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Can ICES help hernias

Hi bob,

I had a c section 14 months ago and believe I have a hernia, getting it check next week to confirm, but it has all the characteristic only visible with straining or standing, soft bulge near c section incision site. Anyways, have you see any luck with ices and repairing hernias to avoid surgery?

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Several people with hernias and mesh syndrome have tried it and have reported to me, very briefly, that ICES-PEMF was “helpful” or “very helpful”. But none reported any details to me. So, if you try it, please report back here, whether it helps or not. The more details, the better, with clinical data if you want to share it. That would be very helpful for other people as well.

I’ve got two friends with hernia’s and I’ve suggested PEMF-ICES to both of them… but none of them have bothered trying it. Don’t know why… as it’s obviously quite painful at times?

I do have one friend (Pat) who does use my PEMF unit regularly (he hurt his foot badly) and he has never mentioned his hernia repair since he started using it. He tends to use it all over his body… not just the affected foot… so I know he has PEMF’d his hernia repair. I’ll have to ask how that has been. However for any surgery the PEMF always works wonders.

It would be very helpful if someone who has a hernia tries the Micro-Pulse before having an operation to confirm that it helps.


Definitely. We would really benefit from more feedback on the use for hernias.

Wel believe me I am well motivated to avoid the surgery as I’ve got a serious upper neck injury that makes being put under dangerous— so I will do anything to avoid the surgery, will report back if it helps!

great, thanks. Try to keep track of the details:
Pulse setting
intensity setting
coil placement strategy
duration times each day
time course of your recovery
Comparisons of various strategies (what worked and what did not)

For keeping track, I find this helpful:

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This is excellent. The more information we can collect, the better it is for everyone. thanks.