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Focal motor seizures

Bob or anyone in the group… my 12 year old Border Collie has been having Focal motor seizures for about a year now that manifest in his lower jaw clattering at a high rate of speed. He isnt in pain but can not sleep while they persist. The vet has him on human epilepsy medication 3 time a day. The meds help but are becoming less and less effective. The other night when he had a particularly violent attack I put the PEMF on the rear of his skull and noticed an almost immediate reduction in the clattering and completely stopping with in about 5 minutes. I have done this 3 times now with similar results. Because of the random nature of these episodes I am not certain that it is not coincidence. I will certainly continue to try this treatment and am about to buy him his own unit to wear all the time. I would like some input from the group about how this may be working. Is the PEMF interrupting the errant brainwaves? Is it reducing inflammation allowing the medication to be more effective? Is it reducing inflammation that is pressing on a nerve or tumor. Appreciate any comments or input possibly similar experience. Thanks in advance!


@Bob may be best to explain as I’ve yet to see any explanation of how it affects the brain. all i know is that it reduces inflammation and perhaps, that is helping so that any pressure from inflammation no longer triggers the a part of the brain that causes the symptom. :man_shrugging:

I am glad to know that seems to be helping.
The mechanisms of action of the vast majority of mainstream medical treatments are actually not well understood, but we tend to fool ourselves into thinking they are.
As for the PEMF effects that you might be seeing on your dog, you can use some deductive reasoning:
If it were just “interrupting” an errant signal, then as soon as you stop using it, the errant signal should start dominating again fairly quickly.
If it is having a more fundamental effect, then it might be expected to become more durable with time as the fundamental problem is corrected.
We see this with PEMF and chronic pain for example: unlike almost everything (read: everything) offered by modern mainstream medicine, PEMF tends to have a durable, long-term (days) effect on reducing pain, whereas all of the “pain blockers” lose effect quickly, and tend to lose effectiveness with continued use.
So, that might give you some insight into the possible mechanism.
I would hypothesize that it is a beneficial effect of reduced cranial inflammation. But we do not know for sure.
The main things are this:
1- Does it consistently help your dog?
2- Are there any undesirable side effects?
3- Are the effects durable (hours longer than the PEMF application)?
4- Does the required PEMF dosage go up, stay the same, or reduce with continued use over the course of weeks or months?


My 2 yo doberman started having focal seizures Dec 2020. He is actually sensitive to EMFs I have since discovered (as am I) and we were living temporarily in an area surrounded by tons of wifi from neighbours (we previously lived in the country with no neighbours) and 5G.
He has had a different type of seizure previous to that where he would be falling over, drooling, total personality change (fearful even of us), vomit sometimes, won’t eat or drink. With the focal seizures CBD oil 15mg dose AM and PM helps immensely. During a seizure the CBD oil at 30mg dose stops the seizure immediately. I mean immediately. If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t have believed how fast it had an effect. The worst one he had was when we were at someones house for an hour and I didn’t know they had 5G. After we left he had a seizure for 10 minutes that the CBD (and Rescue Remedy the vet prescribed as well) did not stop right away. I have used the A9 on his collar and I do believe this helps. I would do it more often if I could without him wrecking it. When he got a respiratory infection during this time, his breathing was so bad I was scared he was in real trouble. Putting the PEMF on him helped with this as well.

We are building a house and will not have any wifi, or neighbours, just ethernet plugged in.
We were also hiking at a 22,000 acre park in January 2021 and during the 4 hrs came near a cell tower in the park and we both became really sick. My thighs ached, nauseous, dizzy, ovary pain (one of my symptoms of EHS -electrical hypersensitivity), just felt overall terrible. The dog had one of his other types of seizures, ataxia, drooling, jumpy. We both felt better as we got far enough from the cell tower.

No prescription meds for the seizures, but doing heavy metal detox with Lugols Iodine (6 drops in his water daily) as those with higher levels of metals have EHS, and also homeopathy with an expert vet. He was having seizures numerous times a day, now he has maybe 2 a month that stop immediately. My vet had a few other supplement suggestions (thiamine, DMG, and a detox herb mix that I did get but I have since found out chlorella and cilantro can mobilize mercury from the tissues and cause it to go the the brain and not have it leave the body and then you have huge problems). I love cilantro but found last year eating it regularly for 6 months it was causing me immense small intestine pain and increase in my EHS symptoms.

Also flea meds, internal or topical and vaccines are huge neurotoxins that causes seizures. This is a KNOWN symptom. My dog has never had flea meds. And only had vaxs to move out of the country.

At least turn your wifi off at night for as many hours as possible and if you aren’t home, turn it off as your dog is exposed to it 24/7. A timer is great so you don’t forget. It will go right back on no problem. I have to wear my A9 or M1 almost full time to negate the EMF effects when I go out. I first discovered this when I slept with the coils under my jaw…my nose did not run for 3 hours on waking for several days. Stopped using it and the congestion/sneezing/runny nose came back immediately. My ovary pain from EMFs I’ve had increasingly worse for 3 years is gone after about 10 minutes of A9 on it, and completely gone when I keep my cell off and wifi off.

BTW, dogs cannot tolerate THC in CBD oil at all. They are sensitive to THC even if it is not heated in the green plant. My vet got me https://www.wellpetdispensary.com/for-dogs/rx-coriolus/
You can buy it there or at a few other places online. My friend actually had a CBD company and made me a high strength 5000mg of active CBD in a 1oz bottle so I only need to give 2 drops, or 4 during a seizure. CBD dosages are all over the place from different companies, and some are misleading. But you want NO THC at all. The prescription meds are only masking things and the chemicals making things worse. I would try to get to the root cause. Eliminate all chemicals and toxins topically and in food (kibble), reduce EMFs. I also feed raw food for 21 yrs now to my dogs which is very important. The vet I use does do work over phone calls though I was lucky to be local and see him in person but it is not necessary. There are likely numerous factors that need to be addressed but these steps are a big start.

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