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How effective could PEMF be for strengthening weak connective tissue, damaged/lax ligaments in the upper cervical spine?

Hey guys,

Im very curious to know if anyone has had any success with using ICES PEMF for Ehlers danlos syndrome induced ligamentous laxity of the upper cervical spine, such as craniocervical instability?

From either wear and tear, trauma or both?

Attached is a screenshot of someone who successfully treated their craniocervical instability with Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), along with various peptides and physical therapy.

If your interested in looking deeper into this I’d be happy to share :slight_smile:

Does anyone know why using FSM may or may not be better than ICES PEMF at playing a large part in restoring damaged/weakened connective tissue?

Many thanks

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I’m interested in this topic as well. This is a popularly discussed solution in the ME/CFS patients who are affected by craniocervical instability.

have you tried supplementing with collagen peptides? we lose 1% production of collagen starting from 20-25 as we age each year. collagen is further used up by other factors (ie, sun, injuries, etc) over the years. by the time we’re in our late 40s, we begin to get the deficiency in joint pain, loss of flexibility in our joints, skin elasticity, hair and nails… collagen makes up 1/3 the protein type in our bodies and we are impacted systemically with all kinds of symptoms that can compound other health related issues.

on a side note (alternative health perspective), i have found diatomaceous earth very helpful in boosting collagen production… it’s been such a nice and cheap supplement to help offset loss of collagen

definitely think collagen peptides would help alongside pemf

@OptimalHealth do you recommend a particular product for the collage peptides? I fall on the Ehlers Danlos spectrum with multiple collagen double homozygous gene mutations that has led to lots of joint laxity and many ligament challenges. M1 has helped a lot, so has Flexcin, and also a vibration plate to build up strength around my knees.

i tell everyone who’s too reluctant to take de to specifically look for collagen peptides (most bioavailable form). sorry, i don’t have a brand to recommend. i use de and have been using daily for 4 years non stop with great results.

funny incident… when i first took de… after 2 weeks my wife noticed my skin looked better (glowing? :man_shrugging:)… she asked me if i was finally using her products (she’s always pushed her skin products on me to help mitigate the harshness is aging).

my nails have gotten stronger and grow faster… look healthier… sideburns used to stop growing, now grow evenly like the rest of my head haha… wrinkle lines actually look finer and deep smile lines have reduced in appearance… I’m a lifer👍🏽

Is de diatomaceous earth? Never thought of taking that other than temporarily as a binder. What brand are you using and how much do you take per day?

i have heard there are only 3 main mining cos that wholesale to a variety of brands… the one i go to direct is perma guard https://www.perma-guard.com/perma-guard-fossil-shell-flour-1lb-bag-4.html

pennies on the dollar for collagen production!

when you start, don’t make the mistake of taking 1Tbsp… you want to start low and slow. some are conservative and start at 1/8 tsp for 2wks and that is completely fine. i started at 1/4 tsp for 2wks and then doubled every 2wks… that’s the general progression. if you get detox effects, you can skip a day or 2 and go back to the dose you were progressing from for another 2 weeks then go up by 1/2 tsp every 2weeks instead of doubling.

the rule of thumb is 1Tbsp per 100lbs of weight. I’ve gone up to 7-8Tbsp for 20 days, then ran out… after that i bought the 50lb bag haha… I’m currently at 2T but plan to scale back up to 8T for a 45 day run to purge some gut stuff.

love this stuff… it’s the dirt bag of youth! :slight_smile:

I am interested in the article about how this person treated their CCI with microcurrent therapy. Please attach a link. I also have CCI. I am using the ICES device and about to use it at least an hour a day to see if any benefit. I do know it helps with pain but not sure about ligament healing. Ligaments are hard to heal due to being avascular.

As a physician I prescribe binders like de for several different conditions but never heard of this use for collagen. Any idea what the mechanism is, how it helps. Have you experienced any of the GI motility side effects seen with other binders?

i never thought it would affect my hair growth, wrinkles in skin lessened, nails healthy and strong (they no longer break when i tighten small flathead screws :astonished:)… i googled around to how de (or silica) could boost collagen. maybe it’s not collagen, but what helps skin, hair, nails, and joints if it’s not collagen?

in the de forum, people talk of leaky gut, colitis and the like improving/healed… however, that may just be that it helps the gut biome and any other factors (ie, pathogens) that may cause those problems. but how to explain all the similar areas of improvement that collagen supplementation affects?

so, yes, i am assuming it boosts collagen levels for lack of knowing mechanism of action

i have also heard horsetail, bamboo, and biosil have same results… it’s the silica (the common thread)

Hey Caroline, how have you got on with using the ICES device? Has it helped CCI at all? Many thanks

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a natural source of collagen, and collagen building blocks is bone broth. search the web on how to make your own bone broth using a slow cooker.
then, when making any food, instead of water, add you home made bone broth.
I also purchase bone broth from the supermarket to have it available if a ran out of homemade bone broth, but it has preservatives and other stuff that may be is no good for health so I try to make it home made every time is posible.

The FSM info is not accurate. Just to clarify, the lady in the article healed her CCI with a peptide called GHK and not the FSM. The FSM was later used to detether the cord. Here’s the link to the article for further info.

@Caroline – how are you feeling? Is your neck better with ICES? Or are you pursing peptides like GHK or regenerative medicine like prolotherapy? Did you do a dmx to confirm laxity? Thanks