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Multiple Knee Tears, Increase in Pain


I was in a skiing accident about 5 weeks ago. I tore my ACL, MCL, LCL and have a fracture. I started using the A9 at level M for 6-8 hours per day which was recommended. I started having lots of nerve pain after starting this. I stopped for 4 days and the nerve pain went away. Has anyone else experienced increased pain after using this device. Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you!

I’m curious if you noticed any other effects? Was there any increased function or strength?

I had a surgery on my foot 35 years ago. I had major bone fusion with 2 large screen and have almost no inversion/eversion movement. I have found using the M1 on my foot that it generally feels better and I also getter better control and strength on my foot. There also seems to be a bit of a whole body nervous system improvement during during the time I have it on my foot but not immediately after I remove it.

Thanks for your response Doug. I did have an increase in strength and mobility a few days after I stopped using the device. Since this is a new injury it is hard to say if it is from using the A9 or not. The thobbing and nerve pain got better so I started doing better at my pt appointments. I put the A9 back on for 1/2 hour after 5 days off. I immediately felt strange sensations throughout my body (tingling feeling). Since this is a new injury and not an old one its hard for me to tell if the A9 is helping. I will keep using it but dropping down to 1/2 hour or less per day for the time being.

Potentially from your descriptions the A9 is increasing nerve activity which is generally good but not when it is causing pain. I wonder if the body shut that off for your protection? The body is an amazing compensator. Usually that’s great in the short term but can cause different issues in the long term if one doesn’t get out of those compensations.

Seems like a good idea to try smaller doses of the A9. Please report back with what happens over the next several weeks. I’d be very interested.

I do Matrix Repatterning therapy using the A9 device that doesn’t switch between different frequencies. I have used it on patients with knee problems and on a spiral fracture of the wrist as well as numerous other ailments , concussions, GERD, restless leg…Try using it on the lowest power setting. You will get some pain but that is not a bad thing, it means it is working. And tingling is normal, even beneficial I would say. I get tingling in my palms when I use it and work on patients. I did my thesis on the wrist fracture and documented Before and after range of motion for each session and the increases were amazing. On the last session of six for the wrist fracture on I decided to turn the power up to extra high despite the patient testing out a lower level, because she cannot afford to come back. And immediately following this treatment she had minimal gains and some pain. When I used a much stronger PEMF machine (too strong in my opinion for regular use) that colleagues have just moving the tubing around my body it would cause pain in my areas where I had problems. It was just picking up where the issues were. Neat! I personally keep my A9 or M1 one on myself for 24 hours most days. The pain should dissipate the longer you use it. I had a 65-year-old man with a decades long knee problem, and not in great health overall, it does depend on your cellular health how you respond. After each session on his knee he had swelling and heat and pain so that he could not bend. I explain to him this was a likely side effect that was temporary. After three sessions he said he did not want to continue because of the 2 to 3 days information afterwards. But luckily for him when he came in the fourth time his knee issue was completely gone. And he was sold on Matrix repatterning and I worked on his hand problem which was alleviated in 3 to 4 sessions as well. There is a way to Determine what is the appropriate power setting for yourself. But I would use it on low for longer periods time for healing your injuries.

I just thought of something else you might try. since this happened 5 weeks ago do you have PT exercises you are doing regularly? If so I think it would be an interesting experiment to do the first set as normal. Then take a little rest and put the A9 on and do a second set and see how things feel. I’m finding PEMF applied on my right foot that has lots of inflammation during exercise seems to help me perform better in all movements.

Thank you QuaiZen and Doug for your very helpful replies. I’m using the A9 on low for only 15 minutes per day right now. I had some horrible pain this week in my knee and hip that was causing me not to sleep so I went in for an acupuncture appointment. The acupuncture helped a ton and I’m hoping that combining the acuptuncture and A9 will give me better results. I’ll report back how things are going. I’m going to slowly increase the A9 treatments.

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Hi Doug. I’ll give this a try. Thank you!

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Have you tried near infrared light? It has worked well for me in the past with some very minor stuff like shin splints.
I’m currently using a NIR light as well as M1 with stacked coils for my right knee, what I hope is a minor injury that nonetheless has me hobbling up and down the stairs.
I hope you find some relief soon.

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