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Is anyone selling their ICES M1?

Please of course delete this post if its not allowed, but if it is allowed, I’d like to know if anyone is willing to sell their M1. Many thanks

That’s fine to ask about that. Also, you should call us at FluxHealth to see if we can offer any discounts. Sometimes we can for various reasons; if we can save some money we usually pass it on to the customer.


That’s great to hear, thanks for sharing Bob. I’m based in the UK so I’ll send an email through right now.

Hi Bob,

What is the maximum magnetic field intensity and frequency range of the M1? I can’t seem to find info on specs.

So for example in an upcoming clinical study “Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and Pulsed Ultrasound in Treating Knee Osteoarthritis”, here’s what the PEMF settings will be - magnetic field intensity of 1.5 mT and a frequency of 75Hz.

My mother has quite bad knee osteoarthritis, so defo another potential use of this technology. My issues are more TBI and cognition related.

List of available pulse patterns for the M1:

Magnetic field intensity… hmmmm, well, I discuss that issue in hundreds of videos, scientific papers, discussions on this forum, scientific presentations, etc…

VERY Briefly: PEMF is not about “Gauss and frequency”. Anyone who tells you it is, is probably just a marketer and is lying or is not well informed. The key parameters for PEMF are dB/dt and pulse width, and to a secondary extent pulse pattern, especially if CNS tissue is involved.

It’s really not an easy answer, but if you really want to know what is actually known about PEMF, I have posted a massive amount of information.

This all basically boils down to:

-Science does not know the biophysical transduction step of PEMF.

-The electro-magnetic parameters necessary to achieve biological effects are, however, well understood. And it is not what PEMF marketers try to sell to you.

-Just like driving a car, you do not need to understand the chemistry and thermodynamics of hydrocarbon combustion, you simply need to follow the user instructions and take the time to learn to drive a car. It helps if you can start with a reliable car, which is what I try to provide in the world of PEMF. Based on many experiments and a lot of practical user feedback from thousands of people, all Micro-Pulse ICES devices use a biologically-optimized pulse shape, which I describe on the Internet extensively (and most modern PEMF products now copy).

So, basically, PEMF either will or will not work for any specific application. Individuals respond differently. One size does not fit all. You have to do a bit of self-experimentation and be persistent. PEMF seems to work remarkably well for chronic pain, inflammation, and orthopedic injury. Other applications… I suggest searching this forum.


Ebay occasionally has an M1 for sale.

Maybe start a benefactor club where people can donate to a fund to help give scholarships for people to get over the hump of getting a device in the first place. People who really believe in the technology and have means to offer.

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Hi, this is my first post. My head is pretty done in with all I’ve been trying to understand with PEMF. I hope you can help.

I inherited my sister’s Sota, which she bought with the other Beck items when she had cancer. I found them all to be beneficial but thought I needed something to better cover the body than the hockey-puck looking disc I had – and moved around all the time to hit everything.

In 2020, I was rear ended at a stop light; and 8 months later had a work injury.

Affected areas tend to be the left side of my body, from the ankle (ATFL tear, Achilles ten) to knee (small tear/mild to mod arthritis flared up) to shoulder/neck (seat belt) and mid/low back. I also got Achilles ten in right ankle but it was the side I favored as it wasn’t bad as left; however, this all led to muscle imbal’s that I spent a year in PT for, and it flared up a R hip injury I expc’d 15 years ago. I feel I am half the person in strength I was a year ago after the second injury – and after making it through the Delta infection, I feel I have lingering inflammation that even hurts my teeth at times.

I have all kinds of gadgets to help me; I would say the Hypervibe gets me balanced the best of all in my hips. However, I do like the idea of PEMF and looked at this site last year but didn’t fully understand it. I just saw a comment somewhere on a forum in my PEMF research about this ICES.

I’d like to gain more understanding, as the A9 in Dr Pawluk’s shop says it’s 200 gauss w a trapezoidal wave. Up until last night when I started reading about ICES more, I didn’t see anything about gauss, but commented under this thread because you said above that PEMF wasn’t about “gauss and frequency.” When I read what ICES is, I think of TENS bc it’s electrical stimulation also – but is it magnetic bc of the PEMF? Are the coils copper like others? I’ve read a lot and watched your vids but they have a different language, and have more practical usage.

It may not matter how it works but for me to visualize how it works does help me understand better. If there is a 200 gauss does it mean it’s high intensity and penetrates more? Does the trapezoidal cause the energy to stay in the tissue more than a impulse system would? If not, what does?

I did a consult with Dr Pawluk and it was all about penetration and impulse wave. He favors the flash, it seems, and recommended one with Curatron. When I talked to a man there, they said its flash isn’t for the chronic issues I listed above but acute injuries or brain issues. With acute, he said it numbs the nerves – not heals persay – and that sort of reminded me of the TENS again. I do definitely want to heal, and with my knee at least keep it from worsening. I am mostly just stiff but movement does help. It would be nice to get rid of the stiff.

As for brain benefits, I also wanted a system for sleep and my husband’s epilepsy, and was set on Earth Pulse – which also has high intensity and manual setting that projects the pulse for a 3-foot radius, the makers say say – but they appear to be going out of business. Earth Pulse had to refund a purchase I made in June because they were advertising that it was coming back then, but still hadn’t.

When I spoke to Curatron, my head was really done in because the man there felt this machine at 200 gauss with a therapy pad (allegedly like yours but much more money) would be better because, he said, it’s waveform holds the energy in the body more. IDK if you understand this square gated sine wave carrier, and if this does hold its energy and how your trapezoidal compares. …? He didn’t understand why Dr. Pawluk had changed his views so much to the flash systems.

With all the areas of my body I need to hit, I do like the idea of a mat, and in the mat products on Dr. Pawluk’s website it seems the Curatron is one of the more affordable with a higher intensity. However, $6k is a lot nonetheless. I certainly would want it to work and I guess I’m looking for some guidance on whether you believe this high intensity type things do what I’m hoping it would do. It appears you favor hours of usage at lower intensities. Earth Pulse was this way also.

With your system I am wondering if there’s a magnetic field tho; if it’s just electrical; is the “micropulse” the frequency aspect and not the penetration aspect (the verbiage sounds like it’s a small pulse); is there a way to hit these various areas at once while I sleep or any other recommendations; do they work if you plop each coil in different areas, or does there have to be these configurations of facing each other or touching sides/tops; do they have to be on the skin or can they go through clothes …? Do they project a radius as the Earth Pulse claims?

I know it’s a lot but I need to do something for this pain. Pulse Harmonix was another option due to gauss and such but after consulting with Pawluk, Curatron and reading your stuff, I am at a bit of a loss.

Hope you can help.

I’ll try to be brief:
The ICES-PEMF system I have designed is a magnetic pulse that induces ion flow deep in tissues. This is the topic of hundreds of posts and gets very technical very fast. But you do not need a technical understanding of PEMF any more than you need a technical understanding of how an automobile engine functions. You just need to know what works, and what does not.

Briefly, I would say most modern therapeutic PEMF systems do have a biological benefit. Some work better than others (Sota, for example, is one that reportedly does not work consistently; some people say it works but many do not report any benefit, as just one example)

But also keep in mind: most of what PEMF marketers claim is pure nonsense and fraud. Most of these systems do work, at least somewhat, but the people selling them have absolutely no Idea why, but nonetheless they make up a bunch of pseudo-scientific jargon to try to gain an edge in the market. Basically, you cannot trust at least 95% of what you read or hear on the Internet about PEMF. But still, most of the systems seem to work.

Bill Pawluk is a friend of mine, so I am somewhat biased in favor of him (although we do disagree on some minor technical matters). With this personal bias in mind, I would say that Dr. Pawluk will suggest PEMF systems for you that work, and generally he will steer you away from systems that tend to make a lot of fraudulent claims.

So, I suggest you go with his advice rather than trying to untangle the dark world of PEMF marketing claims. You will just end up older, poorer, and in more pain.

Technically, I favor lower intensity and longer use that is possible with portable/wearable PEMF systems. That’s what I make (mostly) and that is what I use personally for my very serious injuries and pain issues. I do not include marketers and “middle-men”, so you do not pay for that. But this approach takes time and persistence.

I think for most people the best outcome is when they use low-intensity focal PEMF for longer periods of time directly on their areas of injury or greatest pain. This tends to reduce pain locally, then more widely throughout the body. But it requires persistence.

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Hi, I have read a lot of what you said – and I would like to understand better how your system works. You mentioned the technology is ahead of many outdated PEMF. Of course, anyone with a technical mind will want to know what that means. Can you lead me to a post about ion flow relative to the magnetic aspect. I’ve spent at least a year researching PEMF; suffice it to say that spending $500 on a unit – to me – requires some understanding. I have a hard time accepting things blindly. My brain is very geared towards detail.

With that said, I did buy the A9 at Dr. Pawluk’s today. His office is only 10 minutes from my home and I figured I could at least give it 30 days. I just know my brain, though, and seeing technical information I don’t really understand versus the gauss/Hz stuff I read about for a year, will be counter intuitive.

You mentioned Sota, can you give any guidance on Curatron. In the best case scenario I could possibly do both. In the accidents, there are settlements in the works and it may be doable – but I don’t really want to spend thousands if it’s outdated. Can you at least tell me if they test their equipment and what this gated wave means.

With A9, I am wondering three things: Does it have to be on my skin? Can I use any type of athletic tape? Can put the rings in two different locations? (for instance, one on the ankle and one on the knee)


First I will start with the answerable questions:

Does it need to be directly on skin?: you can place bandages or cloth between the coils and skin.

Can I use any type of athletic tape? Yes, any type of athletic or medical tape.

Can I place coils in different locations? Yes, I suggest you try different coil placement strategies and determine what works best for you.

Now, on the the difficult discussion: technical details to justify spending $500…

This really is a highly technical matter, it absolutely requires a large amount of technical complexity, and unless you really understand electrical engineering and biophysics, you really can’t gain an understanding of this topic at the technical level

Really understanding this beyond what I have posted dozens (hundreds?) of times gets directly involved in very complex scientific and technical details and requires years of diligent study. I am happy to share it, and I already have done so many times on the Internet and in scientific papers, but it does take years of very diligent study to really be able to just start the discussion at any level of technical detail. So, if this is what you want to know, then I have already posted it, many times. I suggest you start with a google search of the terms: “bob dennis ices pemf”

PEMF marketers try to sell you their over-priced systems by telling you that even non-technical people can understand this easily, and then they make up impressive words and phrases that have no scientific meaning to dazzle you with their pseudo-scientific jargon so that you will write a big check for their “amazing” technology. The term you mention, “gated wave”, is a kind of combination of engineering terms, but it has no real meaning in the context they use it. It is jargon intended to fool you into believing that they are doing something complex, which they are not. They simply use transistors to turn waves on and off.

As far as other technologies and companies go, this is the general truth:

None of the current PEMF companies actually have a real scientist on staff. All of them make and sell variations of old systems, typically from old Soviet Eastern Bloc countries back in the 1970’s, or they sell a pirated copy of one of my systems. The truth is that these systems do work, sort of, with more or less efficiency, but they make wild fraudulent claims and they are way over-priced. The two companies/products you mention fall into the former category.

But none of these companies so far as I know have a comprehensive testing program to assure quality compliance, waveform shape, or anything like that. Some batches of their products seem to work better than others because they do not understand their products and therefore they do not test them to tune and control the key electro-magnetic parameters for biological effects.

And on top of this, new PEMF companies pop up all the time, then grab some money and promptly disappear. You really can not police all of this. They don’t even know what they are doing, so how could anyone be reasonably expected to sort out all of the technical details for all of them and keep them all in line regarding quality, claims, testing, etc? There is no way.

Here is my approach:

1- Sort through the science of PEMF, in all languages, across all time. This task required about 10 years of work.

2- Try to make sense of it all, run experiments, make and test designs. This task took more than a decade.

3- Make a PEMF product that has the best possible biological effect, with well-defined PEMF parameters, at the highest value (quality/cost), lowest size and mass for portable use which seems to be best for 95% of people, lowest energy (safest), and highest efficiency.

4- Remove the middle-men and marketers to keep the cost as low as possible, then simply tell the truth about PEMF. Some people will appreciate what I am doing, some will not.

I appreciate the extra time.
You have to know that I’ve probably spent about 12 hours just this week searching for answers through the forum, your website and some of your videos.
I know Curatron has been in business for many years. Their website is nothing impressive, and they have other websites that are no longer in use. One of their founders – who I’ve spoke to at length on the phone and emails – claims to an electronics geek, but that’s all I really know other than they started out with sun lamps then somehow got hooked up with a dude in Israel who claims to have made devices used in the medical field, based on his studies in electronics and biomedical engineering.

This whole thing just does my head in.

I just wish I could get a small mat that hits half the areas of my body, then I move it and it hits the other half.

Would it be okay for me to use any audio splitter, say if I go to Microcenter today?

I looked at so many things, I couldn’t keep up with it all, and I just re-realized last night you had a bundle that would have probably saved me money. I’m in pain in so many areas of my body I just wanted to get started.

I got the unit and the wall plug in, and with MD tax it brought the price up although I didn’t have to pay for shipping.

Thank you

I am really trying to help you. Please take this to heart:

PEMF marketers abuse well-meaning people who just want to understand PEMF before making a big investment by filling their heads with nonsense and the false belief that PEMF can be easily understood and they have the secret. They are just abusing people, so the longer you spend talking to them and trying to untangle their lies, the deeper they pull you in, and the greater their harm. You obviously can sense this: these sketchy characters, sell described “geeks”, poking around with different until they can find a racket to make a buck.

A small mat that really works on a whole body, or even half of a body, is hard to find. I don’t really build those because it is opposite to what I think works best for most people: focal, portable PEMF. So, when a small mat is needed, I defer to my friend Bill Pawluk and take his advice. I do not think there are other, lower-cost alternatives to the ones he can direct you to.

But here is a tip that might help you: most people seem to respond pretty well to focal PEMF applied to the point of greatest pain. When you reduce this area, other painful areas start to resolve as well. So, I suggest that you focus on the worst areas, not try chasing pain all over your body. That usually seems to work best.

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I appreciate your honesty.
Of course, you could be lying too lol … but I gotta trust someone here and I’d much rather save the money I will get from the settlement. Then the price was going up next month and there’s these blanket shipping costs that you pay no matter how small the size is. Like hundreds of dollars. This is when my red flags went up. To “save” I would have to get everything at once. Like I said, I have had some benefit with Sota, but it’s very inconvenient.

Again, will any audio splitter work with the A9 or do I have to use yours specifically? Thanks again.

PS I don’t really think you are lying btw. Just my dry humor.
I did actually think for a moment this morning about whether doing one or two areas would help resolve the others. I do think I am dealing with degeneration but I will try this.

If you could just let me know about the splitter … ty

The audio splitters we sell are tested: they fit and they work with the A9.
If you buy a different audio splitter, it may fit, it may not. It may work, it may not.

I tested all of the ones available from amazon.com about 4 years ago. Most did not work, many did not fit properly.

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Okay, so it’s an issue of conducting and fitting. I didn’t want to mess up the unit.


-some of the splitters actually have different internal wiring (non-standard), so they do not conduct the ICES-PEMF signal properly.

-some splitters have faulty wiring that just does not work at all

-some have poor quality connectors that degrade the signal quality

And the A9 has a half-ring of plastic to support the audio connector physically so that it does not break off when people put it in their pocket. For it to physically support the connector, it has to physically fit. This means it has to be the right size (the plastic part, not just the electrical contact). If the plastic part of the audio splitter is the wrong size, one of two things will happen:
1- if it is too small, it will not be supported well and will likely break.
2- If it is too large, it simply will not fit.

All of these products change, all the time, so I advise that people buy the ones we have tested and verified.

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okay, thank you for your time this morning. I’m glad I asked.

Hi Bob, how does one go about buying your PEMF devices for resale? Do you offer wholesale pricing?