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Is the ICES contraindicated post joint replacement surgeries?

Hi Bob and Fluxhealth folks, just wondering if anyone here has used the PEMF after a joint replacement surgery, when you have some sort of metals inside your body. Is this contraindicated or not? What’s the results?

I know quite a few older people that are post knee or shoulder replacements. I’m not sure if I should recommend the ICES to them.

Thank you for asking this question, a family member just asked the same question.

Separately, does any one know if red/infrared light therapy is indicated or contraindicated on those with joint replacements?

Infra red spectrum is known to boost collagen production… bones joints etc definitely benefit from collagen … it’s the raw material the body needs to heal… esp in those areas

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I was originally very cautious about any use with metal implants. But many people have tried it and reported to me that it really helped them with post-surgical recovery, even with metal implants ranging from pins to entire joints.

This has not been formally studied, but I can say that I have only heard anecdotal reports (dozens) that range from “good” to “excellent”, no negative comments so far.


There are some red light therapy devices on Amazon that are indicated for joint issues. I don’t believe there’s a reason it should be contraindicated for joint replacements. Why would you think so?

I don’t think it would be contraindicated by any measure. I have read most of Dr. Michael Hamblin’s studies (and dozens of other researchers’ studies as well) on pubmed and the currently known mechanisms of action. However, I find this forum to be a thoughtful group and wanted to get additional perspective.