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Matrixpulse vs A9

We searched the forum and don’t see a comparison between matrixpulse and A9


that will depend on the users of the forum who have that and can offer such comparison. with so many products in the market, it would not be feasible to have a comparison like they have other electronics in the mainstream consumer industry

To clarify, both products matrixpulse and A9 are made by “micro-pulse”

haha sorry, my bad… no one’s ever mentioned using that device. thanks for the correction. the matrixpulse sounded familiar… let’s bring @Bob into this question…

MatrixPulse and A9 are hardware identical. The Matrix pulse simply emits a constant pulse stream of 10.00 pulses per second, as requested by George Roth for his clinical use.


Thanks Bob -

we searched “George Roth” here on the Forum and didn’t read a reference to his special application protocol.

What would we be able to watch or read to much better understand the George Roth usage and how precisely it technically differs from the A9 and what led to his different approach.


Roth is located somewhere in Canada, and runs a small private clinic. The MatrixPulse is apparently part of Roth’s clinical tool set, which he trains people to use (for a significant fee). For clinicians, it involves direct, hands-on training, and I believe some people on this forum may have had his training (or not, I am not sure). There may be a book or other training materials you would need to find and pay for. I am pretty sure you can not find these materials for free. Also, I have no training in this clinical approach, and I could not really tell you anything about it.

So, the difference between the MatrixPulse and the A9 is entirely in how it is used, and the fact that the MatrixPulse is programmed to continuously stream 10.00 pulses per second. From the technical hardware and firmware perspective, that is the only difference between the two units. From the clinical usage perspective, I don’t know any more details, sorry.

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I am a Matrix Repatterning practitioner from Canada (now in Panama), taught by Dr. Roth. There is a self treatment book by Dr Roth for Matrix which uses just the hands, but to take the year long course you must be a Regulated Health Care Professional. It involves hands on treatment, which can be done with just the hands, with Bob’s A9 MatrixPulse or with the Matrix Magnets (north and south polarity inside one another). I was taught with the PEMF but some patients do better with the magnets or a combination of the two for different areas of the body. We can identify any areas of past injury by checking 36 spots on each side of the body with hand/PEMF/magnet to determine where to treat. By applying the PEMF in an area of injury, this normalizes the area and results in a softening in the entire body, which is how we gauge when we are on a ‘hot spot’.

quaizenwellness.weebly.com (my site with some Matrix videos)

So Bob, how does the A9 normally work if the MatrixPulse is 10 pulses per second. I know it alternates to keep the body from getting accustomed to the field, what are the numbers? Just curious.

The A9 runs the Omni-8 pulse pattern by default. It is just reprogrammed to 10 pps for Roth.