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Cortical rhythms Alzheimers /Autism/Dementia

I have been looking at the cortical rhythms related to Alzheimer’s.

I know that MIT has done studies with pulsing gamma light and pulsing gamma sound, which successfully caused the immune system of the brain to begin cleaning the brain.

I have started using Binaural Beats and playing with the cortical rhythms of the M-1 based on that reality.

I started finding information on the cortical rhythm differences between Alzheimer’s and Vascular dementia and Dr. Pawluck wrote about it on his site.

Here is a PubMed article which I was looking at

Interestingly to me, it was when I did alpha binaural beats and M-1 that I had my recent social anxiety brain breakthrough.

Here is one talking about the topic related to Autism.

Has anyone played with the cortical rhythms?

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would love to know more @ how to “I have started using Binaural Beats and playing with the cortical rhythms of the M-1 based on that reality.” I just read that 2016 MIT study as well! and there is an article about it from 2017. I’ll post both links. https://news.mit.edu/2016/visual-stimulation-treatment-alzheimer-1207?fbclid=IwAR0XpsFubpNO2dBL-cJ61e94EQVnyz2U7Gxi2IrZcByWp3q9ub2N0DlV-dI

MIT neuroscientist Li-Huei Tsai is hoping to vanquish the disease with simple LEDs.

will look forward to info about how to work with the M-1. TIA.

I have not tried any of that. Sounds interesting! What are you using for binaural beats?

Yes, I have read that.

I bought a gamma light kit for $40.

After that, I found out that there is an App for pulsing gamma and that there is a YouTube video, which calls itself pulsing gamma light for Alzheimer’s patients, plus there are plugs to make your house lamps pulse gamma.

The Binaural Beats are on YouTube and there are also Apps for that.

I am trying more than gamma, but gamma is one I am doing. The M-1 has a gamma setting, which I pair with a YouTube gamma binaural beat and I have tried the various gamma flashing lights.

My brain is improving, but I am also doing the nutritional things like decreasing cholesterol and increasing Lutein and I have been doing Dr. Bredesen’s list. Silica water - 1 liter of Fiji water per day for 12 weeks - got rid of my hallucinations and I know that controlling for Homocysteine and controlling my blood sugar and correcting my copper/zinc balance also helped. Trying to sleep at night. Still not great on that, but the M-1 works when I actually get in bed and turn it on. For some reason I am so wide awake at night and don’t have a sense of what time it is, so I am blowing the sleep factor. I have tried Serrapeptase and other things, like 13 hours of intermittent fasting.

I can point to some things like going Whole Food Plant Based to get rid of Diabetes and drinking Fiji water and supplementing B-12 and eating plant foods with the rest of the B-vitamins to control my Homocysteine levels all have helped some. Increasing blood flow to the brain has helped some. Those all have measurable results. I was so out of my mind that if I had been posting on here back before I started everything, you would have thought I was out of my mind and you would have been right.

I have a nasal light and infrared and I am working on brain plasticity. (Why should stroke patients get all the plasticity?) I may have had a stroke 6 or 7 years ago, though I do not know and now I have brought my brain so far back that I don’t want to spend the money to find out. I just am changing my diet to not have it happen again.


There are a lot of YouTube videos. Some are beautiful and some pierce your eardrums. I just looked for ones that I liked.

There are also Apps, though at least one of the free Apps were “You get what you pay for” level of quality. One had a ridiculous windshield wiper recording, which may be gamma, but I do not trust that person at all.

Thanks, Deb! appreciate the info~. I’ll have to look for the Gamma setting on the M-1.
wishing you continued improvement!

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Regarding your sleep issue, I can recommend taking galacto-oligosaccharides. I now take twice the recommended dose, and I literally sleep like a baby! It takes several days initially for the sleep effect to begin, but, once the intestinal bacteria have increased in number sufficiently, the effect is miraculous!

Thanks, Jayess!

I have been doing a lot of work with my gut microbiome.

Mostly things like eating beans and lentils and resistant starch and as wide a range of organic only fruit and vegetables.

I am currently doing Whole Food Plant Based and I am doing vegan right now and I am pretty sure the product you are speaking about is from milk, but I appreciate every suggestion very much.

The M-1 on Delta or Theta do help me sleep like a baby. When I remember to actually get to bed. I just don’t have a good sense of what time it is at all.

I test 27% on that function according to the Brain Gauge.

I like learning and I love that you are giving me things to look up. Thank you very much!

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Thanks for the encouragement NYdogmom!

I will tell you that there was a time when I was basically mute and out of my mind and I was annoying people so much sending bizarre emails to them that people were blackballing me and I can’t even explain how bad everything got. I remember communicating that my brain had exploded and I remember everybody running away metaphorically and literally. Life has gotten so much better and each thing that I learn helps. I learn about things like saffron or essential oils aromatherapy or making sure that I am not Vitamin D or B12 insufficient.

Each thing is helping, but the recent breakthrough with social anxiety has been such a big breakthrough.

This morning, a male stranger came to my front door while I was just waking up and I was able to come to the door and interact with him enjoyably for about 20 minutes. I have separated myself socially for the most of 6 years and now I have had 6 or 7 highly positive days of social interactions with total strangers both male and female. That is fascinating to me.

I am pressing into this thing.


bettereveryday! wow! , you have been through so much ! praying for your continued healing!

Thank you so much NYdogmom, I appreciate every prayer that I get!

I am smiling because one of the strangers I interacted with was a very sweet Jewish woman who dialed a wrong number because she was mostly blind from cataracts and glaucoma and she had been crying and she and I talked for a few hours and she happened to need so much of the information I have been researching and after giving her the 50th answer to the 50th question, she started praying blessings over me and I am still smiling about that part. She was such a sweetheart. So was the man who showed up today. I love that I have been having so many good conversations. Life is getting better every day. It really is.

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@ better everyday! No such thing as accidents, eh? Such a happy wrong number. Don’t you just wish you could reach through the phone and give people a hug?


THAT is exactly what I was thinking. This sweet-hearted almost blind woman has kidney cancer and diabetes and asked me if I knew where she could get a 17 times magnifier. The doctors didn’t tell her that she could reverse her diabetes with diet. They didn’t tell her the options for the kidney cancer either. Not even immunotherapy or freezing the tumor instead of taking out her kidney. I hate that part about medical model. There are so many things worth trying and they aren’t going to tell this sweet women anything at all. I am going to end up calling her back to see if she could figure out how to get the “SuperVision App” so she could turn a tablet into a magnifier. I did tell her about PEMF. Hoping she can make a tumor treating field or change her diet enough or get cryo. Her tumor was small enough that if she could get to Johns Hopkins they would do it, but they aren’t offering it to her and she is refusing surgery. Yes, we had a very long talk.

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@bettereveryday, If only more people knew the power of energy! Hope you can help her.

I am going to add Parkinson’s to this list. It has cortical rhythms problems, too. Some of us who aren’t under doctor’s care know that we have relatives who had Alzheimer’s and relatives who had Parkinson’s and relatives who have Autism and relatives who have had strokes, and I am just trying everything.

My brain is improving so much that I feel like I am taking my head out of the sand and I am taking more responsibility to eat better. I have been upping my doses of nutritious foods as part of really pushing to heal my brain.

The case studies with turmeric and Alzheimer’s really inspired me today.

Honestly, I was inspired by the Paleo doctor Terry Wahls speaking on Plant Based Science London.

She was talking about how she went off grains and legumes and dairy, but that going off of those didn’t do anything. She ended up in a wheelchair within a year and spent years in one on that diet, but after that she started eating large amounts of vegetables.

3 cups of leafy greens and 3 cups of cruciferous and 3 cups of deeply pigmented fruits and vegetables like blueberries.

Her story is obviously a famous one and she also made sure she was getting other nutrition, but soon she went from not even being able to hold her body in a wheel chair to being able to bike 10 miles and the biggest change she made was the vegetables.

I found other videos on improving brain function with blueberries and concord grapes and leafy greens and beets and nuts.

I just am determined to heal my brain. The Theta aimed at the amygdala and hippocampus seems to be useful.

I haven’t gotten the rhythm of all of that yet, but I am doing this.

I say it for all the people who come here. Watching the video on the treating Alzheimer’s with turmeric, I had a lot of the issues. I failed the Alzheimer’s left nostril peanut butter test and know that I have risk factors, but the more I pack on the nutrition with things like Broccoli sprouts and turmeric and blueberries and beets and leafy greens and other super foods, the better my brain is getting.

I feel like if you asked me which was working the ICES or the foods, I would say that it was equally matched. I have had time periods where I used the ICES without the foods and times where I used the foods without the ICES and the most improvements I have had are when I am using both.


Terry Wahl also recommends organ meats and sardines with the skin and bones. I was impressed that she would put a whole cup of fresh herbs in her smoothie. I’ve been eating a lot more fresh herbs. So delicious in many dishes. Another alternative to sprouts is micro greens. I grow broccoli, turnips, kohlrabi, amaranth, and many others. They are so tasty and work with all sorts of foods.

Yes, I love microgreens and herbs.

What interests me the most of her story is that she went off grains and legumes and dairy and got worse for years, but then, after years in a wheel chair she got better so fast and the bulk of her additions were vegetables and fruits and herbs. I am allergic to meats, so I am less interested in that part. I ate meat 3 meals a day until my 20’s and then, I started throwing up convulsively every time I ate any for the rest of my life. I have accidentally had some and have thrown up for a half after, so that is still true.

But if you look at her biggest nutritional additions, she loaded up on Sulfurophane and lutein and every type of phytonutritient. I can’t actually afford to do her diet, but I can trick it.

1 cup of herbs, 3 cups of cruciferous, 3 cups of kale, 3 cups of deeply pigmented fruits and vegetables, every single day is a whole lot of vegetables. Way too expensive. I can get the same amount of Sulforaphane from 3 tablespoons of Broccoli Sprouts and you are right about microgreens often have much higher nutrition.

But, yesterday, while I was watching the cognitive videos, there was a special protective phytonutrient which they specifically said wasn’t in microgreens in high enough quantities. I am trying to remember which one, but I watched about 10 videos yesterday and read so many studies.

I was only doing Alzheimer’s and cognitive studies and videos and I just remember that the microgreens failed for one of the specifically protective things.

If I find it again, I will post it.

I’ll have to sprout some of those broccoli seeds…
Feeding your mitochondria…

Yeah. I am going to say that I am so inspired by the superfoods.

Listening to Terry Wahls again and listening to Dr. Greger’s synergy videos again, I have gone up in the superfoods. (I have listened to Terry Wahls speak about Mitochondria in many, many different contexts, but this one is just a list of the vegetables.)

Synergy is an excellent topic.

A charity sponsored study on synergy compared one “superfood” to synergy with tiny doses of multiple superfoods and they stopped men’s PSA scores in their tracks, and I found it so inspiring because dose-wise the synergy group was taking whole foods ground into powder and put into capsules and the dose was about 6 pomegranate seeds, 1 broccoli floret, 1/6 of a serving of green tea, and 1/8th a teaspoon of turmeric,

Yes, Terry Wahls took the synergy up to what if you ate 3 cups of green leafy vegetables and 3 cups cruciferous and 3 cups deeply pigmented fruits and vegetables and 1 cup of herbs and add in medicinal mushrooms and that part of her diet is closer to how I am eating.