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Closed head injury, epilepsy... and which device?


I am interested in buying the M1 or A9 model (most likely M1) and intend to use it for brain and gut issues (mainly brain).

I recently underwent extensive QEEG and other brain testing with a neurofeedback practitioner and it showed significant dysfunction and showed that the epilepsy I struggle with is almost certainly the result of multiple closed head injuries as there were several shakes on the brainstem: the main affected areas being the brainstem, occipital region, right temporal and midfrontal areas of the brain.

Obviously having seen how powerful the devices can be for reducing inflammation and aiding in recovery from TBI I am very interested in trying them out.

Do you you know of any obvious reason why someone with epilepsy should not use the device? Especially if just using it for reduction of inflammation as opposed to using any protocols that affect brainwaves?

Thanks very much.

I do not know of any contra-indications related to this for PEMF in general. As a general opinion, I would start “low and slow” initially anyway. I have not heard any feedback from anyone with epilepsy using PEMF, so, unfortunately, I can not give you much specific information. But if you find it helpful (or not), many other people might be very interested to know.