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Essential Tremor

Curious if anyone here has tried treating Essential Tremor?

have you tried ices coils on your head?

Dr. Pawluk has that as a topic and it gives information of how it was used in a study.

They used 1 pps and tried the locations of the cerebellum and over the motor cortex.

Share with us how it goes. They were getting 52% reduction in symptoms and I am not sure how they measured that, but it sounds like PEMF is promising for it.

Focused ultrasound is the other thing which seems to be used nowadays.

Wow, nice find - I will check it out! Thanks!

“Since the intensity of the PEMFs used in most essential tremor research was done using very high intensity systems—usually greater than 1.5 Tesla—it is likely that longer term, regular treatment with lower intensity PEMF systems—between 0.5 Tesla and 1 Tesla—will be needed to produce similar results.”

Please correct me if I’m mistaken, but according to my understanding of Dr. Dennis info, there is no scientific basis to support the pemf device intensities specified above. The idea that professional tms is using the best or most efficient equipment to do tms has not been proven . Therefore the ices devices may provide similar or better results?


Bob can answer that himself, but he already has pointed out that just because studies use something successfully doesn’t mean that the researchers chose the optimal settings.

I tend to start with studies or with sites like Dr. Pawluk because it is a starting point. They give things like mechanisms. I do tend to read methodology looking for proof of concept as a way to start my own process.

But we are all self-hackers here hoping to learn from each other and, yes, it is highly likely that more than one thing works.

He did use TMS as an example where the professional TMS is so powerful and intense that it can cause seizures, but his device is a gentler way of doing the process, without as much risk.

I have had so much value to my brain using the M-1 without all of the side effects and without the cost.

I used to be highly suicidal and haven’t been in the past 20 years, but TMS is an area, which I keep track of “just in case” and what still frustrates me is that to get it done professionally, you have to go to psychiatrists and go on psych meds and then fail to get better with a few of those. That process can take years and cost thousands of dollars before they even let you try TMS. Once you get there, it is going to a facility and spending tens of thousands of dollars and missing work and it is all under the control of psych professionals and I don’t trust them with my brain.

I walked myself out of depression and anxiety and hallucinations and Alzheimer’s symptoms and things keep improving without meds and I would not do the process the professionals have set up. I am doing things like nutrition and PEMF, which they don’t even acknowledge.

I don’t want them in charge of my process ever.

Not to mention the reality that they want my money and I do not make enough money to do their process.

Since the M1 is rated at 170 tesla (1.7 million gauss) per sec, does that mean it’s 100 times stronger in some way than the 1.5 tesla unit used in tms?

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Not really. Our ICES-PEMF system uses and generates many times less power, but it is more useful power. TMS systems are generally about 100 to 1000 times more powerful if you use the right calculations, and the result is they cause neuronal depolarization, seizures about 0.5% of the time, and the consensus among practitioners (as I interpret it) is that the level of power for that clinical application that is approved for use is 10 to 100 times too high, but now that it is approved for that use, it is very hard for them to correct that problem and use the best (much lower) power setting.

But the major flaw in your math is that you are comparing a rate (T/s) with a peak value (T). That is like asking which is farther, 10 miles, or 5 miles per hour?

You are missing the time value. 10 miles is a lot less far than 5 miles per hour for, say 5 hours. That would be 5 x 5 = 25 miles.

But 5 miles per hour for 10 seconds is a lot shorter a distance than 10 miles.

So, to compare a rate to a peak value, you need to include a time for the rate. In our case, it changes the numbers by more than 1000. And to make a really accurate comparison, you need calculus.

But, as I have been saying for many years, it is the rate, not the peak magnetic field that matters physiologically, so it is absolutely impossible to compare just a peak value with a properly designed PEMF waveform. If that were the case, and all that mattered was the peak, then everyone could buy a strong magnet for $1.50, and the discussion would be over. Those tiny magnets are many times more powerful than any PEMF system when you compare the peak magnetic field.

So, comparisons of peak magnetic fields are completely, utterly meaningless. Many more things must be considered in the calculations.

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