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Nerve Pain in bottom of feet and other symptoms

The M1 machine was highly recommended to me by a current user. I am experiencing terrible tingling and burning on the bottom of my feet, mainly in the center of the metatarsals. I am also experiencing weakness in my arms and hands. Not sure if the feet and arms are related in any way. I have seen multiple neurologists and have had three EMG nerve conduction tests as well as MRI of my spine and neck and numerous blood and urine tests. The doctors can’t seem to find anything. It is my hope that the M1 will help with my desperate situation. Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether the M1 can help me and any instructions on how to use the machine for my specific issues. I thank you in advance for any help.

I would suggest you start using it directly over your spine as well as using it on hands and feet. I find that using it on my spine has a beneficial effect all up and down the spine, which usually radiates out to my extremities, which I presume is the result of a general reduction in spinal inflammation. In your case the problem appears in your hands and feet, so if it is a spinal problem, it is more likely to be overall spinal inflammation (or something like that), but not a focal, localized injury in my opinion.

There will be no secret or special frequency (that kind of stuff is just PEMF marketer fraud). You should just start with the default settings (Omni-8 and intensity = 9), then maybe alternate every 3-4 days with Alpha Wave or Schumann 4, on intensity 9 or 10 or 11. These seem to generally work for people with spinal issues/inflammation. Be aware though that more power is not necessary, and often people get better results with intensity in the range of 9 - 11 than they do if they use higher intensity.

You could just stack the coils (bumpy-side to bumpy-side), then place them over a few different spots along your spine, just to see what works best for you. Give it 3 or 4 days before changing coil location or pulse pattern or intensity. I would start with placing the coils on your lower back, but then eventually try mid-back, then hands and feet, etc., to see what works best for you.

You will want to use it for 6 to 8 hours per day, every day. You might detect a benefit very soon (hours), or it may take 2 to 3 weeks. Everyone responds differently. This probably will not be a quick fix.

Please be sure to report back to the forum with your results, positive or negative, just your honest observations.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Could you please tell me the best and proper way to use the coils and for how long and machine settings when placed directly on hands and feet? Thank you!

One more quick question, can PEMF exacerbate tinnitus if used on the spine, feet or hands? Thank you very much.

I would simply stack the coils: bumpy side to bumpy side, tape them together, and place them over specific points you are trying to stimulate, in this case various points along the spine.

Everyone is a bit different, and injuries are different. Precise procedures are a fabrication of the fraudulent PEMF marketing landscape. The thing you really need to do is try it with the simple instructions that I give (above), take note of how you respond, or not, after a few days, then make adjustments. Before long you will find what works best for you. In general, there is no secret or best way. This is really how PEMF works. It is not a one-size-fits-all type of procedure.

So far as I know, PEMF only temporarily exacerbates tinnitus, only sometimes, and only when used very close to the ear. I do not know of other EMF-exacerbated tinnitus, but I have not studied it and so I simply do not know.

Thank you. I am not fully comfortable starting with my spine. How would I use directly on hands and feet and in your opinion would there be any benefit?

I think it is much more likely to be effective if used on the spine because that is most likely the source of the problem. I have used an ICES-PEMF system on my spine for 8-12 hours every day since 2011 for basically that reason.

Use directly on hands and feet might be helpful, but will not be helpful if the real problem is a nerve impingement/inflammation problem located in the spine.

But there is no reason you can’t try it directly on hands and feet, it might help.

You would simply turn the device ON as suggested in earlier replies, place the coils on hands or feet as described in earlier replies, and hold it in place by whatever means you find convenient, for as long as possible, every day.

Thank you. I do believe that the intense pain down the centre of my metatarsals is due to a localized injury. I was sent for an ultrasound of this area and during the appointment, the technician was really pinching and pushing this area and kept asking me if I was OK. It didn’t bother me at the time but, the next day I couldn’t walk. They have been sore for many months ever since. Please describe how I would place the coils on my feet and hands. You did not describe this in an earlier post. Sorry for all of the questions. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.

if you’re asking how to adhere the coils to your hands or feet, you can use tape, elastic band or glove or sock… he also specifically mentioned to stack the coils bumpy to bumpy facing each other when stacked.

Yes I see that now. Thank you.

I have peripheral neuropathy in both legs below the knee and in the feet. Your symptons sound similar. I found the wearing A9 driven coils inside socks at night helped a lot in reducing pain and numbness.

Thank you very much for sharing! I am getting the M1 and will stack the coils and do each foot separately. Are you keeping the coils on your feet while sleeping or just for a couple of hours at night? Thanks again.

Also, what settings are you using? Thank you!

I put one coil on top and one on the bottom of my foot, smooth sides in, with a medium setting. You will have to experiment to find socks with enough tension to hold the units, but still be comfortable, and I keep them on all night. Hope it works for you!

Thanks! I really appreciate the information.

I began using the M1 about 6 weeks ago. I had severe neuropathy pain in both feet at night. The M1 has been fabulous. I’m off all my pain meds (Oxycodone, and pregabalin) and I’ve even stopped the trazadone (for sleep) that I’d taken for years. For the feet, I find if I place the coils low in the sacrum, around S1 area for 12-24 hours it stops the pain. The feet still feet swollen but I can sleep.
I got the M1 hoping to avoid fusion L4-L5 and L3 and it’s helping.
I have some questions:
My back pain is coming back, I’ve only used the Omni8 so I’ll try the alpha wave and Schuman 4. Would increasing power (usually on 9 help?)
Also, one symptom I have is debilitating weakness when I walk. i can only walk for very short distances without resting. The M1 hasn’t helped with this so far. I’m told I have stenosis in the spinal canal (as well as at L4-L5 root nerves)

Any thoughts on what I might try to improve this symptom are greatly apprectiated!
Thank you

Sounds similar to what I had struggled with. I would say:
Stick with it
Try different coil configurations. For lower back, try stacked versus side-by-side across the spine (not along it)
Try various pulse patterns (you have named a few good ones)
Increase the intensity level to 11
Consider using it all day and all night if possible, at least initially.
Consider supplementing with vitamins D3 and K2, and magnesium (a bioavailable form, such as magnesium threonate) to facilitate bone remodeling.
Reasonable expectations: recovery is a slow process, but it is always desirable to get better slowly than to get worse slowly IMO.

Hi Bob,
Thanks for your suggestions. When you say stacked, are you suggesting I put the staked coils (bumpy sides facing each other) right ON the spine? L4-L5?
I have tried taking breaks from the M1, for several hours at a time, in case I’m becoming ‘used to it’, and that is why it is no longer helping as much. Does this sound reasonable?
By the way, I do take the supplements you mention :slight_smile:
The sensation of weakness when walking is currently the main symptom I’d like to improve. Any thoughts as to that would be greatly appreciated.
thanks so much!

Stacked coils: yes, coils stacked, bumpy-side to bumpy-side.

Placement: Yes, I put the stacked coils right over the most painful spot.

Breaks: If you are using one of the pulse patterns that varies over time (such as Omni8, Alpha wave, SchumannX, basically any pattern that is NOT fixed frequency) then you should not really get used to (habituate to) the stimulation very quickly. If however you use one of the fixed frequency patterns “because that is what they did in the scientific paper”, then I suggest switching over to a non-fixed frequency. If the device seems to have become less effective over the course of a few days or weeks, then I would check the device function:
1- Use the hexagonal coil tester to make sure both coils are still functional.
2- When testing, move the wires around a bit to make sure the coils remain functional even when the wires are moved, to detect small breaks and shorts.
3- Make sure the battery is getting a full charge before each use, and swap with a freshly-charged battery every 3-4 hours
4- Counter-intuitively, if you are using one of the highest power settings, consider trying a slightly lower setting (9 or 10 instead of 14 or 15)

Weakness when walking: that might be due to a nerve pinch that is still a problem, even though the pain is reduced by PEMF. Some times it takes longer to fully resolve this kind of problem, so I would suggest continuing daily use, 6 to 8 hours per day or longer, and expect that this situation might take several more weeks to improve.