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M1 or A9 to treat chronic TBI?


I recently found Bob and Mark’s youtube video describing their treatment of TBI with the A9 micro pulse system. I currently have chronic symptoms from a TBI I received 8 months ago. I am very intrigued about the results the patients had in the study, and I would like to get one of the models. I’m wondering if I should get the modified A9 from the study, or if I should go with the M1 - it having more options for system settings. If the M1 is the better option, which system settings should I run? Also, is there a recommended usage protocol specific to TBI treatment? Duration per day, that sort of thing.

I appreciate the feedback!


IIRC, in other posts @Bob mentions they had to constrain the variables for the study, meaning, in a non study environment, it would be better to use a protocol like Omni 8, Alpha, or Schumann 4 that have been reported on average by users as very helpful and to use as many hours per day (minimum 8), changing batteries every several hours. I recommend the M1 because it allows you to change protocols and experiment a bit more. But if one can only afford an A9, by all means, the A9 is great.

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That is exactly correct.

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My husband was in a serious car accident on 12.09.2021. He suffered a TBI, with 2 skull fractures, and two minor brain bleeds, plus 18 more fractures throughout his body.
The left side of his head broke out the drivers side window. It was a vintage car that did not have air bags or seatbelts. He was thrown from the car when it rolled over. We own 3 of your devices, the M1, A9, and C5. He has been using the 3 devices as much as possible, with the coils doubled on them. He is using the C5 the most, using 4 of the 2X2 coil arrays that are doubled. With so many areas needing treatment for the 20 fractures he spreads the treatments around to the the areas that need it the most everyday. We are thinking of treating the TBI with one of the PEMF devices. One of the possible side effects from the TBI has been some minor short term memory loss. He also has some dizziness that may have been caused by some damage to his vision, or the oxycontin, or the TBI. Our question is with a recent TBI would he use the same treatment protocol as for a chronic TBI? Which of the 3 devices would you recommend for the treatment? Is there an add-on we can buy for our 3 year old C5 to make it portable?

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sorry to hear about the accident. I’m glad your husband has access to ices tech. to make portable the c5, you would only need an external usb battery. a 20,000 mAh battery or greater would be what you would want. however, you’ll find the lower powered protocols such as the ones that have timed pauses in the pulses may not work with most modern external batteries that have power saving features. those batteries turn off if the power consumption is very low. for example, just cycling thru the menu system alone, my c5 or m1 turns off bc the external battery i use doesn’t detect any power being used by the device. protocols that have timed pauses in their pulses definitely don’t work (battery doesn’t stay on).

you can try different batteries on Amazon to see if you find one that doesn’t time out since Amazon has a great return policy.

this particular brand i like, but may have the same energy saver timeout sensor that Bob has mentioned (in other posts) many modern external batteries have these days:
Anker Portable Charger, 325 Power Bank (PowerCore Essential 20K) 20000mAh Battery Pack with High-Speed PowerIQ Technology and USB-C (Input Only) for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and More https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S829LBX/

that said, once you find an external, you’ll want to get at least 2 as these batteries do take awhile to charge depending on size and price. with at least 2, you can continue to use the c5 portably after the first battery runs out.

since you are using the 2x2 coils, you might not need the coil wraps they sell on Amazon. i use the wraps to help minimize the tangle of cables from the pair of coils that i use.


I am very sorry to hear that the accident happened to your husband.

We do not have study data directly on acute TBI, but anecdotally, what seems to be the case is that using either the M1 or C5 set to Delta, Theta, or 3 or 4 ppi (pulses per second) seems to work very well, presumably by preventing further damage due to chronic swelling, which could lead to chronic TBI. These lower pulse rates might induce a bit of drowsiness though, so another good choice while trying to remain alert would be Alpha wave or Schumann 2 or Schumann 3.

So, I would suggest using one of the pulse patterns I listed above, with an intensity setting of 7 or 8 (or a bit higher is tolerated well), and use it as much as possible every day, and for at least a month beyond the resolution of any TBI symptoms to make sure he does not regress after stopping PEMF too soon.

For your C5, we have upgrades available that make the device more portable, depending on how long ago you purchased the device. Just contact customer support at fluxhealth.co


Linda I’m very sorry to hear about your husband’s accident. I sincerely hope he makes a full recovery!

I had one more question regarding the M1: I’ve purchased it, and I live in Canada and I see that the batteries and charger are not included with international shipping. So I’ve purchased the batteries and charger elsewhere but they may take a long time to arrive. Is it possible to use the M1 through the usb power port without a battery or does it need a battery even if plugged in?

Thank you!

I have a 3 year old M1, it does have a mini usb port. There is a mini USB adapter available for purchase at the Flux Health Shop for $18. I do not own one, but the photo shows it plugging into the M1 to convert the M1 to run on an electrical outlet without a battery. That would be what I would recommend if you want to get away from batteries.

I read about the Anker Portable Charger that you included in your comment. The information about this model does say it does have a trickle charge setting that can be turned on. If I understand this correctly, it sounds like that would stop the auto shut off issue that is very common with a lot of the portable chargers on the market. Thanks for helping me and taking the time to answer my question.

Thank you Bob, You have always been very helpful in answering my questions with great advice. We have been using your PEMF devices for several years now, for a wide variety of medical conditions, and have always had great results. I hope someday they will be considered the go to treatment that they deserve to be, instead of something that the majority of the population has never heard of.

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That would be a very helpful feature for portable power banks. I think more of them are using that feature now. If you try it, let us know how well it works for you.

I did order it today. I will let you know If it works.

I used the Anker Portable Charger for the first time today with the C5 for over an hour and had no issues. It worked great when using it on the trickle charge setting to avoid the automatic shut off issue.


excellent, thanks. They are getting better and better at making those.

I have been using the Anker Portable Charger to power my C5 with 4 2X2 coils and have experienced what may be an issue. I plugged the device back into my electrical outlet, after using the portable charger for a few weeks, all of the coils no longer worked, no clicking noise and the blue button displayed “no coil” on all 4. I plugged a single brand new coil array to test it and it worked. I did not turn the device on for a few days and then turned it back on with the old coils, while plugged in to the electrical outlet and it started worked as good as before. I again used the portable charger for a few days and the same thing happened when I went back to the electrical outlet this morning.

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The older coils may be broken, sometimes working, sometimes not. This is very difficult to detect because the failure is only some of the time. When the coils are working, try gently twisting or pulling the wire, and if they stop working, then maybe start again, that means the coil arrays probably have broken wires internally, and you would need to contact FluxHealth for customer support.

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If you don’t think it is the Anker, then it is probably the C5 device. I think it is close to 4 years old and we use it every day. It is possible to send it in for repair?

contact Chris at support@micro-pulse.com she can help you out ASAP👍🏽

yes, that is the best person to contact for warranty repair issues.