clear breathing through my nose👍🏽
thanks Dr @bob