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Broken Collarbone

I had an intense accident today on my scooter in Thailand and broke my collarbone.

Is it recommended to use the ICES products on broken bones or take some days off to let the natural inflammation run it’s course?

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Sorry to hear of your accident. I started the ICES M1 a week after breaking my elbow (the break was the impetus to finally buy it). It greatly accelerated my recovery.

in my view, ices does not directly diminish inflammation. The innate system intelligence does that naturally as a result of ices-induced, accelerated healing. That’s why ices application on old injuries may actually cause increased inflammation initially as it provides the power to heal.

Is there any upper limit to effectiveness on time used per day? Perhaps a point of diminishing returns?

that’s like asking if there is a limit to effectiveness of eating broccoli. Should you only eat broccoli once a day or more often? and how much to eat at a time? lol
if there was any such thing, only you could determine it for yourself by your direct experience. imo, The key is to understand the difference between invasive and non invasive intakes. Anything can be Invasive if done to excess, but ices is a supplement and like natural food is easily absorbed and moderate excess is easily discharged .

Thanks for your reply and I like your analogy. But there actually is a risk to eating too much broccoli because of goitrogens, etc.

I should have clarified originally but the main reason I asked was because I have a few other injuries & wounds that would likely also benefit from time with ICES and I was curious if there was a point of diminishing returns. I would like to efficiently apply at each need per day without wasting unnecessary time on any specific place.

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in my view, you have contracted the modern man disease, but you don’t know it.
This disease is the view that body parts can be treated separately like a machine’s parts. But in living beings, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That whole goes by the name of innate intelligence in chiropractic. That unconscious intelligence keeps everything in harmony and communication. And when it is not able to do so, we must be very careful when we attempt to help it regain homeostasis, or we just mess it up more. That’s why western medicine which only treats symptoms and parts with unnatural, invasive substances will always fail to restore true health or wholeness. And studies which isolate out something like goitrogens as a problem are utter nonsense , imo.

In my experience, the more I use ICES M1 per day, the better the outcome. This is in contrast to infrared light therapy, which is reported to have a biphasic dose response, meaning generally more is not better.

I will be receiving a titanium implant to stabilize my bone that will remain in place for ~1 year before removal.

Titanium itself is not overly reactive inside the body and is one of the safest implant metals used in orthopedics today.

My question is do you think the PEMF could interact with the titanium inside and cause some kind of oxidation etc.? I know maybe this is a stretch but I know metal is conductive and may cause leaking of metal ions etc.

Does anyone know about the same with red light/near infrared devices? I’m looking at both of these for recovery as both PEMF & red light have shown great efficacy for bone density, wound healing/less scarring, blood flow, etc. but not sure about the metal implant variable…

@nkwrig01, I’m sorry to hear of your injury :frowning:

On Nov 10th, 2020 I broke my collarbone (as well as my hip) in an accident. Both were fixed with internal fixation hardware and I’ve been treating it daily for 16-20 hours per day with PEMF.

I’ve read up this topic thread and also created a new one with great information from generous contributors. You can find it here.

Do you have an update one how things turned out for you and what treatments you did?



HI Denis,

I am doing well and approaching the one year mark from the initial surgery. Everything has been healing well and I have almost full function now as it is.

I am on pace for the secondary implant removal surgery in January but we will see regarding the logistics of that around COVID, etc.

I used the ICES M1 model on most days for hours at a time while working and also added red light therapy as well. Hard to say what worked and how much credit each approach deserves but overall I believe they all supported my healing process.