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Brain Guage - Brain Training

How does a person get the Brain Training add-on to the Brain Guage? I can’t seem to find it.

You can contact support directly at Cortical Metrics and ask for it. It’s still in Beta, so I’m not sure when they will just post it openly. Contact support at:


By the time you read this, it may just be an orange button at the upper right:
[Download App]

What exactly is brain gauge and what are the uses for this app?

ChatGPT3 had pretty decent response. I am confident @Mark will chime in on any corrections if necessary.

The Brain Gauge is a device developed by the company Cortical Metrics that is designed to assess various aspects of cognitive function, such as perception, attention, and reaction time. The device consists of a small handheld sensor that is placed on the skin and delivers a series of tactile stimuli to the fingertips. The responses of the nervous system to these stimuli are measured and analyzed to provide objective, quantitative measures of cognitive function.

The Brain Gauge has been used in research settings to investigate a variety of topics related to cognitive function, such as the effects of sleep deprivation, aging, and brain injury on perception and reaction time. The device has also been used in clinical settings to help diagnose and monitor conditions such as concussion, chronic pain, and Parkinson’s disease.

My additional notes (not from ChatGPT3):
A new feature of Brain Gauge is the brain training functionality in the software where you can practice 1 to 5 levels for each of Speed, Accuracy, TOJ (Temporal Order Judgement), Timing, Plasticity and Multitasking and track your progress over time.

It is common for biohackers to use the Brain Gauge to assess the impact on their brain performance of the many modalities they try.

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Brain Gauge is not an app. People think it is an app where you use a consumer-grade computer mouse, but that turns out to be completely mistaken. Brain Gauge is a high-precision vibrotactile neuro-stimulator built into the shape of a computer mouse so that it is ergonomic to hold.

The Brain Gauge makes very high precision mechanical movements, to an accuracy of about a micron movement and a timing accuracy better than 1 millisecond.
It does this on two finger tips, which then is processed by the cortex of the brain in specific ways depending on the exact timing, amplitude, phase, and other parameters related to the relationship between the two independent stimuli.
Based on your brain’s ability to process these stimuli, you will feel different things, and then the firmware asks you questions about what you feel, to determine how your brain is functioning.

How would one find a practitioner using brain gauge? Is it similar to Neurofeedback and would it be covered by insurance in the case of a brain injury?

I am not the best person to ask about this. I suggest you contact Customer Support at Cortical Metrics: