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"Electrical jolts to brain restored memory of elderly to that of 20-year-old"

Can any setting on the M1 duplicate this?

If not, how complex would be to build such a set up (regarding electrical jolts) out of arduino parts?

None of our ICES-PEMF systems do this directly; that is, this method (as reported) of using direct electrical shocks to the head by electrical conduction are a pretty crude and old-fashioned method, more than a century old in fact. This is the main reason that scientific experiments using this crude method are often contradictory.

Our ICES-PEMF systems induce electrical currents in deep tissues. This method is much more reliable and about 1000 to 10,000 times more efficient than conductive electrical stimulation of tissues. So, our systems would be inducing electrical currents in brain tissue, but they are much more efficient and uniform, so you would probably not feel anything. It is unknown if the effects would be the same, better, or less.

Can ICES-PEMF penetrate the skull and reach the brain tissue?

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(that is the simple answer, but posts must be at least 20 characters long, so this is just filler text)

@Bob, have you heard any anecdotes on people seeing positive effects of using ICES PEMF on their loved one with cerebral palsy? Seems like the ability of ICES PEMF to reach brain tissue could be helpful.

I have not heard anything specific about it.

Is there anyone that you know of using it on the :brain:?
Where do they put it and for how long ? This is really interesting

Yes, many people do use it on the brain.

The best example of this is a video I posted last week involving Parkinson’s Disease:

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