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First-time poster, mid 50’s with life-long ADHD. I’ve refused the standard “stimulant” meds so far, with not great results. Curious if anyone has had any luck with PEMF/ICES for improving ADHD symptoms, such as executive function, working memory, focus, impulsivity, etc. Considering buying the M1 or C5, seems like the two main MoA’s would be brainwave entrainment, boosting biological activity in the PFC, or maybe a synergistic combo of both. Most practitioners would prefer to take a baseline QEEG first to see which bands are deficient and/or excessive. ie, too high theta, and too low beta. Considering a QEEG can cost over $1K, thinking maybe I could just start experimenting on myself to boost SMR, low-beta, and maybe gamma, using the ICES programs, which research seems to show is deficient in ADHD. I’ve tried the “NeoRhythm OmniPEMF” headband for about 6 months, on custom settings of 14.3, 16 and 40 Hz, with no noticeable effects so far. This device max power is 25 gauss (2.5 mT). Dr. Pawluk seems to think higher strengths are needed to make measurable impact on human tissue and organs. I have a few related questions, if anyone could please chime in with either objective observations or conjecture:

    • Any bio-hackers or others out there with any thoughts or observations of ICES/PEMF impact on ADHD/Exec function?
    • Anyone tried any live EEG monitoring during an ICES/PEMF session, to see if the EEG would match the target frequencies driven by the device?
    • Would the extra power/penetration depth of the C5 vs the M1, be noticeably more efficacious, factoring in the cost difference and portability factor?
    • Anyone seen QEEG, SPECT, fMRI, conners, TOVA, etc, provide any quantitative, objective data, pre and post ICES. In lieu of those diagnostic tools, has the “Brain Gauge” provided any correlative data as such?
    • Any suggested protocols, PPS, strengths, config and placement of the coils, for improving PFC/ADHD/Exec function symptoms?

Thank you kindly.

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I biohacked my way to be ADHD free with ICES PEMF - it was all driven by gut dysbiosis - see my many other posts on this topic. This involved using coils on the gut along side binders so as to not trigger herxheimer reactions - not using the coils on my brain. In working to remediate ADHD, I also increased my presence and awareness which has improved so many dimensions of life. Brain Gauge is an awesome tool to benchmark brain health and track material changes impact on brain performance.

M1 is just fine for the gut and for head - portability is so awesome. I recommend the Brain Gauge + M1 combo over splurging for the C5 first. I bought the c5 a couple years after the M1 & Brain Gauge. My 13.5 yr old dog sleeps on the c5 18+ hours a day.

I rotate every month or so between Alpha Power 9 or Omni 8 Power 9. When I have a migraine, I double stack the coils on Alpha Power 15 on my head and the headache goes away after approx. 1 hour versus lasting all day until sleep.


Ok, I have zero personal knowledge of ADHD and my ICES experience extends to tendon use only. However, coincidentally I was just listening to a podcast of a guy who wrote a book on ADHD and it seems he proposes a complete reframing of the problem. So my apologies if this is useless but I remembered it and maybe it’d be useful: https://www.amazon.com/ADHD-Hunter-Farmers-Thom-Hartmann/dp/162055898X

coincidentally and to add to @wondering, i came across this podcast… an interview with ratey who has done a lot of research in helping with add… in a nutshell their research has found a level of exercise has helped with symptoms as well as boosting neurochemical activity giving an array of benefits.

i know it’s not pemf related, but it’s such a good podcast to listen to [Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, MD: Neuroscience for Everyone] BSP 111 Exercise and the Brain (Encore) #brainScienceWithGingerCampbellMdNeuroscienceForEveryone
https://podcastaddict.com/episode/106490253 via @PodcastAddict


forgot to share this one … an interview w/Dr. Ratey: