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Depression/ Brain inflammation

I am curious if anyone used device to treat depression and brain inflammation. I personally had a HHV-7 that caused neuronal death proven my scar tissue on MRI, also had an autoimmune encephalitis (so doctor says at least), which has put me into pretty miserable state for the past 10 years.

I noticed that red light puts me in a better mood, and am still experimenting with ICES - I think TMS is giving me some positive effect, but I still need to reflect.

I would appreciate any personal experiences shared and also recommendations.

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I have done it and, yes, it has been successful. I have also used red light and a nasal light. Yes, you want to decrease inflammation and increase circulation. Diet matters because inflammation is the cause of most depression, which you have already mentioned in your title. I combined ICES with Whole Food Plant Based emphasizing a lot of vegetables, based on studies by doctors like Dr. Ornish. Dr. Greger has videos on food versus depression. No matter what, the ICES gets the antioxidants into the brain better than the vegetables by themselves. Plus, it lowers inflammation by itself.

As far as I can tell, the coil position matters. I have used the TMS setting on the spot which they do real TMS. I went to the studies on PubMed, then, I Googled it and they showed where they put it.

It definitely helped. So did the red light and nasal light and a combination of the three.

My nasal light is just a sinus light from Amazon, which says it has the same wavelength as VieLight. Not sure about that type of thing, but it does increase circulation.

I think you are on the right track. Lower the inflammation and make sure you get enough nutrition and things like Vitamin D.

I am eating broccoli sprouts, broccoli, kale, beets, blueberries, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots and other vegetables every day.

I know for sure that I am getting deep brain healing. I lost social anxiety and self-consciousness and I added in a lot of Drs. Bredesen, Amen and Hymen’s information, making sure I get enough fats from foods like nuts and seeds and avocados. I don’t use oil. But that is because I chose Whole Food Plant Based as the main diet that I am doing and that is because Dr. Ornish and Dr. Barnard and Dr. Esselstyn succeeded so well with so many studies and I was not someone who lost weight eating oil. I threw up when I tried to use coconut oil in things like coffee or smoothies or directly and didn’t lose anything while using oils in cooking. I accidentally bought a plant-milk with oil and started gaining weight and didn’t understand why. I am explaining it because some people go Keto and some people go Paleo and some people go Whole Food Plant Based and there are reasons why they choose one over another. I have healed so many conditions already with Whole Food Plant Based even while not using the M-1 and I separately healed so many conditions using the M-1 before I went Whole Food Plant Based, so I am confident that both work breathtakingly well.


I used longer times and lower power settings on the Vagal nerve and with that, I used other settings than TMS. Gamma is one I use a lot and Schuman 4. (I switch what I use on the vagal nerve because I don’t want habituation.)

I used TMS setting at a higher power on the Prefrontal cortex.

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Thanks for sharing. did you put the coils above the ears on the sides of the head like the diagram in this link? https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1877065715000792

What number power setting were you using on the M1?


Hi Doug,

I have used that coil position, for sure.

Keep reading articles, for sure. For instance, if you read some, you will find that people’s brains aren’t exactly the same, so positions may vary and that some countries have stimulated the cortexes differently and had different results. There are also different theories of where in the brain depression is. Read as many articles as you can stand and then, try things. That is one I did try.

When I was doing that position, I tended to use TMS at 7 or 8 setting when I am on TMS for a half hour then, working to an hour. I use have also used a much lower intensity, barely on, if I am doing it at night because I am sound sensitive.

I feel like you are on the right track reading the studies.


Because I have the deeper coils, right now, I am experimenting more with things like trying to aim at the caudate nucleus and the ventral striatum. Those were sites, which intrigued me because they were mentioned for depression and executive function and autism.

I haven’t been as depressed for a long time, but I am trying to heal executive function while staying not depressed and while keeping the gains I have had in social anxiety.

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