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How to triage use?

Hello Everyone,

My hubby and I just purchased the M1- which I couldnt be more excited about! I had been researching PEMF devices on and off for the last 4 years and we never purchased one because of the high price tags on most of the big commercial units (we had a wellness center and were considering a unit for professional use in our center). Then I stumbled across an interview (no clue how old it was) with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Bob and had to purchase the M1 immediately.

We both have a number of old chronic pain injuries (hubby is martial arts instructor for last 50 years and was in the Army for 20+ years). How do you triage where to start with the treatment?

For example with my hubby; (not to get into a medical history or anything, but here is a brief “example synopsis”) he had an extensive knee rebuild 30+ years ago which is quite painful, also has wrist and shoulder issues (old injuries-dislocations, breaks etc), back pain (parachute didnt open on a jump in airborne school) and also suffers from periodic migraines etc etc

Is there any recommendation on where to start using it? Which body part or ailment to treat first? We are also interested in using it for general health and brain function as well.

We bought only one unit, the M1 as our “test unit” for us both to try and will most assuredly be purchasing an additional unit in the near future, as im sure it will be difficult to “share” the unit :smiley:

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance for your help and wisdom. Have a beautiful day!!

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Welcome to the ICES PEMF fluxhealth community! Which area would allow him to become more active the most / feel really pleased to keep on using it?

Thanks for the response (and the welcome). I think that would depend on the day LOL. So for a barage of old injuries, just use it on whatever hurts the most at the time or whatever is causing the biggest mobility, or quality of life issues, at the present moment? It isnt necessary to say do the back first? Or the oldest injury first? We are both VERY active, for example, still teach martial arts, lift weights, yoga and have a mini farm that we work all by ourselves etc, but we both live life with a lot of chronic pain that 30+ years of Yoga practice (and teaching) has not been able to put at bay. Thanks again for the response.

If you can, I’d carry a bag of 6 batteries and swap them out every 2-3 hours using Alpha or Omni 8 on Power 9 and pick one area and use it literally nearly 24 hours a day until that specific area feels better (this may take several weeks or more, then use it double that length of time on that same area to “anchor” the area in that healthy state). I also recommending keep a journal of pain score (eg. 1- 10 10 being extreme pain) per body part and track how the pain is each day. There will be both local and systemic effects. Please be sure to report back your findings.

Don’t forget to try to pulse the dry seeds for your next plantings - Dr. Bob has a great study he published on this. Also, search the forum for pulsing water and drinking that. ICES PEMF is incredibly cool and helpful.


WOW!!! INCREDIBLE info!! THANK YOU!!! Any clue where to find Dr. Bob’s study? Or what the title is so I can look for it? Would LOVE to read that. I will go buy more batteries now, this is another wonderful suggestion. Im BEYOND excited to try it all, and pulsing the water (and seeds) is brilliant!!!

I can see that we are going to need to purchase another unit stat LOL. Would you recommend us getting another M1 or is there another unit you think we should look at? I was a personal trainer, massage therapist, yoga instructor for 25+ years. Mostly retired now and we recently had a wellness center (but never got it opened fully as we were slated to open in early March '20). I’ve always LOVED healing modalities, have tried a large number of different equipment over the years for my business. Originally we purchased the M1 because of all the different programs and settings it can do.

In your opinion would we benefit from having 2 different units or from each of us simply having our own personal M1 unit? And THANK you again for all your time and assistance, it is greatly appreciated.

Here is the ICES PEMF plant seed study:

Maybe try an A9, since it is cheaper, and see if that form factor (that’s the key difference) works for you? I own 2 M1s plus a C5. My almost 14 yr old dog sleeps on the C5 daily above his pillow/ under the pillow cover. I am thinking of getting an A9 to pulse the tank of AquaTru Undersink Reverse Osmosis with Alkaline Remineralization water filter. It seems we always have 1 or 2 of us needing to use the M1s.

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welcome to the group!

when i have wanted to treat different areas I’d do my back side (lower back, shoulder, neck, liver etc) at night since it’s so easy to just sleep on it. during the day I’d split between 2 or even 3 areas running the unit are 3-4 hours per area.

once i found this actually helped my different areas, situations, and even family members, 8 bought another a9…4 a9s (for family) later, i got an m1 and then a c5 that i ended up giving to my parents bc they got benefit from that and better sleep… so now I’m saving up my pennies for one day getting another c5 or the mat of @Bob magically has one ready for market by the time i have the money ready!

if and when you find this works well for you guys, I’m sure your husband will benefit greatly with a c5 to hit multiple locations overnight! :+1:t4:

thanks again @TajD appreciate all the info. I have a 9 year old service dog (English Labrador) who is starting to feel some aches and pains from jumping in and out of our SUV for so many years of work etc. I read some of your posts on using the C5 on dogs. I was going to use our unit on him as well. Im really very interested in this application as well. I like the A9 suggestion too, im sure i can use both the M1 and the A9 on my Lab as well?

Did your parents have any issues learning to use the C5? Im trying to talk my 89 year old Aunt into one but she is very concerned she wont be able to see or learn to operate the controls. I read on other forms that they recommend the A9 for that reason, since you have experience with all 3 of the units (M1, A9, C5) do you think she would have issues with operating or seeing the controls to operate the C5 unit? Im a total “Pusher” of this technology on my family LOL Thanks again for the comment and for the info.

C5 is basically 4 M1s packaged in an enclosure and synchronized together. This allows for more coils (like a mat). A9 and M1 default protocol are same/similar - so any of the above will work well in my experience.

The default settings on @Bob’s technology just work, so I don’t think any setting modification is necessary at all. If you visit your Aunt, you can change protocols from Alpha to Omni 8 and back so you rotate protocols to prevent habituation, but honestly we haven’t see habituation happen for our family plus our nearly 14 year old pup. Default settings have worked great and continue to work great.

Thanks again for the useful info. I am now looking forward to testing everything out and purchasing another unit! Keep you posted!

haha ya… I’m a pusher of this tech myself… the a9 unfortunately didn’t work for alleviating pain for sciatica, so after a good month of trying they stopped and everyone in that group prolly doesn’t think it works is my guess. I’m bummed about that… another family friend had sciatica but i didn’t know how to instruct them properly back then… they ended up getting an epidural… my wife has sporadic back issues but she’s terrible at being consistent with use … she has benefited with other things we’ve used… she’s just a terrible patient haha

for my parents i set it in Omni and 10 power level… maybe every other month I’ll change it to another setting, but Omni seems to be just fine. they use it every night when they sleep … my mom’s been happy with having deeper rests sleeps without waking up at night.

my dad hasn’t noticed any big change as he sleeps fine and doesn’t have any current pains to deal with

Understand about the bad patient part LOL i have a bunch of family members who are horrible patients-one of them is a retired Doctor go figure HA! Thanks for weighing in on everything, now I just have to trial and error. Will ask more questions if i need some more help. Thanks everyone for helping out this newbie :slight_smile:

Hi, I have an A9 and an Aquatru countertop RO filter

Can I use A9 on my water?

on my ro system, i found the reservoir bladder of my tank and applied double stacked coils set at M to pulse my water. i know it’s working when i actually taste the difference before ices and after ices water… it’s notably… “sharper” is the word I’d use. standard ro water I’ve noticed is very flat/bland

Seems link you could put the coils around the countertop RO plastic filtered water tank and see if you notice a difference.

May I ask a question about batteries. I’d like to have extra on hand, do they store well? I know some batteries corrode.

I purchased these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0777S5LHR/ and they have done really well. Obviously I don’t expose them to high temperatures. I keep them in a ziplock bag and charge them. Pretty much uneventful. One of the 6 batteries I have showed swelling so I stopped using it - the others are working great. I have recharged them each several hundred times.

I dont have RO, i have a well and a gravity filter system, But im SO going to try this!!! Just too cool!!!