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Bulging / Herniated Discs

Hi @Bob - have you seen any evidence of PEMF helping bulging or herniated discs (especially where they may be indenting the thecal sac)? Thanks so much!

yes, but it varies, and it takes a long time, but generally pain is reduced relatively quickly.

Have you seen Bob’s video of the dachshund who could not walk for 2 years? That breed is very often euthanized due to pinched nerves. He was standing again in 4 days, urinary/fecal incontinence cured in 2 weeks, and walking/running in 4 months. Amazing. I have herniated discs in my C/S and the PEMF kept my shoulder out of pain. Now my L/S disc which was only very mild now and then, was aggravated recently by a fall on rocks and keeping the A9 on my it has a huge effect on the pain. I muscle tested and it will take 9 weeks with the PEMF to fix it. Or faster with Matrix Repatterning therapy, but I am the only one in my country who does it and I cannot treat myself in this area.

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Wow thats amazing regarding the dog… where would I find this video? My Doberman has serious spinal issues… I use the M1 on him… have done for 1.5 years now

I have dobes too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqmmoXo7WhI&t=20s

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and how has it been?

He has responded very well to the treatments with the M1 as well as his many supplements. But in the last week or so I have seen a decline in his left rear leg motor function :cry: but in all honesty… I believe that without the M1 teamed with his supplements… he wouldn’t even be walking and would be in pain. He is active and happy… be it a bit wonky at times. I feel also that the M1 was what cured his incontinence and at 13 years old. That is unheard of to be able to reverse that issue :purple_heart:

Thank you for sharing that link