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Appendix Pain

Seems I have some mysterious pain around my appendix area. So I’ve been wearing my M1 for days. It takes the pain away and keeps it away within an uncertain time frame that varies daily. However, I noticed that it also moves the bowels wherever there is gas present. I know this because at times I don’t wear it and things seem stagnant. I put the M1 on and then things begin to move. A very nice effect. (Omni 8, lvl 10)

NOTE: This is part of the issue that before I said was a kidney stone. A CT scan showed no stone but an enlarged lymphnode.

I’m wondering if this device would work during the critical period for appendicitis? Naturally a orson may need surgery due to the damage and possible infection, but maybe it would reduce pain. This is really tough though because it seems that the M1 will reduce non-critical pain only and if the body feels it is in serious trouble it seems to send the signals just as strongly anyways.

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Yeah you will see that a lot on these forums. Apparently the gut is very sensitive to PEMF! (Wonder what that means for less friendly, non-native emf - wifi, 5g, etc…)

Let me confirm this - during the worst of appendix pain none of my devices help at all, including the M1 and C5. I had to go to the hospital and IV paracetamol helped before the surgery.

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thank you for this response.
It’s actually really great that PEMF will not suppress pain that is requires critical intervention. Just think what would happen if it suppressed appendix pain before an appendix is about to burst!