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Comparing M1 to C5

I want to compare the M-1 to the C-5 for the people who are shopping and can’t decide.

When I originally wanted a PEMF, it was so difficult to choose because the whole topic of high power/low power was being argued from both directions. When I chose to go with the ICES, it took me so long to actually buy one, partly because I just couldn’t decide between the A9 and C5 (and someplace, as I stalled long enough, the M-1 came out and I got that)

It is lightweight, portable and can be run with a battery and is cheaper. That made it super-convenient for wearing all day and night on my injured areas.

I actually thought about just getting a second M-1 and then I could wear them on both knees.

But I saw the deep coils and the arrays wrapped to be a pad and I ended up getting a C-5 and I already love it so much.

I work a desk job and have a plug right next to me, so it will be something I can plug in day and night so, for me, it is not less portable.

I never wore the M-1 24/7 anyway, so having a few hours off while I am driving or walking suits how I use the ICES.

The deep coils and the pad tip the whole experience toward the C-5 for me.

I bought 2 deep coils wrapped by Bob and I put them on my head and I could turn the power down to 1 and not hear any clicking, but I could still feel so much magnetism and so much benefit. That will make it so useful for sleep and for my brain. Hooray for being able to have no clicking at night.

When I turned the power up to 5 or 6, I ended up having a full-body experience and my knees and toes got so warm, even though the deep coils were on my head.

The pad made from the arrays is another serious benefit.

I was always slightly less than satisfied with the M-1 for my back and I laugh because that isn’t true. I was seriously grateful for the M-1 for my back, but I found it challenging to figure out exactly where to place the coils and I had received pain relief much easier with my foot and ankle and knee and shoulder. My back was harder to figure out exactly where to treat. The pad makes that easier.

I just got them yesterday, but I would say, if you are poor or always on the run, get an M-1, but if you can afford it and will mostly use it while you sleep or if you have a desk job or if you are overweight or trying to treat your hips or brain or are trying to treat multiple body parts, get the C-5.

I already like the C-5 better, but I got so many healings from the M-1 that it has a special place in my heart and if I ever have an injury, I will be wearing that when I am away from a plug.

M-1 is the way to go for truck drivers. C-5 doesn’t have an auto adapter.


C5 can be powered from a car/cigarette lighter USB. Must be VERY CAREFUL to plug into USB only: car 12 V will destroy the device. Always use a USB charger, but not from a laptop USB 9utput, and the C% will work fine.

The C5 is basically four M1 circuits in parallel, with 4 independent, synchronized outputs. If you want more coils, 2x2 pad, and you do not mind being plugged into the wall somewhere for a while, the C5 is the choice.

If you need to be mobile and only need one pair of coils, then use the M1.


Thanks for that info.

So it is like getting 4 M-1’s in one.

That is what it feels like experientially to me.

Very, very happy with the delivery and I look at how well those deep coils are wrapped and I had wrapped 2 coils together on my M-1 when I used it on my dog and mind didn’t look as perfect as the ones I got looked.

They feel better using them wrapped. Softer. More solid. The long cord had tangled up on me when I put it in a purse to bring it to work. These, I am not even opening them up full length. (If you left an extra inch or so of the coil out, it would be more perfect, because of how it hangs around my face, but it is folded so perfectly that I am not touching it.

Some of us keep our boxes when we buy things, but I usually struggle to put the items back in properly because I am not as precise in things like folds.

Somebody over your end is precise.

I use both the C5 - (with pad, coils and arrays )and M1 (with array or single coils) together very often.

Pad seems to be working very well on my lower back for sleeping, driving
And sitting down in a coffee store near a plug.

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That is great to hear!

Yes, I feel like the C-5 has more options. Totally worth it.

Laughing because I would have said that it felt 3 or 4 times more powerful and it turns out that it literally is like having 4 M-1’s. Right choice for me.

Why not from a laptop port? Not enough power, or can it provide more than 5v and damage the C5?

I believe that it will damage both the M1 and the C5.

The precision is due to my wife, Mengnan. She is the person who answers the phone and fulfills orders. She does everything very, very carefully.

I am glad you see the value in it.


The USB ports on our ICES-PEMF devices serve two purposes:
1- as power ports
2- as an initial programming and program debugging port.

The user can use them to power the device, but the remaining wires connect to signal inputs on the internal microcontroller. If you connect it to a USB DATA port, such as from a laptop or computer, it will give conflicting signals to the internal microprocessor and cause it to reset every few seconds. This should be avoided.

Users CAN NOT use this as a programming port, for many good technical reasons, so please do not ask/beg/argue with me about this.

Also, laptop and desktop computers have very strict power limits which are right on the border between “barely enough current” and “not enough current”, so our devices sometimes cause the computer to shut down that USB port because it is drawing too much power. USB charging ports (not computers) do not carry data but they typically allow about 4x or more current than a USB data port. Usually this means you have to restart your computer to re-enable that USB port.

So, the simple answer is:


Now that is a perfect wife for a researcher!

I value that quality very much!

My brothers are both like that and so was my mother. I took after my father’s side of the family. I do try, but not having depth perception might have been to my disadvantage.

Thank you, Mengnan!

Thank you for explaining why. That will help people like me understand.

When I understand principles, I am more likely to remember them.

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Could Mengnen or you design an updated C5, which allows 8 or 12 or 16 plug ins instead of just 4?

Clearly the C5, is a wonderful way to save money and far cheaper and more convenient than four M1 !

THe idea of a full or bigger body pad, is shared by over 1 million users worldwide.

One of Micro-Pulse’s major advantages over BEMER is the cost factor.

I love the small 4 by 4 array mattress.

It is still my dream to build a PEMF mattress that can cover the legs and full torso.

Covering the legs alone might require 4 mattresses with 4 C5 devices!

Are the possible alternatives realistic and cost effective?

  1. Creating array coils that cover a much wider area?
    Then placing them in a mattress like the present 4 arrays?

  2. Creating a ,"super C5 " with 8, 12, 16 or 20 plug ins?


I’m sure everyone would love a device with more outputs. I would be more interested in linking/synchronizing two or more C5’s together to achieve the same purpose. That way they could still be used independently when needed (on two people).

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“I’m sure everyone would love a device with more outputs. I would be more interested in linking/synchronizing two or more C5’s together to achieve the same purpose. That way they could still be used independently when needed (on two people).”

Please elaborate and help me understand your thought process?

From a cost perspective 2 C5’s would be roughly $3200.
If one were to buy two C5’s then one could attach two small mattress simultaneously.
What is the barrier to linking/synchronizing multiple C5’s?

If the goal is to build a large mattress using PEMF-ICES as cheaply as possible then a super C5 potentially could have more for example 8 outlets for an additional few hundred dollars and potentially accomplish what two C5’s would do at a cheaper cost in theory.

This is based on the logic that a C5 is much cheaper than 4 M1’s.
To extrapolate, maybe a super C5 would be potentially allot cheaper than multiple C5’s?

True, but that may not be everyone’s goal. One larger system can only ever be used by 1 person at a time. Individual systems that can be synchronized can be used by multiple people when not needed to be used together.

It’s a trade-off, if you are spending more money do you want something that has multiple uses or limited to a single use. For me, the trade off leans more towards more uses.

If two people are close to each other, what is preventing them both from using the super C5 machine?
Suppose 4 coils for person A and another 4 coils for person B?

They could, but I don’t think that’s how most people would want to use it. One of the benefits of the ICES units for me has been I can use them while I go about my day. I don’t need to be in a fixed spot. For a large mat you would need to be, but I would not want a device which could only be used stationary.

Do you ever use the C5 while driving?

I currently only have the A9 and M1. Hopefully C5 soon. Even though I have 2 units, I rarely need to use both (anymore) so the other one is often used by someone else.


I got most of my healings with the M1.

The C5 is nice though. The ability to use deep coils has helped me with things like my hips and brain.

Though, I will say that I think in some ways the normal coils might be more powerful in the way that low power seems to be more powerful.

But the ability to reach deep into the body is so fabulous.

Bob, I love the deep coils and think you should have them as one of the standard options on the C5.

I mostly wanted to C5 for my hips and knees because I want to make try to keep my cartilage rather than grow it back, plus osteoporosis has started to be on my radar.

Brain-wise, I stopped sleeping the minute I decided to lend my M1 out and that is what motivated me to hurry up and get a C5.

I haven’t started using it for sleep again yet. That sounds odd because I had used it so successfully for sleep, but I am still learning about the difference between alpha and gamma and theta and delta. I did another alpha session today and alpha really does calm my brain down in such a special way.

Tonight, I will be doing the delta and seeing if I do sleep. I have not slept for days. I end up wide awake and getting up at 5 in the morning and driving to Starbucks because I can’t handle being so wide awake.

It feels like no matter how many hours I stay up, I am so wide awake that it doesn’t even effect me, but logic-wise, the effect of not sleeping on my brain not being cleaned out and how lack of sleep is related to brain problems like Alzheimer’s, I have to try again.

You can guess how painful the social anxiety was that having that healed has stopped me from trying to fix sleep again for this long.

I tried the pistachios last night. A handful, which according to tests is supposed to be the equivalent of a high dose Melatonin, but I ended up not sleeping anyway. The Melatonin supplements didn’t really help anyway and they aren’t regulated and tend to not have what they say on the bottle in them, so pistachios is fine for my adjunct.

I am going to try Theta tonight and see if I actually sleep and dream. I can’t remember the last time I had a dream that I remember.